What to Wear With White Converse: By Clothing, Style and Season

White converse outfit with denim jeans
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Last Updated on July 5, 2023

Converse are an iconic part of fashion. Founded by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908, these unique sneakers have made history ever since.

There is no doubt:

White Converse sneakers are one of the most popular of all the color varieties.

White Converse have been a popular trend among youth populations since the late 70s and early 80s. They were still around throughout the 90s, worn with overalls, baggy jeans and crop tops galore.

Today, they have continued to evolve and grow as a vintage trend. They are praised for their:

  • Comfort
  • History
  • Ability to take streetstyle to another level of effortless ‘cool’

We’ve created a guide on ways you can wear your white Converse with anything, anywhere.

Let’s begin.

Types of Clothing

The sneaker street aesthetic trend has been around for decades. These classic shoes will never stop being trendy, and come at an affordable price to most.

In terms of style and design, they are very different from what other shoe brands produce. Here are the best pieces to pair your white Converse:

With Jeans

White Converse are the perfect complement to jeans. These are a staple shoe to wear with any kind of denim piece, as they are very casual in terms of appearance.

Converse are made of canvas material and rubber soles, making them seem relaxed and dressed down. Wear your white Converse with any pair of jeans you prefer.

Our suggestions include:

  • Straight down, ankle length jeans. Jeans that end at your ankles, and are fully straight from the waist down go perfect with white Converse. While classic shades include white and blue denim, we suggest black jeans. These pair impeccably well with white converse and the slight contrast between them will draw more attention to the shoes.
  • Classic skinny jeans. Classic skinnies look great when worn with white Converse, especially the Low Top variety. We suggest that you roll up the hems of your jeans slightly. Especially if they tend to be ankle length or even longer. You want your white Converse to stand out.
  • Boyfriend jeans. Your favorite boyfriend jeans will go hand in hand with your white Converse. This style combination was taken directly from the 90s, and was worn just the same throughout the whole decade. While this style is highly casual, it is a great choice for a day outing with friends.
  • Acid wash and ripped jeans. The options when it comes to denim and Converse are endless, especially white Converse that match with every color and wash variation. For a cool and effortless vibe, that is slightly grunge, choose acid wash jeans with rips around the knee areas, and wear with your white Converse. Want to know more about styling a grunge outfit? Read our Grunge Outfits for Every Season and Look Style Guide.

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With Shorts

With shorts, avoid low tops. Stick to high top Converse instead. These will balance out the bare legs and will create a more aesthetically pleasing overall finish in terms of appearance and outfit construction.

If you prefer low tops, make sure to choose a pair of loose, slightly longer shorts to create a visual balance.

Follow these style tips:

  • Loose and ripped. If you live in a hot climate, chances are shorts make up a large sum of your wardrobe. These can be paired with whole Converse, but a few style rules must be followed. A pair of loose and ripped denim shorts are the perfect summer and spring staple. These are the exception to Converse within the short’s category; they can be worn with low tops.
  • Skin tight and high waisted. If you prefer something a bit more provocative, such as skin tight and high waisted shorts, choose a pair of white Converse high tops to wear with this outfit. Since these shorts usually end well above your thigh, make sure to balance the structure of the outfit with high tops. Low tops may end up making you look skimpy.

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With Dresses

Since white Converse are so overly casual, many people may hesitate when considering to pair them with a dress. However, white Converse go very well with day dresses and casual dresses.

Here are our picks for the best dresses to wear with white Converse:

  • Striped day dress. A horizontally striped cotton blend day dress is the perfect option to wear with white Converse. The fact that the shoes are white is key to pairing with a striped dress. If the sneakers were any other color, the look overall would be too distracting with an overload of colors and prints. Choose a striped print that includes white to match the shoes. Here is another reference and variation.
  • Puffy sun dress. Another great style idea is to wear your white Converse with a puffy sleeved, sun dress of any kind and color. Pastel shades go very well with the canvas material of the converse, and you will look equal parts stylish and comfortable.
  • Slip on dress. The thin and delicate appeal of slip on dresses provides a contrast to the edgier, more casual look of white Converse. Together however, they achieve balance and create a little dash of 90s nostalgia too. Since slip dresses are so simple, opt for high top Converse for more of a statement shoe to accessorize the dress. If you want a sultrier effect, choose a slip on bodycon dress.
  • Tee shirt dress. If you are seeking style ideas for the everyday, wear your favorite tee shirt dress and a pair of white Converse high tops. This pairing is highly versatile and offers a quick solution for on the go. Try to choose neutral variations such as a black dress or white dress.

