All About The Birkenstock Madrid Sandal

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Last Updated on April 20, 2022

Have you ever tried a Birkenstock sandal?

These sandals are iconic and everywhere as soon as the summer months arrive. From the catwalks to street style, this laidback shoe appears everywhere. These are perfect for nearly any occasion, plus they’re long-lasting and comfortable to wear.

Are you considering buying a pair of Birkenstock Madrid sandals? If you are, keep on reading! This shoe is versatile and stylish, the everyday sandal I never knew I needed.

This shoe genuinely took me by surprise. With a hardwearing upper and a soft footbed, the Madrid slide sandal is now my go-to. But, I didn’t realize how efficient this option was until I tried it on by chance.

Scroll down for my tried and tested review of this dressy Birkenstock shoe.

Overview of the Birkenstock Madrid Sandal

Model of Shoe: Madrid

Brand Recognition / Shoe Model recognition: Birkenstock

What makes it unique: Unlike the classic Arizona shoe, the Madrid sandal comes in a one-strap slider style.

Who is it best for: Anyone that wants a stylish slip-on.

Size Range: EU 35-46, UK 2.5-11.5, and this model is available in a narrow and regular fit.

Price Range ($, $$, $$$): Depending on materials, prices range from $50-$140

Color Range (Top 3 Colors): Black, white, and brown.

Aftercare: If you opt for a genuine leather style, it may need leather conditioning from time to time.

Birkenstock Madrid Sandal Review

Slip-on shoes divide opinion. In the past, I often thought of this design as frustrating. Why would you want to wear a pair of shoes that have the potential to fall off?

Well, now that I’ve experienced the Madrid-style sandal from Birkenstock I have to admit I was wrong. This unique sandal comes in a more minimal one-strap style when compared to other Birkenstock shoes, but it’s still robust and sturdy.

Keep on reading to find out the key pros and cons of this shoe!

What is the Madrid Style/Aesthetic?

The Madrid sandal is a minimalist dream. If you prefer simple styles that stand the test of time, this is a great shoe to invest in. I personally prefer to buy one high-quality style that I know will fit the majority of my outfits. The Madrid is versatile and meets the needs of evening and daytime events.

The shoe offers a classic Birkenstock sole – anatomically shaped with a cork-latex footbed. This keeps you comfortable, even on long walks. The single strap goes across your foot and fastens with a small buckle. This is adjustable, perfect for those that want a looser or snug fit. If you want an added detail on your Madrid sandal you can find this shoe with alternative buckles (such as a gold buckle, a small buckle, or a larger one).

I absolutely love the design of this shoe and can’t fault it. As someone who appreciates understated design, this sandal ticks all of my boxes – plus it comes in different colors and designs, perfect for anyone who wants a louder style.

Try the Madrid Birko Flor here.

The Fit of the Madrid Sandal

The fit of this sandal is great. Birkenstocks are always typically true to size, so you won’t have to worry about buying a size up or down. The Madrid strap is perfect for added support as you can fasten it as tight as needed.

While this is a slip-on style shoe, I did find that it was missing some ankle support. Though this didn’t ruin the experience for me, some buyers might want to opt for a Birkenstock with an added backstrap design.

The shoe comes in both standard and narrow fit sizing. This is great for most customers, but you might want to try the shoe on in person if you opt for a wide fit. This way you’ll be able to gauge the fit before you purchase.

Try a classic brown Madrid sandal here.

Is it comfortable? Does it offer arch support?

A key consideration when buying any new shoe is comfort. For me, comfort is the top priority. When I buy shoes I like to know that I can wear them anywhere without the stress of blisters or painful feet.

Since I chose leather Birkenstocks I was subject to the “breaking in” process. This happens with most leather shoes, as the material takes a few wears before it molds to your foot shape. This was uncomfortable, but this feeling went away after a week. Once the shoe was molded, it fit like a glove. In this situation pain is gain!

When it comes to arch support, Birkenstock always makes sure your foot is well supported. Their cork footbeds are professionally designed for high-quality arch support and additional shock absorption too.

Try the Madrid in black here.

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Is the Sole Flexible?

All Birkenstock soles are made from a cork and latex formula. This is what makes the shoe shock-absorbent, but it also allows the sole to be flexible. The flexible bed is placed between two pieces of jute fabric to help stabilize it for a sturdy shoe.

Which materials are used?

While all Madrid sandals offer the same cork-latex sole, you have a choice of different materials for the strap. A popular material at the moment is the Birko-Flor vegan leather substitute. This is ideal for any vegans, however, it won’t last as long as leather. We compare Birkenstock Birko Flor vs Leather here.

When it comes to genuine leather, the Madrid is available in nubuck, natural leather, patent leather, oiled leather, and more. I personally opted for nubuck leather as this is a softer variety. Though I understand the want for vegan leather, it will biodegrade faster than leather. If you want an option that will last for decades, try a leather pair.

You can also buy Madrid sandals in an “EVA” material. This is a synthetic material and offers a rubber alternative to cork and leather. This is completely waterproof and perfect for the pool or summer vacations.

All materials are available in a range of neutral colors and bright colors too. Some are even available in metallic finishes for a stylish edge.

Try a pink Madrid sandal here.

What is the weight of a Madrid sandal?

While the true weight of a Madrid shoe will depend on the individual size you opt for, this shoe is very lightweight. I was surprised by how lightweight Madrid is. It’s an ideal sandal for traveling, as you can pack it away in a travel bag without worrying it will cause unnecessary weight – perfect when flying!

Try the Madrid in waterproof Eva here.

Is the Madrid durable?

One thing about any Birkenstock shoe is that they’re built to last. With a tried and trusted formula, this design team ensures your sandals will last the test of time. If you’re looking for a shoe that will last years, or even decades, opt for a leather buckle finish as this is more hardwearing than plastic. I’ve had my Madrids for a while now and they’re still as good as new!

Try the Madrid in leather with a gold buckle here.

The Bottom Line

I fell in love with my Birkenstock Madrid sandals as soon as I slipped them on. While the open-back slip-on style isn’t for everyone, I find it extremely comfortable and the minimalist style matches all of my outfits. There are also lots of color options for those who want a statement shoe, plus you can buy a pair with a decorative buckle too.

Do note that if you opt for a leather pair you’ll have to wear them in at first. However, after a week they’ll fit like a glove and you’ll have a high-quality pair of sandals for life!

What do you think of the Madrid sandal? Have you bought Birkenstocks before? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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