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Grunge Accessories for Women That’ll Turn Heads

Grune fashion style a lady wearing choker and low cut black top with dark nail varnish

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Last Updated on October 12, 2020

As interest in 90s trends grows, Grunge proves time and again to be the cool-girl attitude to adopt. This unkempt style symbolizes an entire culture-shift, rebellious reaction, and rejection towards capitalism.

It was adopted and popularized by alternative rock and punk bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana and is still very relevant today. In fashion terms it goes beyond a laidback trend. It is intentionally messy.

The grungy image includes a variety of head to toe trends, from bed-hair to high top sneakers. Let’s master how grunge jewellery played a big role in making your outfit stand out.

I’ve broken it down into 4 must-try items, let’s get started …

1. The choker

We all remember teen Drew Barrymore´s chokers and the tattoo-choker trend that followed. This celebrity really explored neck attire. Want to see a multitude of choker necklace styles? Check out here.

Pro-tip: Get a thick black velvet or satin ribbon, thread a pendant, like a cross or a crystal and off you go!

 2. Long chains

In 1993, a Calvin Klein ad campaign shows how layering a bunch of long chains grants instant coolness, a characteristic of one of the supermodels that ruled the 90s, Kate Moss. With uncombed hair, no makeup, and sometimes no shoes, her options were mainly of the minimal kind, but still on the wild side of grunge.

Pro-tip: Wear your stacked necklaces as an effortless accent, as Kate Moss did and pair them with basic tops and dresses.

3. Hoop earrings

Sounds from the Fugees and iconic Lauren Hill — the successful hip-hop band lead singer — work as an instant flashback to her earring choice. That is, the hoop.

You can dress it up, by throwing a fur coat over a leather jumpsuit, or down, with a denim jacket and long skirt. Lauren’s policy for this ear accessory is appropriate for every occasion.

Pro-tip: Be bold, notice and hop on the hoop, the same way Hill did by combining earrings with identical necklaces and bracelets!

4. Headgear

The cherry on top is nothing less than a tiara. Steel the irreverent way of wearing it from the queen of grunge Courtney Love. For a night out pair it with a satin dress, for a casual day top it over a babydoll collared dress.

Pro-tip: You might need a twin friend to match as Love did in 1995 with Amanda de Cadenet when attending the Academy Awards. Your lips: the color red.

This winter, dress your unapologetic self, feel comfortable in your own skin, know that you are not alone expressing your grunge. Follow @90sfashionworld on Instagram and tag your looks.