With Skirts

Like dresses, you might stop and think before you decide to throw on a pair on Converse with a skirt. They follow similar style and design rules to those of dresses. Some styles look great, while others clash aesthetically.

Get inspired with the types skirts you can wear:

  • Pleated skirts. White Converse are the perfect way to dress down a pleated skirt. Pleated skirts are feminine and highly fashionable. While they’re considered a bit dressier than their counterparts, new trends in current fashion shows have included dressing them down with sneakers and a tee shirt. White Converse are simple and easy to match with any print of preference.
  • Maxi skirts. Maxi skirts are long, flowy, and representative of the boho chic aesthetic. White Converse look great underneath a flowy maxi skirt, especially one featuring floral prints. Accessorize the look with a dark pair of sunglasses and a statement leather belt. Get your vintage sunglasses inspo here.
  • Statement skirt. Statement skirts are referred to as such because they make a statement. A garment that stands out from the rest of the outfit. A garment that calls the attention of viewers. A piece by which a user bases themselves on which to build an outfit atop of. Statement skirts come in all shapes and sizes, but anything including sequins and beaded detailing makes the perfect combination to a pair of white Converse. While this style may not appeal to everyone, the ‘dressed up and dressed down’ style looks very chic for a casual daytime event.
  • Tulle Skirt. Tulle, mesh, and any kind of see through skirt goes perfectly well when worn with a pair of white Converse. This style, highly inspired by Madonna in the 80s, is very vintage chic.

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With Rompers

Rompers are an easy to wear and highly casual alternative to a formal jumpsuit. They can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. They can be easily worn with a pair of white Converse for a laidback, casual look for the day to day.

See our style suggestions below:

  • Overalls. Overalls are a form of romper, as they combine the top and bottom into a single garment. We’ve got a great style guide to overalls here. These are typically worn with white Converse as a form of streetstyle. Comfortable, casual, easy going, are a few words to describe the overall aesthetic of this look.
  • Sleeveless romper. Another way to style your white Converse is to pair them with a sleeveless, delicate romper featuring a girly print such as polka dots. This is a way to make the classic sneakers appear more feminine, and slightly more prestigious. Perfect for a walk around the city, or a lunch with friends, swap out your sandals for white Converse the next time you wear your favorite romper.

With Leggings

There is dilemma behind leggings. You see, some people consider them a great alternative to pants. Yet others consider them unacceptable and far too informal. In our opinion, they are acceptable on certain occasions. With white Converse, and a pair of black leggings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to outfit choices.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Classic black leggings. Classic black leggings are like a favorite pair of sweats, that you can wear more often without seeming disheveled. They look like black skinny jeans, but are far from it. They are usually made of spandex or other stretchy materials that cling to the skin. These can be worn with white Converse and a printed top. Throw on a cardigan for a simple and classic look that you can wear pretty much anywhere.
  • Leather leggings. Leather leggings add some character to the classic black leggings look. White Converse stand out and make a contrast against the black leather material; a cool combination and easy to style outfit idea.

With Socks

The majority of people prefer to wear white Converse with invisible socks, or shorter socks stuffed into the shoe that are not visible. While this is easier with high tops, it can be difficult to hide your socks with low tops.

Also, socks have recently surged as a fun trend to accessorize an outfit. See our cool style ideas on how to add character to your outfit with a pair of socks:

  • Mid-calf socks. Wearing a pair of mid-calf length socks with your white Converse will call the attention of many. For this particular length we recommend using high tops Converse. They will make your socks seem more discreet and visually pleasing to the eye. Choose socks with a subtle detail, such as a print on the hem, that will add a pop of color to the look.
  • Lace socks. Lace socks remind us of our childhood. They are youthful, girly, and a very easy way to add something different yet original to your look. Choose a pair that are exaggerated and fluffy that only reach above your ankle. Wear with all kinds of white Converse.
  • Ankle length classic. Classic ankle length white socks are the most subtle and common type of socks to wear with Converse. While these don’t add a sense of character to the outfit, they are practical and highly useful.
  • Colorful prints. Colorful, funky, and printed socks are a fun way to add some detail to any otherwise subdued outfit. Consider wearing these with simple outfits such as a solid colored tee with jeans, or your favorite pair of sweats for a casual outing.

With Belts

Belts are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. Apart from their functionality and use, they are great for accessorizing and bringing an outfit together. In terms of pairing with shoes, they are no exception.

