How To Wear Naomi Campbell’s Iconic Printed Legging

Tartan Print
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Last Updated on June 22, 2022

Not only is it a brand new year, but it’s also the start of a brand new decade. Most people are on a health kick as they begin their yearly “new year, new me” goals and frequent the gym more times in one month than they will for the rest of the year.

That said, we’re less into the “new year, new me” philosophy, and more about “new year, old me”. In particular, our old style…

We love throwing it back sartorially, and leggings – especially leggings from the 90s era – are really getting our blood pumping. Who needs cardio when the thought of vintage leggings does the same job?

Back in the 90s, leggings were just as prominent in bars, clubs, red carpets, and catwalks as they were in the gym. Naomi Campbell’s red and white printed leggings always spring to mind when we think about 90s trousers. 

So, in the spirit of one of the original iconic 90s supers, we’re going to talk about printed leggings and show you exactly how you can wear them this year …

Choose Your Prints Wisely

  • Anything goes when it comes to printed leggings. The only rule is that there are no rules.
  • Tartan print dominated the 90s, so tartan leggings would be our first purchase to really pay homage to our favourite decade.
  • Pair red tartan leggings with complementary colours such as white, black, and even red. However, we would never stop anyone from rebelling and choosing accessories in wild neon colours, either.
  • Channel Naomi Campbell herself and choose a matching cropped top in the exact same print.
  • Don’t be afraid of animal prints either – especially animal prints in artificial colours. Pink leopard print, green zebra print, you get the idea…  
  • Scary Spice Mel B was the epitome of animal print in the 90s. Look to her for inspiration and you can’t go wrong!

With An Oversized Fur Jacket   

Remember the Friends episode, The One That Could have Been?

Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
  • Well, we’re having serious flashbacks to Rachel Green’s unforgettable outfits, in particular her penchant for oversized fur coats.
  • Rachel was fond of pairing printed trousers with over-the-top, somewhat garish fur coats, and we want in!
  • Don’t worry about choosing subtle prints and colours that will complement the printed leggings – Rachel sure didn’t. So, go wild – the bigger and more outlandish, the better!
  • If the fictional character isn’t enough sartorial inspiration, then be safe in the knowledge that tight trousers/leggings teamed with voluminous fur jackets is a tried and tested supermodel look that has been around for decades. And believe us when we say it’s a trend that will never die!

Dress Them Up

  • No Friday night was complete without seeing a dozen girls sporting leggings of varying prints and colours.
  • Dress some printed leggings up with a monochrome top in a matching hue for a subtle nod to the trend.
  • Alternatively, go bold and wear with a sequinned top. Extra points if it’s a halter neck top. Go home with the grand prize if the look is accessorised with a chunky belt. You know the ones we mean…
  • As far as footwear is concerned, there are many routed to go down. Wedges, stilettos, and the 90s-approved pointed boot all get our seal of approval for the bar or club

Dress Them Down

  • For a more modern look, dress your leggings down to fit in with the gym-going crowd.
  • Choose monochrome prints such as black and white or red and black to not draw too much attention to yourself.
  • Printed leggings with Converse sneakers, platform Spice Girls style trainers if you’re feeling adventurous, or your actual gym shoes, all work perfectly.