Modern Hipster Trends Borrowed from the Styles of the 90s

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

What do Hailey Baldwin, Maisie Williams, and Taylor Swift have in common?

They are all loyal to the 90s hipster trends!

It is not surprising, considering how popular it became after its modest origins back way when.

Since then, the hipster trend has been adopted by many celebrities and evolved in many ways to fit modern times. That said, it’s managed to stay true to its 90s roots and keep its most key elements.

Read ahead to find out how you can revitalize your hipster look with some key 90s items!

Crop Top

The crop top is a 90s inspired hipster trend that gets points for its versatility. A crop top looks great when styled with a pair of denim shorts or can be worn with a pair of culottes. You can pair either of these looks with round sunglasses and a hat for instant hipster vibes.

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Knee Socks

When paired with a cute sundress and some stylish sunglasses, knee socks embrace an undeniably hipster style. As shown by Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, this look can be dressed up with a skirt and heels for a more formal look without sacrificing that hipster style.

The Skater Look

Popularized in the 90s skateboarding community, the skater look is no longer just for the skating scene. Style a pair of skater sneakers with denim shorts and an oversized hoodie for when you want to rock the casual hipster vibe. This look is a particular favourite of stars like Vanessa Hudgens.

Acid Wash

Acid wash is an ever versatile 90s trend that fits right into the hipster look. Rock some acid wash denim in either a pair of shorts or skinny jeans, style it with an oversized t-shirt and a pair of combat boots and you will be rocking those hipster vibes. For any more acid wash inspiration check out the style of fashion icon Hailey Baldwin.

Hip Huggers

A favourite look of the always stylish Miley Cyrus, styling a pair of 90s inspired hip hugger jeans with a crop top and converse is a great way to encompass the hipster look. Adding some chunky bracelets can help to glam up this look, or alternatively wear it without accessories from some more casual hipster vibes.

Don’t Forget the Headwear

Mixing some denim dungarees with a bucket hat and a pair of combat boots or Converse sneakers embraces the hipster vibe while still giving a well deserved nod to the 90s fashion scene. This style is one that is a favourite within the celebrity community, with stars like Rhianna often sporting the bucket hat style.

Plaid Skirts

An iconic 90s fashion piece, the plaid skirt has now been thoroughly incorporated into the modern hipster’s wardrobe. This style looks great with an oversized jumper or when styled with a crop top for a different look. Singing sensation Arianna Grande is a particular fan of the plaid skirt and fashion icons like Victoria Beckham are also no stranger to this stylish clothing item.

Sheer Fabric Top

The modern day hipster is no stranger to the 90s fashion trend of sheer fabric. Popular when incorporated into a top, sheer fabric items can be paired with heels for a formal event or look great with a pair of combat boots and shorts for a more casual situation. Top models including Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid have both been spotted rocking sheer top styles.

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The Humble Bandana

Inspired by the 90s trend, there are few items more popular within the hipster community than the humble bandana. Whether it is used as a hair tie, attached as belt loop or worn in a cowboy style, a bandana is a truly iconic hipster item. Once again, fashion icon Cara Delevingne is a particular fan of this little accessory, as are stars such as Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

The Denim Jacket

The ever-stylish denim jacket rose to particular prominence in the 90s fashion scene and has risen to similar levels of fame within the modern hipster community. A light coloured denim jacket looks great when styled with shorts or jeans or when worn over a sundress for a more summery vibe. Accessorize with a pair of round sunglasses and a bandana hair tie to really embrace the hipster vibes.

Khaki Pants

The 90s khaki pant trend was originally popularized by stars like Victoria Beckham and is making a real comeback in the modern hipster scene. This eclectic style has been spotted on the likes of stars such as Sofia Richie and Kourtney Kardashian and as displayed by these fashionable ladies, looks great when styled with a white crop top and sunglasses.

Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with a quality leather jacket. The leather jacket soared in popularity in the 90s fashion world and has maintained its unrivalled popularity within the hipster fashion scene of today.

New Zealand model Stella Maxwell has incorporated the iconic leather jacket into her brand of hipster style. A leather jacket can be styled with almost anything, looking great with skinny jeans, over dungarees or incorporated into a skater-based hipster vibe.

Denim on Denim

If there is one stand out fabric in the hipster’s wardrobe it is denim. Also a wildly popular fabric in the 90s fashion scene, denim has the ultimate hipster vibes.

Don’t be afraid to mix together different denim pieces, pairing jeans with a denim jacket as Hailey Baldwin has been seen doing or emulating some hipster inspired Taylor Swift style vibes and mixing denim shorts with a denim button down or crop top.

Whether you are new to the hipster trend or have been rocking those hipster vibes for years, there are so many 90s inspired looks that have risen to new levels of popularity in the hipster community. So be inspired by the styles of the 1990s, grab those denim jackets and crop tops and embrace that hipster look!