Our top picks for types of belts to pair with white Converse:

  • Black leather belt. A classic accessory. A black leather belt never will goes out of style. They pair very well with jeans. Classic, unbeatable, and easy to throw on.
  • Button up shirt ‘belt’. A versatile and cool way to dress down white Converse even more is to pair them with a shirt belt. This means to tie a button up blouse around your waist as if it were a belt; purely for styling reasons. While this look is very particular, it will make you stand out by wearing a super simple accessory.

By Style

White Converse are as versatile as a shoe can get. It is no surprise then they’ve gained adoption by women belonging to different age categories and pertaining to different style aesthetics.

From streetstyle, to business casual, to a more youthful and ‘cute’ style, here are our thoughts on how these shoes adapt to each:

Street Style

Converse in general form a big part of street style. From the pages of Vogue, to every fashion week from city to city; they are unmissable. The thing about streetstyle is that there are no rules. The possibilities are endless, as are the combination options.

Turn heads with these streetwear style tips:

  • Loose Chino pants. An initial thought is to wear your white Converse with a loose pair of chino style pants. Pair these with a notch collar button up blouse that is short sleeved, tucked into the center front. Throw on your favorite sunglasses, low tops or high tops, and finish off white a statement bag.
  • Flowy dress with rope on top. For a unique and surprising streetstyle twist, combine your white Converse with a flowy dress and rope on top. Pair silky materials together to look more put together and stylish, and make the outfit seem cool rather than lazy. Wear your hair loose, and wear your Converse with invisible socks.
  • Layering neutral shades. If you are attending a fashion event or social event of any sort, try going for something very clean yet very streetstyle. Anyone who walks past you will be in awe of this outfit idea. Try layering neutral shades with one another; a gray crop top, high waisted wide legged denim pants, a long cream coat, and low top white Converse. A Parisian look of French sophistication, ideal for Paris Fashion Week.
  • Wrap dress and dramatic shoulders. For a contemporary and modern look, wear a mini wrap dress with dramatic shoulders. Choose your pair of white high-top Converse, and wear them with a pair of socks that will show. Choose pastel shades, such as a light yellow. Carry a mini bag, one of the latest handbag trends, and you’ll be all set.

Business Casual

The Westernized dress code of business casual is defined by casual wear that is amped up to smart wear. Business casual is very ‘in’ as a style trend, and is a modern must have in every woman’s closet. Luckily, white Converse are the perfect sneaker and shoe component of a business casual outfit.

  • Smart coat. The easiest way to make any outfit business casual is to throw on a smart coat. Wear your low top white Converse with a pair of long, stripped balloon pants. Tuck a smart looking office type button up blouse into the pants, and throw on an elegant gray coat on top. Finish the look with a medium sized clutch, and forget your contacts – opt for your favorite pair of reading glasses to complete the look. See the inspiration image here.
  • Blazer or suit jacket. Another equally casual and smart outfit idea, is to wear your favorite blazer or suit jacket. Choose a pair of tight beige colored pants, low top white Converse, a slightly oversized tee, and a form fitting white blazer. This look is casual, versatile, and optimal for a casual business lunch. See it here and get inspired.

Cute Style

If your style is characterized by being cute and sweet, we also have outfit ideas for you. As previously mentioned, white Converse can be adapted by anyone of any style preference.

Inspired by younger girls, see our cute style ideas below:

  • Sundress. During a hot and sunny day, no better or more right combination exists than a pair of low top white Converse with your favorite sundress. If it includes ruffled detailing, even better. Choose a dress that is sleeveless, and pair with a dainty shoulder bag. This easy going and cute style aesthetic look goes perfectly with these sneakers, that add a touch of sportiness. See the inspiration here.
  • White blouse. There is nothing quite as cute and feminine than a classic, white blouse. Dress down a blouse and skirt duo. For an extra cool effect, wear your Converse stretched out and loosely tied.

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By Season

White Converse can be worn all year round, season through season. They are truly timeless vintage sneakers that will adapt to all weather conditions. All while keeping you looking highly stylish.

Check out these seasonal style ideas you’ll love:


For Spring, we’ve created a super contemporary look of cool clothes that will send you strutting down the streets with the utmost confidence.

Spring weather is both cool and sunny, we chose pieces that can be layered and worn accordingly to the weather conditions. For this particular look, choose a pair of high-top white Converse with non-visible ankle length socks that.

Choose a pair of jean shorts of any kind. For this look, we have chosen a pair of distressed hems, mid knee length denim shorts.

These 7ForAllManKind shorts with a raw cut hem are perfect for this look. Next, choose a simple yet elegant top, such as a silky slip on. This Alice and Olivia slip tank is ideal. Complete the look by throwing on oversized blazers or jackets on top. This Michael Kors plaid blazer is perfect for a rainy Spring day when the weather is cooler.

