7 of Our Favorite Bra Types to Wear Under See Through Tops

What to Wear Under See Through Blouse
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Last Updated on December 2, 2022

See-through blouses might not be one of the most alluring garments ever, like its close cousin the see-through dress, but they are certainly one of the most combinable garments you can have in your closet. 

These three very utilitarian reasons make this garment a success:

  • It is much easier to combine and wear than a dress.
  • It has a lot of re-usability because you can vary the accompanying garments making the ensemble less “seen”.
  • It can be adapted to fit a wide variety of occasions. 

There are also thousands upon thousands of cuts, designs, styles, prints, and color variations to choose from, making see-through blouses super prolific. That being said, such freedom of choice poses a huge headache when you are confronted with the decision of what to actually wear underneath!

There are as many options to choose from when it comes to undergarments as there are in designs of blouses. Some of the top options include bralettes, lace bras, knit tops, shapewear nude bras, crop tops, rhinestone bras, and more. Yes, I know. It’s a lot! 

This is why I’ve put together a list of products from major retailers and brands to make your life easier, and help you decide on the best undergarments to wear under your see-through blouses. Scroll down to take a peek!


Bralette under black see through mesh blouse

Technically speaking, bralettes are less structured than a common bra, they are either lined or unlined and often unpadded, creating a more natural shape that enhances the organic shape of your breasts instead of molding them into a cup. 

I like bralettes because they offer freedom of movement, feel less restrictive, and look natural. They also generally feel less tight and are much more breezy than a common bra. 

Triangle lace bra by Mango $39.99 (Sky-blue dainty bralette that is to die for!)

Semi-sheer bra by Mango $39.99 and matching thong (This ultra-thin mesh bra top is elegant and minimalistic, which makes it ideal for blouses that have a lot of flounces, frills, or even prints as it won’t distract from the blouse itself but add a soft touch of sophistication.)

Maidenform Women’s Casual Comfort Convertible Bralette on Amazon

Free People Women’s Adella Bralette on Amazon

Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Lightly Lined Triangle Bralette on Amazon

Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Comfort Seamless Wirefree Lightly Lined Triangle Bralette on Amazon

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Wirefree Cotton Bralette on Amazon

Maidenform Women’s Pure Comfort V-Neck Lace Back Wireless Bralette on Amazon

2-pack Mesh Bra Tops by H&M $17.99


Lace Bras

Woman wearing pink see through blouse with black lace bra

Lace bras are structured, generally lined, and padded. They often include models like push-ups, balconettes, and other lifting and molding designs that give shape to pleasing curves.  

I like bras because they help you create an hourglass figure and they cover up your nipples when the occasion calls for it. Also, there are some designs that are simply divine in their own right and I would simply wear them because of how pretty they look!

Lace wired bra by Mango $39.99 and matching panty

Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up on Amazon

Unpadded Underwire Lace Bra by H&M $17.99

Super Push-up Bralette by H&M $19.99 (A lace bra tends to be the sexiest option of underwear to wear under a sheer shirt. Particularly when it’s a push-up bra that really lifts you up!)

Super Push-up Balconette Bra by H&M $24.99

Living Fantasy Black Lace Balconette Bralette by Lulu’s $36

Kimmy Push Up Bra by Adore Me $24.95

Margaritte Push-up by Adore Me $24.95

Knit Bras

Knit Bras

Knit bras are basically tops made of knitted fabrics, either cotton, wool, or a synthetic mix. I like them because of how natural and elegant they look. They are also great on their own!

Knitted cropped top by Mango $29.99 (This knit crop top is beyond cute and of the utmost quality.)

Green Knitted cropped top by Mango $29.99

Sparkly Slit knit top by Mango $39.99 (This slightly translucent bra top is gorgeously sparkly and would look amazing under a flowy white blouse!)

Garter-stitched Knit Crop Top by H&M $17.99

Rib-knit Top by H&M $17.99

Party Bras

Woman wearing black mesh see through blouse with a copper color party bra

Part bras are bras basically made to be seen. Be it satin, rhinestones, metallic appliques, crystals, or chainlinks, they are bound to call attention to your cleavage.

I really like party bras, despite them not being for everyone. They require a certain panache to wear them successfully, which makes them even more stunning when you see them on someone! 

Satin underwired bustier by Mango $59.99

Underwired polka-dot bustier by Mango $59.99

Women’s Rhinestone Diamond Push up Bustier on Amazon

Rhinestone Bra Body Chains Bikini Set on Amazon (This sparkly chain bikini set is absolutely stunning and will shine through any type of blouse or see-through dress.)

Crystal Body Chain Silver Bikini on Amazon

Sexy Rhinestone Body Chain Black on Amazon


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Shapewear Nude Bras

Shapewear Nude Bras

Shapewear bras, particularly nude ones, are the safest choice for wearing under a see-through blouse. If chosen correctly they will blend with your skin tone and disappear under the sheer fabric of your blouse. The key is to go for the right hue and to pick the right size so that the fit is perfect.

These are my absolute favorite type of underwear for see-through blouses. I think they look the most elegant and can be worn on any number of attires, be it day wear, going out, to the office, or even to a semi-formal gathering. The options are endless!

Calvin Klein Women’s Form to Body Lightly Lined Triangle Bralette on Amazon (Calvin Klein bras are one of my favorite bras to use as a sheer blouse bra because they are inherently cool and show the brand’s logo but in a delicate way. They are also pretty demure and look a lot like a top, so the exposure is quite minimal but still there.)

SPANX Bra-Llelujah Bralette on Amazon

Fruit of the Loom Women’s T-Shirt Bra on Amazon

2-pack Strapless Bras by H&M $24.99

Seamless Balconette Bra by H&M $24.99

Super Push-up Bralette by H&M $29.99


Bra Tank tops

Bra Tank Top with black leather jacket

Bra tank tops resemble a tank top the most and could very easily be worn without a blouse at all. They are ideal for those times when you don’t feel like showing a lot of skin!

Open neck bra by Mango $39.99 (This lace-free tank top is so 90s! The style is so nostalgic and it is perfect to lift up your breasts and create an amazing cleavage!)

Ribbed Wrap back top by Mango $59.99

Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Bralette on Amazon

Jockey Women’s Bras Matte & Shine Seamfree Bralette on Amazon

Seamless Jersey Push-up Bra by H&M $29.99

Light Push-up Ribbed Bralette by H&M $24.99

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Sport Bras

Woman wearing white see through blouse with black sport bra

Last but not least, sports bras are the perfect option for a very relaxed sheer blouse ensemble, particularly if you’re going for an athleisure vibe. They are very similar to a tank top, but they offer quite a lot more support!

I recommend them the most for busty girls that require more support and handle jiggling. They often have the best crossed and halter backs too!

Sporty crossover back bra by Mango $39.99  

Seamless crossover back bra by Mango $39.99

Seamless Sports Bralette by H&M $19.99 (H&M is my favorite brand for sports bra’s because their products are cute, budget-friendly, and generally offer a great level of support. They often come with built-in nipple covers.)

Racerback Seamless Sports Bralette by H&M $19.99

Seamless Light Support Sports Bra by H&M $17.99

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