Skater Skirt Outfits: Ideas for Season, Color and Pairings

White skater skirt on street
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Last Updated on July 13, 2022

Skater skirts are highly appealing for being the perfect combination of sporty and feminine.

Here’s the deal:

The origins of skate skirts date back to the 1950s fashion aesthetics, characterized by poodle skirts and the predominance of femininity within trends.

A more modern, skater style version was born in the 1980s, which is much more similar in terms of appearance to the modern skate skirt that is worn today. But why are they so iconic and sought after?

This is why:

Skater skirts are described as flared, mini, high-waisted garments that have evolved into a fashion staple. Famously known for their body shaping abilities and flattering silhouettes, they are viable for each and every body type.

Inspired by ice skater’s dancing costumes, they represent an innocence, playfulness, and eternal sense of youthfulness.

Read below for our best skater skirt outfits styling tips.

By Occasion

A closet classic, skater skirts can adapt to both formal and casual occasions. They are highly practical for this reason.

Formal Outfit Ideas

For formal occasions, keep your look clean and classic. Choose garments with simple cuts and constructions, and stick to a neutral color palette. Since skater skirts can seem childish and sometimes lean towards ‘teenager fashion style aesthetics’, it’s highly important to style them on a more serious note.

This combination of a black velvet skater skirt, paired with an elegant lace blouse, slip on loafers, and a top handle handbag, is the perfect interpretation of formalwear.

Note how the velvet material is discreet and serene. The moss green lace blouse is not completely neutral, but posh nonetheless.

The loafers are a faded magenta color, and the bag a crocodile mint print—none of these colors are flashy. This would be ideal for a formal business meeting or formal event.

This Alice + Olivia black stretch-velvet skater skirt is ideal to create formal outfits.

Casual Outfit Ideas

For casual occasions, you have more liberties in terms of which skater skirt to choose and how to style it. By themselves, skater skirts are quite informal garments. You can consider prints, unique designs, denim, and a broader spectrum of color variations.

This style idea is the perfect way to wear a skater skirt on the everyday. You can pull up your skirt as high as it pleases you—there are no limits to where the hem may end at casual occasions.

This optical white pleated skate skirt is worn with a navy-blue jumper on top. Completing the look are mid-calf white sports socks, and chunky laced Doc Martens. This outfit is easy going, comfortable, yet still stylish.

By Season

Skater skirts are highly resourceful garment, adaptable towards all climate temperatures and seasons.


Take advantage of the spring season by wearing a flower print skater skirt. The structure and design of skater skirts are highly feminine, but flower designs make these even more ladylike pieces.

This outfit idea is practical, easy, and very adherent to the season.

The broad-shouldered sleeveless top is pristine. The attention is set on the statement skater skirt, adorned with flower prints. The orange clutch and teal shoes add a pop of color that is fun and adds a sense personality.


Skater skirts are ideal for hot weather; they are airy, flowy, and usually very short. Your legs will thank you later! This combination is very simple, very summer, and is appealing since it seems very put together—even though its not.

The vintage pink skater skirt is firmly pleated and features a cinched detail finished off with a delicate silk bow on each side. It is paired with a graphic white tee. Understated, yet very cool. Accessorize with thin and delicate jewelry.

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Neutrals are in at the moment, especially among fall fashion trends. Pairing similar toned fabrics in layers has never been more popular. This outfit idea combines this trend with skater skirts—making it ideal for fall inspiration.

The white balloon sleeved blouse, cream sweater vest, and mini skater skirt are an irresistible combination. Finished off with clunky black leather boots, this look is modern and stylish—a can’t miss.


For the coldest winter months, skater skirts must be carefully accessorized to stay warm and cozy, including adding jackets and coats. This look is authentic, but very trendy and cool. Choose any pair of glossy black shoes, and work your way up.

Wear above the knee length black socks, and wear with a simple black skater skirt. Wear a thick and fuzzy sweater, and accessorize with a cute beanie.

By Color

Since skater skirts were originally inspired by the sport of skating itself and its clothes, the wide variation of color options is endless. There are no limits nor ‘wrong’ color options when it comes to these pieces. Below are the most common and iconic shades and prints of skater skirts.

Black Skater Skirt

Black skater skirts are classic, and representative of power, authority, and elegance. Naturally thinning and slimming, it is now wonder why black skater skirts tend to be the most popular kind.

They match with anything, from casualwear to more elegant evening wear, and can be used at formal occasions. Here is an example of an outfit using a classic black skater skirt. A trendy item for every occasion, based on versatility.

This Alexander Wang mini skater skirt is a classic must have to keep in your wardrobe. It features an A-line fit and flare with an elastic waistband. The length is midthigh—short, and sweet.