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For those hot summer days, that sometimes seem endless, we have the ideal outfit idea. In this case, opt for a pair of low top white Converse that will be much more comfortable in terms of the heat.

Also opt for a pair of comfortable yet stylish pants, such as stretchy chinos and plaid pants. These organic cotton pants from Ganni are the ideal summer must haves. Choose a comfy crop top tee to go with them, such as this Oscar de La Renta ribbed cropped pullover.

Finish off the look with a pair of vintage seeming sunglasses, such as these Tom Ford classic cat eye sunglasses.

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For a winter look, we chose to create an outfit using the high-top white Converse, seeing as they provide a bit more protection and warmth during the coldest of weather conditions. We decided to create a stylish look that is highly versatile and comfortable.

Start with a pair of thick black leggings. These Re/done thermal leggings will be your new favorite bottoms, all winter long. Combine with a black top, with thermal and heat protectant properties, such as this bassike rib knitted long sleeve top.


For the fall look, we constructed a style aesthetic using white low top Converse. This outfit is warm enough for the fall, and could double as a winter outfit if worn with layers on top. Start off white a pair of sleek, statement leather pants.

These faux leather black skinny pants from Rag & Bone are exquisite. Combine with an oversized turtleneck sweater to keep you warm, such as this ruffle trim turtleneck by Ganni.

Finish off the look with a shearling Teddy coat. Accessorize with a classic scarf and hat. This scarf is from Burberry, and this newsboy cap from Saint Laurent.

Types of White Converse

Low Tops

Low tops Converse are also referred to as the original or classic model. These were released back in the 1970s and were a massive success – as they still are today. If you are a beginner to Converse, a white pair of low tops would be a good place to start.

They were released in 1976 and have been redesigned, improved, and replicated over the years. Many Converse wearers from the 70s still use their sneakers and seek the same styles and fits.

Low tops were favored by many athletes when they were first released, used as both sports shoes and lounge shoes. They were specifically used by basketball stars, both on and off court.

Low tops give off a vintage vibe, but newer versions are much more contemporary. Specifically, for low tops, white was always the color of preference, and is still one of the best-selling shades.

Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors are a legendary style of the brand. Chucks come in all shapes and sizes, both low top versions and high-top versions. Chuck Taylor was an American athlete in basketball who rose to fame in the 1920s.

He became best known for collaborating and helping promote Converse shoes, specifically the All-Star basketball shoes.

He worked not only promoting for the brand, but also as a salesman. He would travel across the US, make public appearances, and meet with consumers who were after the shoes. He kept working with the brand for many years, but retired in the late 60s. The shoes are still sold and considered iconic today.

These feature the well-known star shaped iconography that is representative of the brand.


While the classic Converse shoe features a canvas material base, many variations such as leather have risen in popularity in recent years. Leather Converse are loved by some, and not so much by others.

They’re an interesting way to spice up your wardrobe if you are looking for something unconventional and different.

These are available in multiple shades, including a creamy white tone. The cultural authenticity of the sneaker remains the same, but the leather adds a new texture.

White Converse Wedges / Platforms

Platforms sneakers are a great alternative to classic sneakers. They are like wearing a very comfortable and casual pair of high heels! Very reminiscent of the 90s, the Converse white platform sneakers are still one of the most sought-after styles of the brand.

The thick rubber sole will provide you with a couple of inches in height without the discomfort often correlated to platform shoes.


White vs Black Converse: Which is More Versatile?

Both black and white Converse are considered neutral colored sneakers. Therefore, both are highly versatile. Different sources claim different opinions. Some state that black is the most versatile shade, while others will argue that white is.

Darker shades, including black, are associated with the fall and winter seasons, while white is linked to spring and summer. However, both can be worn year around, especially in terms of footwear.

It comes down to a matter of personal aesthetic and taste. Some people simply prefer one shade over the other. However, there are certain exceptions when it comes to black matching with everything.

One example is navy blue. The combination of black and navy blue may look good if styled correctly, but may seem too dark of a palette if not.

Therefore, we consider the safest option to be white, because white truly goes with every color shade, including off white variations.

Which Color Converse Goes with Everything?

There are currently endless color variations sold by Converse for both male and female. On their website, you can even customize your own designs, including glitter and animal print options.

If you are seeking the most neutral colors, that would match with almost everything, shop the following: optical white, navy, coal, black, and natural white. For something a bit more different yet that would still match with many things, opt for creating your own colors using the color wheel, and select either grey and red tonalities.

Enjoy your style! Do you have any white converse outfit ideas? Let us know below.

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