Sorry Carrie Bradshaw, The Hair Scrunchie Is IN!

90s Hair Scrunchies Styling Tips
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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw and Berger’s relationship almost came crashing down over that unforgettable – and unforgivable – scrunchie comment?

Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic character would be eating her words if she knew that the end of this current decade paid homage to one of the biggest hair accessory trends of the 90s.

We know that if Sex and the City had a 2020s update (which it definitely should, are we right?), all four ladies would be rocking some form of hair scrunchie because the editor of Vogue told them to.

Hair scrunchies still come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and textures, so choosing the right one to complement your outfit couldn’t be easier. From buns to braids to ponies, here are a few ways to style the hair scrunchie…

With A High Pony Tail

Ariana Grande may be a millennial obsession, but she’s definitely onto something with her high pony aesthetic. Luckily, you can still rock a ponytail – half up, or otherwise – without being branded as an Ariana copy-cat, as it is an ageless style.

  • This style works best with a sleek and straight base, so whip out the GHDs and smooth your hair to within an inch of its life, early 2000s style.
  • Use a generous amount of heat protection before attacking your mane with any sort of heated device.
  • Brush it with a flat paddle brush and smooth the sides to make sure there are no bumps. Then, put your hair up and finish off with your scrunchie of choice.
  • Tame those flyaways with some hair spray, or the 90s boyband favourite, hair gel. Use it sparingly to avoid crispiness!
  • Wear your high pony to your next ladies night out with a figure-hugging LBD, sky scraping heels, and a bold coloured or maybe even an animal print scrunchie in the same shade as your clutch bag for top to toe cohesion.

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With Messy Top Knot

Messy top knots are the epitome of off-duty supermodel chic. Even though we swear that creating a “messy” top knot can sometimes be even harder than the most intricate of hairstyles.

  • Finishing off a messy top knot with a hair scrunchie gives the look a whole new lease of life.
  • Top knots work best with slightly dirtier hair, so are a great choice between hair washes.
  • Freshly clean hair can also be worked into a top knot, but you’ll need texture!
  • Texturising serum or a volumising mousse would work great, as would curling it slightly with GHDs or a curling wand. And don’t forget the hairspray!
  • The key to nailing the messy top knot is to not give it much thought – a good trick is to tip your head upside down and do it without a brush or a mirror. (Isn’t this why we always get the best top knot just before we hop in the shower? Yet on our tenth attempt in front of the mirror, we are looking more like Miss Trunchbull than Gigi Hadid.)
  • Top knots aren’t just for the gym or school run. Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson and Rihanna are just a few A-listers who have rocked the messy top knot on the most glamorous of red carpets, which means we can wear them for our glam affairs too. If it’s good enough for the red carpet…

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Chic Bun

Akin to messy top knots, chic buns have been worn by virtually every single A-lister we look up to for style inspiration. From spring chickens like Kendall Jenner and Zendaya Coleman to seasoned pros like Miranda Kerr, Olivia Culpo and Jessica Alba – they’re all at it!

And now that the hair scrunchie is back with a vengeance, you can bet that they will be topping off their look with the hair accessory du jour.

  • Get the GHDs out again, because a chic bun – high or low – requires smooth, frizz-free hair.
  • Go one step further and braid a halo into your hair, and swoop the rest of your hair into a low, unassuming bun with a sleek scrunchie. The perfect contrast!
  • Velvet or crystal encrusted scrunchies (yes, they exist!) are the perfect accompaniment to a chic, low bun when worn with a floor-length evening dress.
  • High, smooth buns would work better with fiercer outfits – i.e. denim and leather jackets, summer dresses with biker boots, or even on the beach. Lower buns, on the other hand, should be worn for more elegant affairs – in particular when wearing a backless or high-necked dress.
  • Add some punch to your chic bun by opting for a tie scrunchie, as the excess material will add another layer to your look.