90s Casual Wear: 13 Outfits for Brunching or Chillin’

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Last Updated on January 26, 2022

We all know that there are 90s trends that look awesome for that hot date night or 90s styles that you can rock in the clubs or at a hip festival, but what about outfits for a more casual feel?

The good news…

There is a 90s inspired style for any occasion.

So, for those days that you are just heading out to a cute brunch or chilling with your pals, channel those 90s vibes and keep reading to get the low down on how to master a 90s inspired look for a more casual setting.

1. Fantastic Flared Jeans

Forget the skinny jeans of today, in the 90s it was all about bold fashion and flared jeans fit right into this ideal. This look adds an extra trendy element to a casual look, meaning that even a simple outfit doesn’t have to be boring. Style a pair of classic 90s flared jeans with a quality white t-shirt for simple, chic, summer look.

2. The Sassiest Accessory

There is no jewellery piece that has the same level of sass as the hoop earring and 90s fashionistas knew this all too well. This amazing little accessory works great when rocked with a pair of denim shorts, cropped t-shirt and a messy bun for effortlessly stylish vibe.

3. Crop Tops

The great thing about the ever versatile crop top is that is looks amazing paired with almost anything. For a casual yet sophisticated look, take some tips from Kendall Jenner and pair it with denim shorts and heel boots or emulate Hailey Baldwin and rock this chic look with a pair of jeans and skate shoes.

4. Overalls

Overalls are a great 90s fashion statement for those that are just starting to embrace the 90s look as they have really made a comeback in todays fashion world and now comes in a wide variety of styles. As demonstrated by Taylor Swift, the overall look works particularly well when worn over the top of a plain coloured crop top.

5. For Some Hip Hop Vibes

Anyone in the 90s that wasn’t rocking the grunge theme was embracing the hip hop vibes and the oversized sweatshirt fit right into this. Worn over denim shorts or skinny jeans with combat boots this outfit gives the ultimate casual look for the weekend.

6. Flannel Isn’t Just for a Shirt

Who ever said that a flannel shirt could only be worn as a shirt lacked some serious imagination. The 90s fashion scene knew that a flannel shirt looked just as good when tied around the waist.

This look is a particular favourite of singing and acting star Miley Cyrus, and is the perfect casual outfit when paired with shorts and combat boots or skinny jeans and a crop top.

7. The Origin of Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans may have soared to new levels of popularity in the current fashion scene but they originally rose to prominence in the 80’s and then in the grunge scene of the 90s. This popular look now comes in a style for every occasion and when paired with a t-shirt or oversized button down gives effortless style for any casual event.

8. Don’t Fear the Vinyl

A vinyl or leather mini skirt is a staple of every 90s fashion inspired wardrobe. This particular piece is great because it can be dressed up for a more formal look or when rocked with a plain coloured t-shirt, hoop earrings and combat boots is perfect for a more casual look that doesn’t sacrifice on style.

9. Denim Jacket

Is there a more versatile fashion piece than the incredible denim jacket?

This wardrobe staple can go over almost any clothing item, adding a new element to a plain outfit and completing any casual look.

A tip is to accessorize with a bandana hair tie, but if you need any more inspiration then check out style icons Gigi Hadid and Mila Kunis who both rock this look to perfection.

10. Cropped Sweatshirt

If you love the 90s hip hop vibes of the sweatshirt but the oversized style is not really the trend for you then try out a casual 90s look with a cropped sweatshirt.

This looks particularly trendy when styled with ripped jeans as shown by style sensation Zendaya or when paired with a mini skirt for a more feminine feel.

The tie dye craze took off in the 90s and with good reason. When styled right, the tie dye look is nothing to be afraid of and can create a unique and trendy outfit.

Tie dye is a popular choice within the celebrity community and has been adopted by stars like top model Stella Maxwell. Try this bold look in a crop or oversized sweatshirt style.

12. Mini Backpack

The 90s inspired casual look isn’t just about clothes, it is also all about the accessories. Swap an oversized handbag for a mini backpack, whether you are wearing ripped jeans or rocking a vinyl skirt, this handy accessory will complete any 90s outfit.

Bonus points if the backpack is made of a shiny vinyl or leather.

13. Denim with Something Extra

Embellished denim was all the rage in the 90s and still holds its place in the fashion scene with stars like Rhianna rocking this look. Embellishments like patches or beading, work great on a denim jacket and add a level of personalisation to your 90s inspired outfit.

Whatever it is that you have planned for your day, the 90s has you covered.

Get mixing and matching!

To emulate a 90s look for those casual weekend outings or cute coffee dates don’t be afraid to embrace fashion trends like tie dye. Be creative with styles and tie a flannel shirt around your waist to add a little something extra to an outfit or switch up your accessories with a mini backpack or hoop earrings.

Whatever your style or whatever the occasion the 90s has a casual look for you.