Burgundy Skater Skirt

The color burgundy or dark red is symbolic of sophistication and ambition—both things you will feel when wearing a burgundy skater skirt. Skater skirts adapt to all styles aesthetics, from cute and feminine, to more punk and grunge themes.

Burgundy can form part of both, as it all depends on how the piece is styled. See this outfit idea as a more casual and comfortable way to style this piece.

This Ally self-check skater skirt features a muted burgundy print, that is an upgrade from the classic style. More modern and contemporary, this skirt fits current trends a bit better—a different take on the original, yet equally as refined.

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Floral Skater Skirt

Floral prints look good on everything, but especially on skater skirts. This is perhaps the most common print you can find on these garments, apart from plaid. Sweet and girly, this print is a crowd pleaser and includes all the feminine aspects that skate skirts represent.

Mixing different prints looks very stylish when do correctly—as in this outfit idea where polka dots are incorporated.

As a style rule, make sure one of the prints is always significantly smaller than the other.

This Ally perfect for the summer floral skater skirt embodies the whole concept of feminine chic in a simple skater skirt. This skirts also features frills and an elastic waistband.

Blue Skater Skirt

If you are considering wearing a blue skater skirt, we suggest navy. Representative of peace and relaxation, this skirt is the perfect combination for your favorite chunky cream knits during the winter, or white tee shirt during the summer.

Navy is considered a neutral color that pairs with the majority of others, therefore this skirt will be highly versatile and can be mixed and matched with endless items in your closet. See this example for a simple outfit idea, ideal for a dinner party.

This Alice + Olivia suede mini skirt in navy is a must have for the upcoming winter season.

White Skater Skirt

White skater skirts are clean, bright, and highly versatile options. Ideal primarily for the daytime, there is no doubt you will get infinite use out of a basic white skater skirt. There are endless options, from sporty aesthetics to comfy cotton versions—all are equally useful and efficient. See this sporty chic outfit for a trendy inspiration source.

This Nike tennis skirt is a sporty version of the classic skater skirt that is a sporty alternative. Designed specifically for sportswear the fabric is light, breathable, and highly comfortable—ideal to construct an outfit based on the sporty chic aesthetic.

Pink Skater Skirt

Pink is the color of love, gentleness, and compassion—synonyms to describe effect of the perfect skater skirt. Pink skater skirts are extra feminine and sweet, as seen in this streetstyle look.

They carry a sense of innocence and naivety with them.

This Ally dotted ruffled skater skirt is a twist on the classic silhouette. The ruffled layers add volume and puff— and darling and cheeky twist the more casual style of the typical skirt. The mesh layers and dotted print are minimalistic but add a fun feature.

Green Skater Skirt

In terms of green skater skirts, opt for an olive shade. Since skater skirts tend to be very girly and impressionable garments, they look best in classic shades and tonalities. Olive green is a must have that can double as a day to night piece.

The shades go best with black, whites, and creams. This outfit example displays a black sleeveless top with a classic green skater skirt.

Neon Skater Skirt

Neon is associated to high visibility – and trust us, you will be unmissable when wearing a neon colored skater skirt. This is a fun way to step up your wardrobe and create something different using a basic staple.

A neon skater skirt is perfect for a cool streetstyle look, and can be re worn and styled differently.

We suggest going for a neon pink or magenta shade, a classic of neon that you can’t go wrong with. It’s also the most wearable color from all the neons.

Black and White Skater Skirt

Black and white is the classic and timeless combo we will never get tired of. When considering a black and white skater skirt, choose one with a neat print, such as a broad plaid, with thin and thick lines. This is an upgrade on both the classic black and the classic white skater skirts.

This Ally checked mini skirt in black and white is the perfect skater skirt to add to your collection for something unique. The best part, is that even though it features a specific print, it will virtually match with almost anything.

Gray Skater Skirt

A gray skater skirt is ideal if you are going for the ‘school girl’ style aesthetic. We suggest choosing a skirt that features a pattern or print of different gray variations. These tones are cool, neutral, sophisticated, and leaning towards conservative. We suggest plaid as an alternative option.

By Length, Material, and Style

While the stereotypical skater skirt is described as high waisted and very short, different variations exist and the length can greatly vary depending on your personal preference. Skater skirts look especially cool when they are worn in the mini length, but longer, knee length variations have a more elegant and sophisticated effect.

Mid Length

Mid length skater skirts reach the mid thighs, and are not as short are the mini variations. They are a sort of intermediate between the long and the mini variations. This is the recommended length if this is your first time purchasing a skater skirt.

