Step Aside Skinny Jeans: These are the Best Bootcut Jeans for all Body Types

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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

The reign of skinny jeans is finally coming to an end.

What kind of jeans will you go for next? Are straight pants the right fit for you? Will you choose a flare or bootcut style? 

Truth be told, your body type will heavily influence this decision since it’s a reality that different types of jeans fit different types of body. But, we are here to tell you that bootcut ankle jeans might be your new best friends and the new fit-all, go-with-everything that your closet is waiting for!

Bootcut jeans are characterized by being tailored straight from waist to knee and being slightly wider to the ankle. They’ve been around since the 1850s when they were designed to allow sailors to wear their boots without trouble.

Bootcut jeans are also the preferred style of cowboys and ranch workers because they allow them to wear bulky footwear. To top it off, they are some of the most durable and comfortable jeans out there. 

Here is a shortlist of my very favorite picks with some of the reasons why I love these bootcut jeans above all else! 

Low-rise bootcut jeans


  • Elongates the figure
  • Fits comfortably


Low-rise jeans are jeans that have a lower waist height, generally below the belly button. They were in trend during the 90s and worn by Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mischa Barton, the Olsen twins, and more!

In my experience, these type of jeans fits best if you have narrow hips or if they have a good percentage of spandex. This is why I love this pair of Wrangler jeans. The 2% spandex makes all the difference in comfort when it comes to a lower waistband.

I’m not usually comfortable showing my midriff, so when I wear low-rise jeans I tend to go for longer tees and stay far away from anything cropped. This style looks just as good with a cowboy shirt!

Mid-rise bootcut jeans


  • Perfect fit
  • Tummy slimming panels
  • Doesn’t lose shape


I couldn’t find any!

I simply love Levis, it’s one of my favorite brands for daily wear jeans. They have tons of washes, denim shades, and fits available. Case in point, this light blue pair is one of my favorites models of all time.

The Signature shaping style is made in such a way that it manages to accentuate your curves, model your figure and slim your legs at the same time. They have a tummy-slimming panel that helps flatten your midriff while still feeling comfortable.

I’ve had one for 5 years and it still looks new, minus a little stretching between the thighs, but really, I couldn’t ask for a better performance!

Slim bootcut jeans


  • Slim but roomy legs
  • Comfortable and relaxed fit
  • Classic, adaptable style


  • Color is less durable than traditional light blue denim

This high-waisted black pair of jeans is the perfect slim bootcut for a capsule wardrobe and I don’t say this lightly.

The classic and even color makes it ideal for repeat wear and since it’s so comfortable, you can adopt it as a work uniform and add a little variety by changing your tops. This neat trick will transform your ensemble and make it look new every day.

I can guarantee this works wonderfully since I have done it myself on repeated occasions! They are amazingly flattering too, you can transform your working or home wear attire into going out material super fast by changing your accessories.

Stretchy bootcut jeans


  • Comfortable and stretchy fit
  • Classic cowboy appeal
  • Contour waistband


  • Low-rise

This pair of classic colored stretchy Wrangler jeans are constructed from a durable cotton stretch blend that guarantees ease of movement and comfort. They happen to be low-rise jeans but they are designed with a contour waistband for a curve-hugging silhouette that doesn’t strangle your curves and creates a flattering fit.

The back pockets are decorated with a “W” embroidery that goes very well with the slightly faded look and the darker flare bottoms. I would wear them with tan leather boots matching the embroidery and a flowery blouse for a spring-perfect look!

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Pull-on bootcut jeans


  • High-waisted
  • Conserves shape
  • Doesn’t slide down!


  • Very straight cut

These indigo-colored denim pull-on jeans are unbelievably comfy on the waist because of their elastic waistband and pull-on closure. They don’t lose their shape and stay up on their own, so no belt needed, and they aren’t too tight either.

I think that they are a wonderful option for the early stages of pregnancy if you don’t feel like jumping into mommy jeans or if you are still not ready for people to know. The fit is relaxed and stretchy, and very high-waisted.

Maybe I wouldn’t recommend them if you are very curvy because they are cut quite straight on the hips. They are very modern, with an overall design that is low-key and quite classic, so they are a good option for urban wear and easy to match.

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For petites


  • Classic or curvy fit
  • Signature Levis stitching
  • Flattering shape


  • You might be turning heads on the street!

Did I tell you that Levis is my favorite brand of jeans?

Oh, well, let me tell you that again!

Their signature classic bootcut is very easily recognizable because of its custom mustard stitching and back-pocket embroidery. The standard classic cut is very easy on the thighs and hips while having a delightfully flared bottom.

You can also choose between the curvy fit and the straight fit depending on what feels most comfortable on your legs and what enhances your body type!

One of the reasons I love wearing jeans so much is because, if they are properly cut and the right size, the fit around the hips, booty and tummy makes them super flattering! 

For curvy figures


  • Mid-rise that sits at the waist
  • Slim over hips and thighs
  • Stretchy
  • Lasting color


  • A magnet for pet hair

One of the best characteristics of these jeans is that they keep their color for a long time. They will not look washed out after a couple of laundry cycles, on the contrary, their tinted fibers will persevere for years to come!

The deep blue looks amazing with anything but one of my favorite combinations is to pair it with a mustard-colored cashmere sweater. It looks super fancy, and if you pair it down with black cowboy boots and matching black accessories… Super trendy!

The only bad thing about these jeans is that dark-colored denim seems to be a magnet for pet hair. My dog has white hair, so I have to keep a hair roller handy if I’m wearing this to tidy it up before leaving the house.

For work


  • Extra stretchy
  • Lovely color


  • It might stretch

This is my last Levis recommendation, I swear! I couldn’t skip the signature model, I simply couldn’t! They totally mean business! The legs are not particularly slim, I would say they are a bit wide on the knees actually, which makes for a standard fit.

That said, this model has 3% spandex, which might not seem like a big difference in the big scheme of things… But, if you are thinking of going to work with a pair of jeans, that little extra leeway will feel great as the day wears on.

Spandex is your best friend when it comes to wearing clothing that fits your body. Trust me, I have lots of nightmare stories about too-tight jeans and bad circulation! The only negative aspect is that in the long run, the fabric might stretch a little.

On the street


  • Ripped
  • Great color
  • Trendy vibe


  • Informal

I figured that you might be getting tired of these very classic bootcut jeans so here is a little distressed and slightly ripped, machine-washed weathered pair of deep blue jeans that I really fancy!

If you are thinking of buying a new pair of jeans for going for streetwear, this is your lucky pair. They could very well be your new cool mom jeans. It is very hard to find jeans that are both classic and have a little flare but somehow this pair manages that.

Maybe it’s the contrast stitching that creates a vintage feel combined with the dark blue cotton fabric or the extra length of the legs… Anyhow, they are something different that you can wear during the weekend when you go out with your boyfriend or if you decide to relax at home with your family.

I would totally pair them out with my favorite vintage band tee and cowboy belt!

Which shoes go best with bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans look their best with boots or shoes that have a heel, be it small or super high. Since they cover most of the shoe, the impression is that you have very long legs and this optical effect slims your figure.

White cowboy boots look amazing especially with deep blue jeans, whereas black and dark tan boots tend to look best with lighter pants. But the truth is, the best feature of bootcut jeans is that you can put on your bulkiest pair of snow boots and be totally fine!

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