Neon, Nirvana, and Nighttime Fun: Transform Your Place into a 90s Adult Sleepover Paradise

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Last Updated on August 18, 2023

Thinking back to the 90s, there are always three things I remember fondly: pajama parties, pop music singalongs, and late Saturday mornings watching cartoon reruns. If I got you feeling nostalgic with that first choice alone… Then chances are, it is high time you organized a grown-up sleepover!

A 90s pajama party can double as a bachelorette slumber party, a girls’ night in, or a simple reconnection reunion with the gals. It’s the perfect opportunity to relive the good old days from way back and have some fun with silly games while eating yummy snacks. Really, what’s not to love?

Still unconvinced? You might be thinking, oh but I have kids, what do I do with my husband, how can I coordinate my busy schedule, and so on and so forth. Girl, if you really want to do it, nothing can stand in your way! Send your man to his mother’s house together with your kids! No one will die in one night!

Stop thinking and get planning! Here are some rad adult sleepover ideas that you can use to set up the perfect 90s slumber party for you and your adult friends!

Setting the Scene

It is all very fine and adult-like to sleep in a proper bed, but you might want to consider setting up a fort with string lights and inflatable sofas all around your living room. It is kind of the point to stick together all through the night, no?

Besides, ambiance is key for any type of party. And the soft lights will add a dreamy quality to the room and tents as the night progresses.

You can also hang banners and posters of 90s heartthrobs, as well as add inflatable furniture pieces, and bean bags or put-up neon-colored banners here and there, with catchphrases like “As If!” and “Talk to the Hand”. Dropping goodies like Beanie Babies, slap bracelets and Tamagotchis around can be a cute touch, particularly if they are presents for your friends!

Another amazing idea is to put a plushy mat surrounded by cushions and a low table that you can all use to do your nails, get crafting friendship bracelets, or play some games (more on that later!).

Dress Code: To Jam or Not to Jam

Embrace the nostalgic spirit and get dressed up in your comfiest 90s-inspired pajamas. Flannel shirts, ripped tights, plush jumpsuits, and of course cartoon-inspired cords, there’s no shortage of rad fashion to choose from.

You can all even get sexy embroidered pajamas with your names for a more adult look that you all will be able to wear later on! I mean, silly Rugrats or the Simpsons jams can be fun but a satiny babydoll with your name is so luxe! It’s a very hard choice to make!

Funny or feathered slippers are a great touch. Plus, they can help you and your friends keep your toes warm if the night is a bit chilly.

90s Snacks and Treats to Keep you Energized

The 1990s were kind of known for their unique and quirky snacks and drinks. You know it, we know it, and our parents certainly remember it!

Don’t miss out on a great chance to get, and an amazing excuse to indulge in, some classic snacks like Dunkaroos, Gushers, and Pop Rocks. If you don’t remember that many or need some inspo, head over to this 90s list of amazing snacks.

Oh, and don’t forget to order some pizza! Pizza is always great but for a pajama party, it is indispensable! What’s a sleepover without pizza? Nothing!

Entertainment Alla 90s

No 90s sleepover is complete without some fun and games! Particularly ones that take you all the way back to your school days. Of course, a movie marathon is a must, particularly if you are watching romcoms or horror movies. I’d go with movies like The Notebook, Titanic, or Clueless but if Friday the 13th is more your vibe, by all means, go for it!

You can also set up a gaming console on the side with some oldies like Super Mario, Sonic, or Street Fighter if you all were into that. A great game to have on hand is Twister! If your friends have had a glass of wine or two, things might get even more hilarious!

Another great option to pass the time is 90s Lyric Challenge, it’s the perfect card game to get reminiscing about all that you remember about the music you all obsessed over as teens. The game has a ton of questions about all types of trivia. I can guarantee there’s something for everyone. And it might also be the perfect way to get your pals into some light karaoke!

Oh, and don’t forget the truth-or-dare session that was a must back in the day! I’m pretty sure you and your friends will have a mighty laugh with that one!

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Crafting/Manicure Corner

The night is long, so it’s always a good idea to have plenty of varied activities so your friends can all find something to engage in. For those quieter pals, a manicure or nail painting corner can be a very chill way to do something while you all chat the night away. Plus, you can get your bestie to do your nails in quirky designs for free, always a plus!

If you are into creative hobbies, like bracelet crafting, you can set up a station for making friendship bracelets or even custom tie-dye shirts with alcohol markers. Both are great ways for them to craft some mementos and they also allow everyone to personalize their creations and make sure they are up to their tastes.

To wrap things up, you can get an instant camera so that everyone can get some candid Polaroids as keepsakes to treasure forever. I am sure that with all of these ideas, your 90s adult sleepover will be a complete success and will go on to become a new cherished memory for all of your friends!

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