Less is More: How to Embrace the 90s Minimalism Look

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Last Updated on January 6, 2022

In a complicated word it is no secret that we are all looking for ways to declutter and simplify our lives. Why should this idea stop with our clothing?

Embrace a new sleeker look and venture into the 90s fashion minimalism trend. Famous for its strong, stylish lines, striking colour palettes and simple elements, the minimalism look is anything but boring.

Versatile enough to be worn to the office or out on the town, the less is more mantra will help you to streamline your look without having to sacrifice on style.

Check out these top tips…

Go Easy on the Jewellery

The minimalism look is all about embracing the idea that less is more. Jewellery should be limited to a few pieces to maintain the sleek look. Try styling a box blazer with a statement pair of earrings or a tank top with a necklace only, to really capture the minimalism vibe. I recommend you read our guide to 90s earrings for more ideas.

Never Underestimate the Box Blazer

A staple of any 90s wardrobe is the box blazer, but this handy item fits right into the 90s minimalism style. An oversized box blazer oozes sophistication when paired with a simple white shirt, a pair of straight leg trousers and some heels, perfect for a trendy look that is office appropriate as well.

The Versatile Tank Top

For this one gain some inspiration from the iconic Kate Moss and for a casual look embrace the minimalist vibes of the humble tank top. Pair a simple tank top with stone washed jeans and a simple necklace for a look that keeps it simple yet stylish for that casual weekend afternoon.

Who Needs a Mini Skirt?

The true 90s minimalist knew that the mid-calf length skirt was never to be ignored. This look was particularly popular with a skirt made of vinyl or leather.

The simple lines provided a great silhouette for this outfit while the addition of the leather added an extra point of interest to a simple look. Pair this look with some heeled boots for effortless sophistication.

Keep the Colour Palette Simple

To achieve the effortless sophistication that the 90s minimalism look is famous for, don’t overcomplicate the colour scheme. The 90s minimalism trend is largely dependent on a simple black and white colour scheme.

While adding one bright colour can help to liven up an outfit but an array of colours or lots of bold, conflicting prints should be avoided.

The Sophisticated Slip Dress

A favourite choice in the celebrity community, the slip dress was donned by stars like Jennifer Anniston and Gwyneth Paltrow back in the 90s and is still popular with famous faces like Emma Stone today. We even created a fun to flick slideshow of all the different types of dresses.

This look is sophisticated while still maintaining its femininity and looks great with a pair of heels or styled with a simple belt around the waist.

The Value of Some Ribbed Knitwear

All true 90s minimalist fashionistas knew the value of ribbed knitwear, ahem, turtlenecks, yes there you go I said it. A light ribbed sweater added an extra element to a look without ever overcomplicating it.

A ribbed sweater worn over a crisp button down was a popular look in the 90s minimalism scene. A chunky ribbed sweater can also be paired with a simple pair of straight leg trousers for a different look that keeps its simple style.

Play with the Length

The silhouette created by clothing in the 90s minimalism trend is a big part of the overall look, so when embracing this style, don’t be afraid to play with length.

Style a white oversized slip top over a pair of vinyl skinny jeans, mix a long blazer with a short skirt, when embracing that 90s minimalism look. Always play with length to get the perfect silhouette.

Stick to One Signature Item

To keep a look streamlined and embrace the 90s minimalism style don’t overcomplicate it with competing pieces.

Each look should have one signature item that is the statement piece and the rest of the items in the outfit should be simple and complimentary in both style and colour. This helps to maintain the minimalist theme and sophistication of this unique style.

The Humble Boob Tube

The boob tube may not be an item that you immediately associate with 90s minimalism. But as was displayed by the fashion icon Cara Delevingne at Paris Fashion Week, styling a simple black boob tube with suit pants and an over jacket is a trendy way to incorporate the 90s boob tube trend into your less is more look.

Keep the Hair Simple

The underlying theme of the 90s minimalism trend is simplicity without sacrificing style. This ideal should continue into hair styling. When embracing the 90s minimalism style, avoid fancy up dos or over the top hair accessories, keep your hair looking sleek and uncomplicated to complete your look.

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It’s Okay to Show Some Skin

The 90s minimalism look doesn’t mean that every inch of skin has to be covered and if you are wanting a look for going out on the town, the minimalism style is still a great one to embrace.

Try emulating the style of movie star Gwyneth Paltrow and leave some of the lower buttons of a shirt undone to expose the midriff for a cheeky look that still fits into the minimalism trend.

Summing it all up

In a complicated world sometimes the best thing you can do is uncomplicate your look.

The 90s minimalism trend has seen an epic comeback in recent years with styles inspired by this trend featured on runways and embraced by stars such as actress Emma Stone and fashion icons including Cara Delevingne.

When trying this look, always remember to keep it simple, choose a limited colour palette and don’t over accessorize, but most of all when embracing the 90s minimalism trend remember to have some fun with it.

What do you wear to pull of the minimalist look? Let us know in the comment below!