If you want the skirt to appear shorter, simply pull it upwards more towards your waist area. If you want the skirt to seem a bit longer, slide it down to your hips, or even wear it low rise. If the skirt is still a bit short for your liking, you can always pair it with some tights.

This style idea features a printed skater skirt in the mid length.


While skater skirts are categorized as short skirts, there are longer variations that uphold the same skater skirt structure, but feature a hem that reaches the knees or even below them. They follow the same pleated shape, yet extend longer, and may have a slight flare at the end of the hem.

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There is something understated and highly refined about a leather skater skirt; the contrast between this feminine garment and the fierce leather material make a huge statement. Ideal for the fall and winter seasons, black leather skater skirts are iconic and a must have wardrobe staple.

As seen in this style idea, black leather skirts look best when layered with other black garments.

Consider a black jumper, black tights, black boots, and accessorizing with a classic black leather handbag.

High Waisted

The stereotypical structure of a skater skirt is petite and worn high waisted. This adds to the flare and high-rise effect of the skirt—making your legs seem endlessly long. High waisted skater skirts are placed above the waistline, creating a flattering A-line silhouette.

Perfect for the spring and summer seasons, high waisted skater skirts will always be among our favorite types.

This elegant combination of a flared shoulder turtle neck, high waisted printed skater skirt, and knee-high black boots is a great way to incorporate the style to fall and winter fashion.


The cutest way to wear a skate skirt is to wear it in a combo, with a top in the same print as a style duo. Opt for fabrics such as lace, silk, and cotton. You can create your own using the same shade variations, or buy the pieces as a set.

Duos are highly on trend at the moment, and the best part is that you can wear the pieces separately or together, making them highly versatile.

This outfit example gives us the perfect inspiration to create our own ideas on what pairings we would create.

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By Clothing Type

The clothing pairings to skater skirts can make or break an outfit, ladies. Here are our suggestions on how to always look stylish while wearing them:

With Shoes

Since skater skirts have a sporty edge to them, they look best with chunky sneakers and thick angle length socks. Our suggestions include the Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers in the white shade variation. These will make the perfect pairing to any kind of skater skirt, especially the more casual variations.

For slightly more elegant occasions, we suggest a sleek pair of heeled sandals. Avoid kitten heels and opt for higher heeled shoes to create a more elegant finish. These Christian Louboutin Ankle-Tie Suede Sandals are the perfect pairing.

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With Combat Boots

Wearing a skater skirt with combat boots will create a very empowered and edgy look. During the fall and winter, this is the perfect way to wear your favorite mini skirt and keep warm. Choose darker neutral shades suck as beiges, burgundies, and blacks. In terms of prints, stick to tartans and plaids.

In terms of the boots themselves, we suggest these Valentino combat boots are the perfect mix of chunky and refined—the ideal addition to any dark colored skater skirt.

With Crop Top / Tops

Skater skirts go very well when paired with crop tops, especially when the skater skirts are high waisted. The tiny slit of skin between the top and the skirt create a sense of balance and add a bit of sexiness to any outfit idea.

Make sure neither the crop top nor the skirt is too small—they should be able to balance each other out accordingly. We suggest choosing a crop top with dramatic sleeves, and pairing with a similar colored skater skirt.

See our crop top style guide for more. This will create balance within the outfit, and give you a flattering silhouette making your hips appear smaller.

This Alice + Olivia faux leather crop top features a square neckline, prominent shoulders, and rock and roll aesthetic.

With Tights

Tights are the best way to complement a skirt or dress during the colder months—and skater skirts are no exceptions. Since skater skirts tend to be worn so short and high waisted, tights add a sense of elegance and are a great alternative if your style aesthetic is more conservative.

These Wolford Alexis striped denier tights are a cool addition to any skater skirt—the striped print will further style the outfit.

With Shirts

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what shirts will pair well with skater skirts. Tees, tanks, boat neck, crop tops, and turtle necks are all a go, depending on the season of course. For a simple and classic option that you can reuse indefinitely, try a graphic tee.

This Kenzo ivory printed cotton tee would look great paired with an array of different shades of skater skirts.

With Leggings

If there is one garment we suggest avoiding when styling skater skirts, its leggings. Try instead a thick pair of winter tights, but avoid leggings all together, as they would create a very unflattering look.

While this was a popular trend for women back in the 80s, it is surely one we would not like to bring back.

With Sweaters

Sweaters are the easiest and most stylish ways to accessorize a skater skirt when the weather gets cooler. This is another great option for sportier skirts, as they match the aesthetic effortlessly.

We suggest choosing a comfortable sweatshirt that is slightly slouchy, and wearing it over the skirt with the hem peeking beneath.

This Viktoria & Woods cotton sweatshirt in a celestial blue shade is perfect, especially with a white skater skirt.

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