Top 5 Party Backdrops Nineties Style

90s Backdrops
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Last Updated on August 6, 2023

Okay, so you’re throwing a 90s-themed party – how fun! You’re going to need to decorate your pad for it, and I’ve got the perfect 90s backdrops to choose from.

You can check out our previous article on how to throw a 90s party, if you’re looking a ton of other party ideas but if it’s purely backdrops for that total 90s immersion, these best 90s backdrops are where its at!

I like to include different themes with parties like this, so in this case, we’re going to have a graffiti one, a party one, some music ones, etc. Let the search for the most aggressively 90s backdrop begin!

Graffiti backdrop

Let’s start with a fairly innocuous one – this doesn’t need to take center stage, because it’s fairly generic, so it can just chill in the background.

You can use it as a special photo op background (that’s very IN at parties nowadays, if you can’t afford a photo-booth), or just to decorate a bare wall in order to give that area of the house more of a 90s flair.

This graffiti backdrop is just the kind of general 90s vibe you can use for any sort of party and any group of people, regardless of how “hard” you go on the costumes and decorations. It’ll make all of your 90s-ness POP, you know?


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Fresh Prince backdrop

The Fresh Prince backdrop is my personal fave, because it’s so cute and evocative of the coolest show from back when I was a kid.

The only way this could be any more perfect is if it had a big ol’ picture of Will Smith on it, but I imagine that’s impossible because of some sort of copyright issue. Shame.

This one would be particularly good as a themed backdrop for an area or room in your house. Like, say you want to have a 90s TV shows room, or even a Will Smith room. That would actually be hilarious, wouldn’t it?

Actually, why not go balls to the wall and have a fully Will Smith themed party? In that case, you’d need to throw some Miami references in there, Will Smith loved himself some Miami back in the day.

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Hip hop backdrop

Another one that can be super themed, if you want it to be, is a hip hop background. This one can go in your hip hop room or area, or it can even greet the guests at the door.

Imagine walking into someone’s home and BOOM – this is the first thing you see right in there, in the hallway. It’s extra, but it works.

Hang thick gold chains everywhere for effect, you can buy them here. And some Adidas Superstar sneakers, for good measure. The golden grill you can take or leave, but everyone needs to wear baggy clothes to fit in.

Surprisingly, you can even use it for other party-related activities or times of year, including birthdays, if the birthday boy or girl is a big hip hop fan, or for Halloween, if you and your friends are dressing up as famous rappers.

No matter what you use it for – if you just hang it above your bed to stare at it for the rest of your life, I won’t judge you – this rap and hip hop backdrop is perfect for your needs.


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90s party backdrop

If it’s a party, then that needs to be reflected in every aspect of your décor, especially in your choice of backdrop. A general 90s backdrop is good to have in your arsenal because it’s pretty versatile, believe it or not. You can easily use it for any 90s party you organize, regardless of how you theme it.

For example, if you want a Spice Girls party, this will still be appropriate – you may just need to hang up an extra UK flag and some platforms.

If, on the other hand, you wish to just have a general 90s party, this is perfect, and you can decorate the rest with all your favorite 90s crap, you know? Make sure you’ve got glow sticks, posters of your fave girl bands and boy bands, and probably some 90s toys.

Go one step further to complement your backdrop. Let your guests break the ice with 90s Lyric Challenge. Whether you’re a trivia master or newbie quizzer this music lyric trivia card game is perfect for Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z and even Boomers, plus anyone who loves pop music culture.

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Rock backdrop

Okay, but what if you’re not the hip hop type, and you used to be into that cringy sort of rock – you know the type, Nickelback, early emo sh*t, stuff like that?

Well, you will be thrilled to hear that I have an excellent option for you, as well. It’s colorful, it’s garish and tacky, and it’s got two electric guitars on it.

Tasteful and understated for your party!

""“>This intense musical, rock-band backdrop is perfect if you want your 90s decorations to have a bit of an edge to them, you know?

Like, not all pop princess-y and pink, and not all rap, either. Particularly if you’re looking to represent all the subcultures we used to pertain to back in the day, pair this backdrop with some leather and studs, and you should be good to go.

Listen, I don’t know what I did for parties before I discovered insane backgrounds. Yes, they look crazy and silly, but they add a lot of pizzazz to a space when you’re throwing a party, and it’s so much fun to theme your backdrops according to your party, no matter how insanely specific your party is.

Luckily, there are TONS to choose from, so you can have fun changing them up, depending on what you’re doing. In fact, you can even go all out and have multiple of these hung up during your party, to really make a statement that these are the 90s and you are HERE FOR THIS.

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