Keds Cali Slip-On Review: An Innovative Shoe with a Sleek Personality

Keds Cali Slip On Review
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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

Today is your lucky day. If you aren’t convinced that Keds is for you yet, I’m here to change your mind. This is why I’ll be reviewing one of my all-time favorite Keds… The Cali slip-on.

In case you are new to this, Keds is a sneaker brand that has been around for a long time. They were extremely popular during the 50s, worn by Marilyn Monroe, and in the 80s, when they appeared on Jennifer Grey’s feet during Dirty Dancing. 

They get points for nostalgia, no doubt, but also because of how inconspicuous they are. These are not flashy shoes, people. Their logo presence is tiny and the models themselves are very lowkey. Yes, Kate Spade’s collab is flashy, effervescent, and easily the soul of the party, which makes for a nice option!

Anyhow, I can’t stress enough how much I like the Cali Slip-on.

‘Course, I am all about that casual, preppy, and feminine vibe. But, really Keds always seems to find the right balance between being innocuous and stylish. So, read on to get all the deets and a detailed review on every possible aspect of these comfortable canvas sneakers. 


When it comes to slip-ons, one would think there is not much to innovate. Leave it to KEDS to prove you wrong!

For the Cali slip-on, they came up with a completely new look that gives the impression of wrapping around the sneaker instead of following the traditional pattern used for this type of shoe.

Combining fabric and elastic contrast-stitched lavers, they managed to give the slip-on the necessary elasticity on the tip while also creating a brand new model. Variations of this style combine grey or black textiles with flexible white rubber outsoles and usually showcase pretty printed interiors. 

Brand Recognition

Can you tell these slip-ons are Keds? Despite a small logo and a novel approach to the slip-on silhouette, I would say it’s pretty easy to recognize these shoes.

It complies with the brand’s ethos of keeping it lowkey, preppy and high quality. This is actually a pretty difficult model to score, so if you are a fan of the brand, it is a great collector purchase.


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What makes it unique

Both in looks and in construction, this is the most unique slip-on you can score!

The ergonomic and novel pattern used to wrap the different layers of textile on the tip is not only a genius move, but also serves a decorative purpose without overloading the slip-on and keeping it super neutral and classy.

It’s a very simple change but one that really serves its purpose. By combining the jersey-looking textile that runs in one direction with the elastic that runs perpendicular, the designers have managed to add stability to the design and better the fit around slender feet.

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Who is it best for

Someone who is looking for a sleek skimmer with a neutral design that is also lowkey decorative but basic in looks. They are nonslip, with a good grip so they are great boating shoes or servers.

Size Range

5 to 11

The Fit

These sneakers have a good grip around the feet and are ideal for slim feet that require all-around support. Arch support is not amazing but they do have ample cushioning as far the insole goes. 


As I have come to expect from Keds, shoes with a dream foam footbed and Ortholite insoles guarantee a cushioned feel that keeps feeling new every time I use it. 


A super flexible outsole and a very light slip-on add to the breezy feel of this shoe. 

Heel Height

They do have a little heel as part of the outsole, but it is very low, I’d say half a finger of height, so it doesn’t really make any difference at all. It adds a little comfort to how your heel is placed and this, in turn, makes your arch feel more supported though. 

Price Range ($, $$, $$$)


Color Range

Black, grey, navy, and red.

Technology and Materials

This little gem is made of 100% textile upper combining a jersey-looking cloth, elastic, and suede on the heel, with a synthetic sole and typical rubber outsole. 


Around 8 ounces. That’s like half a pound. So they are very light!


Really good. The cloth is looking pristine after quite a few wears (with proper spot-cleaning), the outsole is looking a bit more cream than white but that is quite expected due to the sun and dirt and whatnot.

Overall, I’d say that they have a few years of life ahead. I haven’t noticed any considerable changes over the years I’ve had them apart from a little fading of the interior print with wear. 

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Since they are made of textile, these shoes are easy to spot clean. I wouldn’t submerge them fully or wash them in a machine, but this is more of a general piece of advice for all types of shoes.

They should be able to take getting wet and all, maybe even some gentle hand washing, but machine washing is a bit more abrasive and tends to unglue certain parts of the shoe, like the insole or the interior.

Of course, if they require washing and they become unglued, this is very easy to fix. Most shoe menders will have their shoe-grade glue on hand and can re-glue your shoes for you!

Buy Keds Cali Slip-On:

Available on Amazon

Also available on DSW


  • I give these slip-ons a 10/10 on aesthetic. 
  • These sneakers make for great boating shoes and have a cozy feel.
  • Keds’ usual level of comfort technology guarantees a great fit. 
  • Covers most sizes.
  • Super flexible and unbelievable light shoe. Almost like being barefoot.
  • A great investment option. Especially for Keds fans since this model is not so easy to score!

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