What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans (Clothing Types, Casual, Formal and Seasonal Ideas)

woman wearing boyfriend jeans next to man wearing brown corduroys and sneaker hi tops
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Last Updated on January 29, 2022

Why We Love Boyfriend Jeans:

Skinny jeans, jeggings, and any tight-fitting jeans are out of style – replaced by the popular boyfriend jean, that forms part of the up and coming 90s nostalgia trend.

Mom jeans and baggy jeans are other commonly used names for this stylish trend of slightly oversized, wide, yet form fitting and flattering denim pants.

We can’t get enough of the boyfriend jean trend. They are both stylish and comfortable, versatile, and adaptable towards all types of climates.

Let’s get started…

Casual Outfit Ideas

When you first see a pair of boyfriend jeans, the first thought that comes to mind is how casual they are. Usually washed out, they have the appearance of being slightly worn out and vintage.

This makes them even more comfortable due to the fact that the denim is usually softened from wear, and gentler on the skin. Not as rough as new, commercial jeans.

We have selected a few casual outfit ideas that are sure to make a statement.

Denim on Denim

Mixing and matching denim has only recently returned as a popular trend – it goes way back to the late 90s and early 2000s. Pairing your favorite boyfriend jeans with a denim jacket or denim button up is a great and casual way to style the trend.

This will give you an effortless, laidback appearance but will look very cool put together. While you can get creative with different shades and tonalities of denim, try to stick to a similar wash for a more uniformed look.

Retro 90s Vintage

Boyfriend jeans were prominent in the 70s, but were fully recognized as a trend in the 90s. They are very characteristic of the grunge decade and related to the idea of grunge aesthetic rock bands.

You can recreate the 90s retro vintage look with a pair of boyfriend jeans, very casual. Wear your staple boyfriend jeans with a vintage tee of any kind, and accessorize with items like tiny sunglasses and a small shoulder bag.

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Tiny Top

To make your boyfriend jeans the statement piece and center of attention of any outfit, pair them with a unicolor, tiny top such as a crop top, tank top, or muscle tee of any kind.

Since boyfriend jeans tend to be slightly oversized, the small top with serve as an accessory to the jeans. This is an extremely casual way of sporting this popular denim trend, and is one of the easiest looks to achieve. Pair with white sneakers and you’re all set.

crop top collage

Scoop Neck Cropped Tank Top (boohoo) | White Sneakers (Amazon) | Pink Lip Butter Gloss (Amazon)

Sporty Athleisure

As with boyfriend jeans, athleisure has evolved into one of the most popular trends in the current era. It will no doubt remain popular for a while longer, as it combines elements from the huge ‘health trend’ that has taken over the fashion industry.

Pairing sporty garments, such as hoodies, sweatshirts, and even sports jackets with boyfriend jeans is a staple. This is the perfect idea for any women who enjoys working out.

They can keep their tops on and simply change from a pair of leggings to their favorite boyfriend jeans post gym. For this outfit idea, consider different shades of denim, such as black of white.

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Formal Outfit Ideas

The magic of boyfriend jeans is their ability to be dressed up or down. They can be worn to semi formal occasions if properly styled. Many people have the misconception that boyfriend jeans are too casual for certain events.

While they are definitely not proper formal wear pieces, they can be styled up and worn to certain occasions. We have proposed a few formal outfit ideas that include your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans:

Preppy Blazer

The easiest way to style boyfriend jeans to look more formal, is to pair them with a sharp blazer or broad-shouldered coat. Today, blazers are paired with anything from dresses to sweat pants. Boyfriend jeans are no exception.

Build your outfit starting from these jeans. Pair with a sleeveless top, a pair of stilettos, and your favorite boxy blazer. This comfortable yet chic outfit idea is perfect for a semi formal event such as a lunch or business meeting. Even if your boyfriend jeans are ripped, you will still look elegant and put together.

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Transparency is Key

For your next night out, pair your boyfriend jeans with a dramatic, transparent mesh top. This is a cool and modern take on a more formal way to style these jeans.

A transparent top, worn with a cool bralette underneath, will provide a sexy yet not too formal outfit idea. This look can be worn both day and night, depending on the color palette you decide on. You will stand out in a crowd with this simple yet chic style idea.

