Closet Essentials: Versatile Ways to Wear a Black Skirt

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Last Updated on December 2, 2022

When thinking of wardrobe essentials, a black skirt always comes to mind. They can be dressy or casual, and are always on trend. Easy to pull out and style in a hurry, they are essential.

Wondering how to style one?

It’s simple:

Black skirts are a favorite among all women. They are timeless, classy, and chic. There are endless variations and they can be adapted to all styles. This guide will reveal all the main ways to style one.

Let’s get started …

Types of Skirts


Long black skirts are a good place to start. While some people may find them dull or boring, these can be crafty style pieces that can upgrade your closet. Begin with a simple type; choose a skirt that ends above your ankles, and has a loosely fitted silhouette.

Find one made from a fresh material that is not too heavy, so that you can wear it seasonally. Consider small details such as a fishtail back or a long slit to add character to the skirt.

We love this long dress skirt with fishtails. It’s layered satin so no see through and fits wonderfully.

You can style with a tee-shirt, slip on kitten heels, and a top handle bag.


Short black skirts are cute, feminine, and youthful. These can be worn at almost every occasion. Think of; a sunny day at the beach, an elegant dinner party, in the city running errands, or at your favorite night club with friends.

Their occasion of use varies depending on the type of fabric they are made of. Fabrics like cotton or spandex are great for casual occasions, while silks and mousselines work as formalwear. Leather or velvet are ideal for the fall and winter.

This Urban Coco Stretchy Mini Skirt looks divine and has a slight texture to the fabric that adds depth and sophistication.

Pair a short black faux leather skirt with combat boots and sweatshirt for an edgy look.

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Tight black skirts are a sexier alternative, ideal for night-time occasions such as parties, bars, or clubs. They can be paired with blouses, tee-shirts, and blazers according to the occasion. These are a must have in every woman’s closet.

We suggest you opt for something basic yet classic that you can wear under multiple circumstances. An above the knee, cotton material black skirt is perfect.

This double layer cotton tight skirt fits the bill.

Choose a style you feel comfortable in and one that makes you feel confident. A style with a stretchy waistband that you can simply pull on is perfect like the skirt above. Style with a fitted top.


Flared skirts have an air of elegance to them. These are perfect if you prefer to dress in a classy, formal, and serious way as they will always make you look ‘put together’.

These can be perfect for settings such as Church, but also adapted for flirty occasions such as date night. While there are short variations of a flared skirt, we consider the below the knee to be the best kind to own, since it is much more versatile.

Style with a printed silk blouse and pointed toe heels for a chic look that will make an impression.


A black a-line skirt is a timeless staple. While many shy away from this style due to its connotation of being worn solely by older women, younger generations have incorporated this style into contemporary trends. The results are fascinating. They look effortlessly chic and remind us of the streets of Paris during fashion week.

Choose any fabric you feel the most comfortable in. If you can find it, opt for a lace material, A-line skirt.

Upgrade your winter street style and combine with a sweater and fuzzy loafers.

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Black pencil skirts were big in the past fall and winter fashion season, with both high end and lower end brands adapting them into collections. They are admired since they hug your figure without being uncomfortable or skin tight.

These are an office staple, but they can be worn out of office hours too. These look great with strappy heels and sneakers alike, with sneakers making them more informal.

For a chic spring look, style with a striped button shirt tucked into the skirt and classic heels.


Maxi skirts are a fan favorite for spring and summer outdoor occasions. Linked to boho-chic fashion, maxi skirts are a seasonal statement piece. A black maxi skirt is a more serious version of this style that can be worn also during the fall and winter.

This ankle-grazing version of a black skirt is stylish and ideal for brunch or a get together with friends. Style with a leather jacket and large clutch for a chic, rocker look. For accessories, consider with a belt and sunglasses.

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Pleated skirts are very on trend, and black versions are always a good place to start. If you opt for short, pleated skirts, you can create a tennis inspired girly outfit. For something more serious and fashionable, opt for a longer version such as a knee length variation.

Pleated skirts carry with them a sense of confidence and style like no other. They represent impeccable taste. Style with a simple white tee-shirt, nude pumps, and throw a denim jacket around your shoulders as a finishing touch.

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Styles of Skirts


Looking for inspiration on how to wear a black skirt on the day to day? We’ve got you covered. The trick to wearing these garments as casualwear is simply styling them with informal items.

A vintage tee-shirt and white sneakers are the perfect complement to any black skirt. Tie your hair back into a bun, throw on some black shades, and a shoulder bag to further downplay the skirt.

The end result is a look ideal for a weekend getaway or a stroll through the city.

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Black skirts have been known to be a quick solution when you don’t know what to wear to a formal occasion or elegant event. Begin with a maxi length black skirt and try to find one with extra details for a cooler finish.

Textures of any kind and a slight are always a good idea. Tie a thick belt around your waist, and tuck a sleeveless top into the skirt.

