It’s Still Hammertime – Hammer Pants Have Evolved, And They’re Trendier Than Ever!

Plastic MC Hammer Figure wearing purple jacket and trousers with seth godin
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Last Updated on November 6, 2022

When someone says the words ‘MC Hammer’, 30% of our brain starts singing U Can’t Touch This, while the other 70% is occupied with reminiscing about the rapper’s decade-defining style.

Akin to many artists, MC Hammer had a very distinctive style, and the unmistakable stand-out piece was his billowy, loose-fitting trousers. Commonly referred to as MC Hammer pants.

The low-crotch trousers defined the hip hop genre, and the entire 90s and noughties decades – and they’re making a serious comeback!

Get styled up with some swag with these hammer pants outfit ideas.

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Wild Prints

Wild Harem Pants Outfits
  • Hammer pants definitely make a statement – as do bold colours and loud prints. So, we suggest incorporating the two for a stand-out outfit that nobody will be able to ignore.
  • Gold Hammer pants, as worn by the man himself, are the perfect homage to the rapper. Team with a silver top for seamless mix and matched metallic style.
  • Clashing prints are still a hot runway trend, so why not team some leopard print Hammer pants with a tight fitted polka dot crop top?

All Tied Up

Slim Waist Harem Pants Outfits
  • Although Hammer pants are designed to be casual and billowing to allow you to dance, the style has certainly evolved over the years.
  • Isabel Marant’s AW/2019 show featured models rocking tailored Hammer pants, with tighter tops and wide belts to tie the look together.
  • In other words, keep the bottom loose the way MC Hammer taught us, but give the look a 2023 update by cinching in the waist. See, the best of both worlds!  
  • This therefore makes the look appropriate to wear to other places, and not just in music videos and on concert stages.
  • However, if you want to stick to the original silhouette of the iconic piece of dancewear, then ditch the belt and team with a loose, slashed T-shirt.

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Biker Chic

  • If you thought Hammer pants only dominated the hip hop scene, then you’re sorely mistaken.
  • Hammer pants can be toughened up and given a biker chick aesthetic too. Simply look at the Altuzarra AW/2019 collection for proof.
  • Nylon or cotton are great fabrics, but leather Hammer pants, teamed with a matching leather jacket, add a whole new dimension to what was once just a casual look for dancers. Don’t you love how fashion has evolved?
  • Defy MC Hammer and forgo the trainers in favour of a fierce pair of stilettos, to show people that you mean business.  

Smarten Up

Smart Casual Harem Pants Outfits
  • And speaking of business, did you ever think that you could potentially wear Hammer pants in the office? In 2020, anything is possible…
  • Take advantage of dress-down-Fridays or smart/casual work trips and team your Hammer pants with some sharp office attire.
  • Not all Hammer pants are created equal. Some come in gargantuan, voluminous shapes, with crotches that practically touch the ground – but others are made far more subtly.
  • Go for a thinner silhouette in a dark colour – you can’t go wrong with black – and accessorise with a chic blazer and some office appropriate accessories.
  • An oversized tote bag or briefcase will really play with trends and boundaries – and we’re here for it!

Featured image source: Betsy Weber / Licence