Statement Leather

Display a cool attitude by wearing your boyfriend jeans with a statement leather jacket of any color. Leather jackets are symbolic of urban culture and fashion, and pair very well with slouchy jeans such as these.

Wear a simple top underneath and accessorize with bold jewelry pieces, such as thick chain necklaces. This look will give you an edgy appearance that pays tribute to the 90s grunge fashion.

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Feminine Bodysuit

For a cool and put together look, that is easy to style and can be worn to more formal events, pair your favorite boyfriend jeans with a feminine bodysuit. Bodysuits come in all shapes and sizes, and range from very informal to more formal variations.

When styled with a more formal bodysuit, and paired with shoes such as slip on loafers or strappy heels, you have a comfortable and slightly formal look to wear anywhere.

Opt for a printed bodysuit that features more elegant fabrics, such as for example satin or lace, for a more formal finish. A cotton or spandex bodysuit may seem too informal.

Seasonal Outfit Ideas

As previously mentioned, one of the best aspects of boyfriend jeans are there versatility. They can be worn throughout the year, during all seasons. Continue reading for outfit ideas to wear boyfriend jeans for each season:

Spring Outfit Ideas

Spring is the intermediate season that is both warm and slightly cool. Boyfriend jeans are the perfect element to build a spring outfit that can be worn over and over again, reconstructed and deconstructed. There are endless outfit possibilities by which to build an outfit from.

simple boyfriend jeans

Harper Boyfriend Badged Jeans (Superdry)

  • If your personal style leans more towards a feminine appeal, wear your boyfriend jeans with a cotton button up blouse that features dramatic sleeves. Boyfriend jeans are slightly masculine garments, hence the given name, and the contrast with more girly clothing items will create an effortlessly cool outfit. Accessorize with layered gold chains; opt for thinner, more delicate alternatives. Complete the look with your favorite pair of slip on shoes – either flats or heels.
  • If your style aesthetic is more boho chic, wear your boyfriend jeans with a flower print, bohemian esque top. Wear your jeans loose and low, and accessorize with a pair of gold hoop earrings. In terms of shoes, this is the perfect outfit to wear with your favorite sandals.
Winter outfits 5

Casual Boho Floral Print V Neck Long Sleeve Top (Amazon) | Buckle Zip Sandals (Amazon) | Bag Shoulder Bag with Tassel (Amazon)

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Summer Outfit Ideas

Summer is the hottest season; the heat waves are sometimes the most unbearable of the year. Dressing for summer can sometimes be a hassle, especially when considering denim.

Make sure to choose the freshest boyfriend jeans possible – they should be wide and very torn up, since this will allow more air to circulate and make them more wearable even in the hottest of climates.

summer boyfriend jeans

Harper Boyfriend Jeans (Superdry)

  • If you describe your personal style as effortless and ‘off duty’, wearing a crop top with boyfriend jeans is the way to go. Like boyfriend jeans, crop tops are highly versatile, and can be mixed and matched as you go. Opt for high waisted boyfriend jeans for a more uniform finish, and pair with your favorite slip on shoes.
  • If you prefer the ‘Parisian’ fashion aesthetic, simply style your boyfriend jeans with a comfortable tee shirt. Accessorize with a skinny leather belt and espadrilles for an easy yet aesthetically pleasing outfit idea. Choose a sensibly printed tee shirt, such as horizontally striped. A solid colored tee can result in an outfit that is too simplistic.
Winter outfit 6

Skinny Belt Leather (Amazon) | Stripy Tee (Amazon) | Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Polish (Amazon)

Fall Outfit Ideas

Boyfriend jeans are and always will be a fall staple; denim is no doubt one of the most popularly used trends of this season.

Opt for boyfriend jeans that are not as distressed, meaning they will have less rips and openings that will make you colder. These look effortlessly cool during the fall season, and can be paired with jackets, coats, and scarves.

