Keds Women’s Camp Boot: A Complete User Review

Keds Camp Boot Review
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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

Keds might be known for its myriad of low tops and slip-ons, but the truth is the brand also has a pretty great repertoire of boots. Amongst those, my personal favorite is the Camp Boot. In black, because duh. 

FYI if you stick to the ¾ rule with a basic color, you won’t have any trouble at all combining absolutely all of your clothing. This method REALLY works! 

Anyhow, if you are feeling the cold on your feet and thinking about getting a lace-up bootie for wintertime, this is your lucky day. You are in for a treat!


These Keds Camp boots are designed in such a way that their basic shape is pretty much the same as the Champion. The pointer and heel are set in suede while the rest of the upper is made from quilted nylon, with a lace-up front and padded collar that extends a bit beyond the ankle.

The combination of black and tan leather for the logos gives them a cottagecore vibe that is reinforced by the rough-looking eyelets holding the lacing cord. The quilt is stitched in black, and the rugged rubber outsole is also black. Inside they feel soft and cool due to the nylon, and tight over the ankle thanks to the padding.

Brand Recognition

Can you tell these boots are Keds? Despite the logo on the tongue and side, it is not really obvious they are Keds from afar. The silhouette is not typical for the brand and the presence of the logo is very lowkey.

If you are not into the logomania trend, these boots are for you. They could be CATs or Timberlands or even Columbia’s. 


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What makes it unique

They have a pretty woodsy and outdoor feel to them due to their padded collar and nylon high upper, but they are also polished with a point and heel made of suede, which makes them great both for city or outdoor life.

The combination of those two components, suede, and quilted nylon, is what makes them stand out from other similar boots. Their aesthetic is quite unique and looks pretty great for the cold weather.

They also feel awesome when walking around on cement as well as over rough terrain (like in a park or forest).

Who it’s best for

Anyone who appreciates toasty feet and an outdoor aesthetic. Be they city dwellers or not. They are not the most rugged option for real outdoor types, more like a softcore option for those that appreciate the looks and occasionally brush up with nature (like me).

Size Range

5 to 11

The Fit (length, width, ankle support, etc.)

Despite not having a wide sizing option these boots are pretty comfortable. The length is true to size, the round point allows for wiggling toes, and the padding on the higher part of the upper makes for extra support around the ankle.


A dream foam footbed and Ortholite insoles guarantee a cushioned boot that feels soft every time you wear it. I can’t stop marveling at that particular Keds magic. They continue to feel springy after many a week of hard use! Check out: Keds Dream Foam vs. Ortholite: What’s the Secret Behind Keds’ Most Comfortable Shoes?


Keeping in mind how the boot is made, they are flexible. That said, the rugged thick sole is not nearly as flexible as your usual sneaker, so bear that in mind. They are flexible compared to leather-soled shoes or chunky sneakers.

Heel Height

Despite having a slight heel of about two fingers width, you can barely feel it when walking. The real height is more like a finger, considering the thickness of the sole in the rest of the shoe.

Price Range ($, $$, $$$)

$. Great value!

Color Range

Black and Olive

Technology and Materials

The upper part is made of suede and quilted nylon, the sole of rugged rubber. Dream foam footbed has been used, as well as Ortholite insoles. The boot is also water and stain repellant. 


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Despite it being water and stain repellant, because suede can be stained by water and snow, you should spray them with water repellent before using them for the first time, and take care to always allow them to dry off before putting them away.

Better safe than sorry, right? Clean them up with a soft cloth when necessary and keep them away from sharp objects that might scratch the nylon. 

In my experience, you need to brush up your suede once in a while depending on use. I use a Timberland suede brush made of rubber to keep it looking buff and a suede spray to fill it in when necessary. And I always finish up with a good dose of water repellent spray. This makes them last much longer looking as good as new!


Around 4 pounds. They don’t feel heavy when you are wearing them, but they are not as light as a sneaker either. They have a certain substance that you feel when you wear them for the first time, your feet get accustomed soon enough though. 


Cannot complain. So far the suede has held up, and so has the nylon, which was my main worry. It looks like after a few months of use, they are no worse for wear. Makes me think that with the proper aftercare they will last for a very long time!

So, the final verdict?

  • These boots are a definite 10/10 on looks. Rugged enough for an outdoor feel but elegant so that they feel right at home in a street city look.
  • Brand’s logos are lowkey, which I really like as a general rule in my clothing! 
  • Top-of-the-line comfort technology that includes dream foam, Ortholite insoles, and water/stain repellant.
  • Covers most sizes.
  • Comfortable, flexible (for a boot), and a good quality-price investment.
  • Overall, a great budget option. Looks like an outdoor winter Timberland, but costs almost half. A definite score!

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