Wear with kitten heels and a statement bag and you have a look that you can wear to a dinner or formal event. Reply and say yes to any date with this style idea. 


Street style is all about looking effortlessly chic. Like you didn’t try too hard but ended up with an outfit worthy of being printed on a magazine.

A pleated, black skirt is ideal to create endless versions of a fashion week street style look, seen among many designer capsule collections. Choose a skirt that has a below the knee hem length.

Slip on some leather boots underneath, and style with a chunky, oversized turtleneck sweater. A crossbody chain bag will accessorize the look as well as some large framed sunglasses. Serious and cool—this outfit means business.


Black skirts can create very feminine and cute outfits. While a black leather skirt may seem more edgy rather than cute, choose a mini style that is slightly flared to create that ‘cute’ effect.

Pair with black fishnet tights, ankle length booties, and a boxy handbag. Choose a white blouse with large shoulders to add to the ‘cute’ effect, and finish of this look with a thick, statement belt. Accessorize with studs and silver jewelry; a rocker chic meets cute outfit idea.

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How to Wear with Clothing


When considering which tops to wear with a black skirt, the options are endless. Black skirts are admired as one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces in a woman’s closet. Since black skirts tend to be simple and minimalistic, go big for the top.

Consider oversized silhouettes, lavish sleeves, bright colors, and prints. If you have classic taste, opt for a statement piece that is still within the realm of minimalism.

Think of a white crop top with a low neckline, balloon sleeves, that ties in a neat bow at the center front. Simple, elegant, yet chic. 

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An easy way to style a blouse with a black skirt is to choose a style with a cool print. Polka dots, leopard prints, and stripes are a favorite because they go well with other prints, or solid colors.

For a Parisian chic inspired outfit idea, begin with a black skirt with a hem that ends below the knees. Choose a silhouette that is fitted yet slightly loose. Make sure the skirt has a long slit in the center front.

For the blouse, think of a transparent, flowy, polka dot print variation. Underneath the blouse, wear any kind of elegant lingerie that shows through underneath. Accessorize with a clutch. 


T-shirts are among the easiest ways to style black skirts. While simple, unicolored tees always look clean and classic, consider experimenting with graphic t-shirts and ones featuring brand logos.

Artistic imagery, quotes, and tank top variations are all a go. As inspiration, think of a white t-shirt featuring your favorite brand logo. Roll up the sleeves of the t-shirt if it’s spring or summer, but you can also layer during the fall and winter.

This is an ideal outfit idea when you have five minutes to get dressed. Combine with a long, black skirt that ends below the knees. Style with a metallic clutch and strappy heeled sandals. 


If your personal style is more outgoing and daring, you can get very creative when combining a black skirt with a blazer. Begin by choosing a black skirt that is different; consider fringes, layers, and different lengths.

Next, pick a classic black blazer that is boxy, oversized, and structured. The black on black look looks great on everyone and is ideal for more formal occasions. The fringes in the skirt, and a pair of cool heels will make this outfit anything but boring.

Choose strappy, pointed toe heels. Finish off the look with black sunglasses and a large flat clutch. 

How to Wear a Black Skirt with Shoes


Loafers are an easy style trick to styling black skirts if you are in a hurry. They give off a professional edge, and will make you look highly put together when in reality, you got dressed in a few minutes.

Begin with a pair of slip on, shiny black loafers. Combine with a black pleated maxi skirt that has a flowy silhouette. As a top, wear a colorful sweater featuring color blocking in shades such as black, brown, pink, and white. Go for a color palette that is classy and timeless.

Accessorize with an elegant watch, brown sunglasses, and wear with confidence.  


Boots and black skirts go hand in hand during the fall and winter seasons. You can pair black skirts, short or long, with either ankle length or knee boots. Two easy style ideas are as follows; pick out a black leather mini skirt that you can wear all winter long.

Wear with black tights and a fuzzy top. Depending on how cold the temperature is, layer with a jacket or coat. Keep the tones classic and cool; creams, navies, and black.

To transform this look in a spring and summer variation, change the black leather ankle boots for a pair of suede brown ones.

This style idea is perfect for the music festival season in any Californian desert or valley. 


Sandals and black skirts are a staple at every spring and summer fashion week event. The variations and ways you can combine these two garments are endless since there is no wrong pairing.

To stay on trend, we suggest a pair of metallic slip on sandals, or any kind featuring small studded details.

For this look, a t-shirt is the best alternative as a top. Tote bags and leather crossbodies are the perfect pairing. Through the city streets or for a stroll at the beach, sandals and black skirts are a timeless combo. 


Black sneakers and black skirts have one thing in common; they both fall under the category of neutral wardrobe staples that you need to create an endless wardrobe. Together, they make the perfect match.

For a comfortable yet stylish summer look that you can wear on the everyday, begin with your favorite black sneakers. Slip on a fitted black mini skirt, and as a top wear a fresh striped cotton long sleeve.

A black leather tote bag will complete this look. Sneakers and black skirts are always a yes. 

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