  • If you describe your personal style as timeless and classy, a long sleeve top or blouse is the perfect way to style your favorite boyfriend jeans. Choose a warm material, such as velvet, and pick a pair of closed toed shoes that match the color of your top for a more serious finish. This outfit idea can be worn endlessly, and repeated over the years. Choose a pair of boyfriend jeans that are ripped but have no large holes.
Winter outfits collage 1

Maybelline SuperStay Matte (Amazon) | Top Handle Satchel Purse (Amazon) | Gayle Dress Pump (Amazon) | Long Sleeve Twist Knot Tunic (Amazon)

  • If your personal style leans more towards poised and vintage, opt for a pair of dark wash boyfriend jeans. Wear them with your favorite cardigan tucked into the front, and no shirt underneath. Make sure the cardigan is buttoned all the way up. Pair with a statement belt, and minimalistic jewelry. This look will keep you cozy without compromising style.
winter outfits collage 3

Long Batwing Chunky Knit Cardigan (Amazon) | Tan Belt (Amazon) | Hoop Earrings (Amazon)

Winter Outfit Ideas

Jeans are the perfect trend to wear throughout the winter, especially when they come in color variations such as black or white. If you are worried your boyfriend jeans will not be warm enough for this season, wear them with a pair of tights underneath.

This style trick can be minimalistic or it can become a statement. Choose either nude color tights, or reach for fishnet stockings for something more creative. Both will be visible beneath the small rips and holes in the jeans.

  • If your personal style is simple and conservative, wear your boyfriend jeans with a fitted turtleneck top tucked into them. Finish the look off with a thick leather belt, and your favorite pair of leather boots. This is a very easy way to style boyfriend jeans, is very comfortable, and will protect you from the harsh weather conditions all winter long.
Winter outfit ideas

Black Lace Up Boots (Amazon) | Black Belt (Amazon) | Rib Turtleneck Cap Sleeve Top (boohoo)

  • If you would describe your style aesthetic as slightly more dramatic, pair your favorite boyfriend jeans with a statement coat. This can be of any kind, but a faux fur coat or a pastel shade coat are ideal for an even more dramatized finish. This look is posh and highly elegant.

Best Pieces to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans

While boyfriend jeans look good with most garments, there are a few key pieces to make the most out of these denim trousers. After all, they key to wearing boyfriend jeans is all in the styling.


Statement sleeves

Statement sleeve tops are a great way to wear boyfriend jeans apart from classic tee shirts. While tees will always be among our favorites, they are pretty basic. If you really want to make a statement with your jeans, pair them with a statement sleeved top.

For example, a printed top with puffy sleeves. Puffed sleeves are back in style and they complement jeans in a great yet underestimated way. Choose a print that goes with the wash of your jeans.

puff sleeve tops collage

Floral Print Ruffle Puff Blouse (Amazon) | Puff Sleeve Mock Neck Blouse (Amazon) | Round Neck Short Puff Sleeve Blouse (Amazon)

Crop tops

Crop tops are another classic go-to for boyfriend jeans. Paired with the right accessories, they can be considered statement pieces themselves.


Knits are another good option. The half buttoned, half unbuttoned cardigan trend has taken over the fashion industry – wear a knitted cardigan as a top, with just your bra underneath.


Printed blazers are one of the most stylish ways to wear boyfriend jeans. If they are boxy and oversized – even better. Boyfriend jeans pair best with other statement pieces or accessories to complement them.

Other options include leather jackets of all colors, and or a bomber jacket featuring different textures and prints. We love this understated bomber jacket at Amazon.

winter outfits 4

Leopard Printed Blazer Long Sleeve (Amazon) | Quilted Bomber Jacket (Amazon) 


Since boyfriend jeans are wide, boxy, and usually feature loose hems, they look best with ladylike shoes. While they also pair well with sneakers, the combination of the two can sometimes look too informal and rugged.

Choose styles such as slingbacks, loafers, strappy heels, statement sleek boots, and kitten heels. The choice depends on the overall style aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Straight boyfriend jeans and Chelsea boots

Chelsea Ankle Boots (Amazon) | Straight Boyfriend Jeans (Amazon)


Accessories are key to making your overall look appear more presentable, or resonating a particular style. Boyfriend jeans are super easy to accessorize – the options are limitless.

Consider statement headbands, chunky jewelry such as hoop earrings or gold chain necklace, delicate jewelry such as thin chains or anklets, hair clips of all shapes and sizes, statement belts, and mini handbags of different varieties.

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What’s your favourite boyfriend jeans look? Let us know in the comments below.

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