30 Greatest 90s Party Decorations to Make That Next Celebration POP!

90s Party Decorations
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Last Updated on August 6, 2023

Are you looking for inspiration to throw a 90s party? Look no further than these 90s party decorations.

Many adults like you and I, were children during the 90s are now jumping on this amazing and fun trend. 

If my birthday hadn’t already passed, I’d definitely try some of these. But, there’s always next year, right? So, keep that in mind and take notes because there are some great ideas here, and there is something for every budget and taste! 

Entrance decorations

90s Entrance Decorations

The inspiration for these balloon entrances is 90s-related but very general. In the first one, they went for typical colors and chainlink balloons that, despite being 90s-era favorites, are not very specific. They might actually have used one of the pre-made ones that are available on Amazon like this one. The waterfall shiny fringe though, that one really brought me back to prom parties and old-time dancing.

The second one is my favorite. They clearly went for Pacman and were very smart about it! They just pumped black and white balloons and pasted cardboard-drawn ghosts and a huge Pacman over them in such a way that it looks like Pacman is eating the white balloons like in the game. Isn’t that something? I feel like anyone can pull this one off.

The last picture is more of a standalone decoration featuring balloons, an old inflatable cell phone Cher-style, disco balls, chain links, and an inflatable boombox! I actually found a very similar design on Amazon that you can check out here. And some skates and disco balls that you can add too.

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Room Decorations

90s Room Decorations

Don’t think that you can’t pull some of the best room decorations with just cardboard. You can actually do a lot with some old boxes and a few colored papers. 

Case in point, these Rubix cubes, and iconic 90s elements like Pacman, a cassette, MTV, and a boombox. Or those black panels depicting typical games from the era like Tetris, Monkey Kong, and yes, Pac-man. It looks amazing and it’s a great idea when you are doing your party and home and want to cover a part of the room with it. 

A less tiring idea that you can try is hanging Slinkies like this one, to create a colorful party landscape. You can also go for glow-in-the-dark ones.

Photobooth ideas

90s Photobooth Ideas including Gameboys and gold hip hop chains

Taking a photo for the ages is always part of the fun at a great party, so remember to have some kind of photo booth experience at the ready! It doesn’t have to be super complex either, I mean the couch and the balloon chains make for an awesome Fresh Prince photo spot, but so do the old gaming devices made out of cardboard. And you can always just do a Polaroid cutout for the easiest and fastest photo setup ever!

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Table Toppers

90s Table Toppers

Table toppers are not a requisite for small gatherings, but they can help you set the mood. An easy way to make one yourself is by wrapping up a cardboard cube with a retro print and adding some printout photos of the birthday boy or girl. You can also paste a cassette cutout around a transparent acrylic pencil holder and fill it up with luminescent lights. If your party is at night, the effect will be absolutely divine! If you are short on time, you can also buy these table toppers from Amazon that resemble a couple of cassettes and come ready to be set up.

Go one step further and let your guests break the ice with 90s Lyric Challenge. Whether you’re a trivia master or newbie quizzer 90s Lyric Challenge is perfect for Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z and even Boomers, plus anyone who loves pop music culture.

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90s Cake Ideas

Unless you are an expert baker, I wouldn’t try to learn to make a cake with these in mind. At least I know I wouldn’t have a chance. But if you want some outstanding inspiration, read this article about the best 90s cake ideas. They will absolutely blow your mind! They are that good!

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90s Cookies

Speaking of decorated food, it’s always a good idea to have some decorated cookies around. Especially if your invitees have a sweet tooth. I love how so many people love Pacman, Friends, MTV, and iconic stuff from the 90s like cassettes and Rubik cubes.

These designs keep appearing repeatedly all over the place, but the Ghostbusters logo, the Vans, and the Gremlin are other less used great options that you can try! Of course, the only design I might attempt is probably Pacman and the little ghosts… So here are some cookie cutters you can use yourself!


90s Muffins

Muffins were well popular during the 90s, especially the colorful psychedelic ones like in the last picture. Those are quite easy to make actually, you just got to mix different colors in your piping cream. If you are not handy with that, you can also spice things up using a muffin holder made of cassettes! Or simply add decorations to good old classic muffins. 


90s Lollipops

Looking at this lollipop goodness is making my mouth water. I mean, pops are just so nostalgic. They went somewhat out of style but I firmly believe it is time for them to make a solid comeback at any type of party! Here is a silicone mold if you feel like making some for fun. 

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Other 90s food ideas

90s Food Ideas

Of course, food is not only about cake and muffins. Going hard for dipping options is another rad 90s idea! Keep in mind those Dunkaroos and Bagel Bites and all those amazing snacks we had back in the day. What’s better than small pizza bites? Nothing, in my book! If you need some inspiration for all that retro food, check out this article! Oh, and do keep in mind that candy also makes for a great charcuterie, and we have the ultimate list of 90s candy for you to choose from.

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Other Table Decorations

90s Table Decorations

And last but in no way least, you can play around with the general decoration of your table too. I instantly fell in love with that cute Pacman arrangement, isn’t it genius? Adding all sorts of 90s retro snacks for everyone to pick from is guaranteed to be a blast. I mean, wouldn’t you have a great time reminiscing about your favorite candy? Most of them are still alive and well and are quite easy to get, too!

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