Mad for it: Get Inspired by These Britpop Trends

Britpop fashion style
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Last Updated on January 26, 2022

The rise of Britpop sensations like Oasis soared to astronomical new heights in the 90s. With this rise came the popularity of the Britpop trend, looks inspired by these fashion sensations, borrowed trends straight from the arena stages.

With British Pop genre still one of immense popularity with new stars like British girl group Little Mix, leading the charge, the Britpop fashion scene has only grown in its international acclaim.

Here we break down some of the greatest trends adopted by our favourite stars, perfect for those days when you want to feel like a Britpop star!

Welcome to the Jungle

Leopard print was a 90s trend that was very much a favourite of the British pop stars of the day and has remained in wardrobe staple of today’s pop sensations.

Stars like Mel B rocked this look back in the 90s and it’s a favourite of Little Mix in the current British pop scene. If you are wanting to emulate this look the key is to go bold, pair it with some chunky heels and a sleek hairstyle.

The Most Versatile of Jackets

A denim jacket is a staple of almost any 90s inspired wardrobe and the 90s Britpop stars knew this better than most. A leather jacket added a grungy theme to the Britpop look that should not be overlooked. Popular with 90s stars like Louise Wener from Sleepers, a denim jacket is a must for a Britpop inspired look.

A Pop Star’s Wardrobe Staple

Another item commonly donned by Little Mix and a favourite of the Spice Girls is the boob tube.

For the full Britpop look, go bold and wear a boob tube made of a shiny vinyl or leopard print, or you can tone it down for a more casual look and pair a simple boob tube with some wide leg trousers and heels.

Baggy Jeans

Before the rise of skinny jeans, 90s Britpop groups new the value of a good pair of baggy jeans. When styled with some heels and a boob tube, this outfit emulated all the sass of the 90s British pop rock scene. If you need any extra inspiration for this look then search no further than British pop sensation Atomic Kitten.

It’s All About the Hips

Whoever said jeans should be high-rise obviously never ventured into the Britpop fashion scene. The hips hugger style was worn to perfection by British artist such as Amy Winehouse and looks great when styled with either a crop top or form fitting singlet for a Britpop look that doesn’t skimp on the grungy vibes.

Don’t Forget the Hair

The Britpop star knows that the secret to pulling off a great look is about more than the clothes you wear. The Britpop fashion scene is famous for iconic hair style.

Whether this is creating a healthy amount of curls, adding extensions for a sleek pony tail or taking some inspiration from stars like Noel Gallagher. Including an understated bucket hat to your look works a dream.

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Plaid Skirts

Plaid skirts were a staple of the 90s fashion scene and have maintained their level of popularity within the Britpop scene. A favourite with British pop stars like the members of Little Mix, a plaid skirt styled with a plain coloured sleeveless, high neck top, has all the Britpop vibes.

All About that Leather

Justine Frischmann of Elastica

If plaid isn’t really your thing but you still want to embrace a 90s inspired Britpop look then never fear, the leather jacket or skirt is here. As all good Brit pop stars know, a leather jacket over a band tee gives instant street cred without ever sacrificing on style.


Don’t be Afraid of Oversize

The Britpop style is one 90s that embraces the oversized look. When creating a Britpop look don’t be afraid to experiment with oversize jackets or mix it up with purposely oversized shirts. As brit pop stars like Blur’s Damon Albarn showed us, oversized pieces incorporated into your outfit can add an extra touch of that Britpop attitude.

A Britpop Favourite

Once again for this look we turn to the undeniable style of the Spice Girls. A popular look for the iconic pop group, cargo pants, particularly in white or khaki, paired with a crop top and combat boots gave an alternative 90s Britpop outfit that never sacrificed on that classic style.

The Perfect Polo Shirt

The true Britpop star knew that a Britpop outfit didn’t always have to be flashy, a simple polo shirt styled with a pair of jeans gave a more natural look that still embraced the Britpop vibes. This look was a particular favourite with male Britpop stars and polo tops such as Fred Perry could often be seen on the members of Britpop band sensation Blur.

Rounding it up

The Britpop is style is an undeniable 90s look that embraces the true spirit of this unique decade. Mixing style with a fun-loving attitude with just a touch of rebellion mixed in, this style is one that has carved out its place in fashion history.

When embracing the Britpop look today remember to have fun with it, channel Britpop legends like Oasis or Blur or check out some more current sensations like Little Mix. Whether you opt for a pair of baggy jeans, a leather jacket or a timeless polo, the Britpop look is one that is all about the attitude.