The London Closed Toe Sandal by Birkenstock: The “Shandal” that is set to take the Shummer of 2022 by Shtorm

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Last Updated on April 20, 2022

With the sun finally shining and Summer fast approaching it’s that time of year when we generally start thinking about our Summer wardrobe and some nice new Summery footwear, and to be honest with you, especially after the last couple of years of Pandemics and Lockdowns – why the hell not!

Now, I do understand that for some of you, the thought of unleashing your toes on the public may in fact strike the fear of God into you, especially if you have toes like a Pangolin that make small children hide behind their mothers skirts.

Help is at hand however and the genius product designers at Birkenstock have come up with the perfect solution in the form of their closed toe sandal, the London. I know right, closed toe sandal? That’s like, a shoe .. right?

Well apparently not and who am I to argue? Birkenstock are the experts after all aren’t they.

Now personally I would have called these comfortable albeit strange looking pieces of footwear as Shandals, which of course needs to be said in a strong Sean Connery accent to get the full effect. However, despite the bizarre name and strange look on first glance, the London is an extremely comfortable piece of footwear and here are my own findings in a little more detail:

Quick Overview of the Birkenstock London Closed Toe

Model of Shoe: The London
Brand Recognition / Shoe Model recognition: A-typically Birkenstock by design – The London is very much like the Boston “Clog” in design with an adjustable strap at the top of the shoe and a close-toe design. However, the London also features a quarter and heel, so other than the fact that the whole shoe part isn’t stitched together it does closely resemble a shoe
What makes it unique: Suede Leather, Shearling, Oiled Leather Upper options. Closed toe and the addition of a quarter and heel
Who is it best for: Men & Women & Kids– Unisex Design
Size Range: Women 4-12.5 (including all half sizes), Men 6-14.5 including all half sizes, Kids 4-8.5 including all half sizes.
Price Range ($, $$, $$$): $170.00 – $200.00

Color Range (Top 3 Colors): Black, Habana and Ginger Brown

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Style/Aesthetic (Design, Shape, Stitching, Eyelets, Soles, etc)

Another classic, minimalist Birkenstock design that is very aesthetically pleasing once you get used to it. Although branded as a closed toe sandal the London does look more like a shoe and is comparable to the Boston (Clog) but because the heel and quarter aren’t attached to the front part of the sandal that covers your toes, it does allow for air to circulate around your foot which keeps you comfortable all day.

As with the majority of the Birkenstock range of footwear there is no visible stitching and the eyelets are spaced equally along the wide strap for adjusting so you can get the perfect fit. Pin Buckle.

The London has EVA soles with a ridged criss-cross pattern to provide great traction and grip when walking.

The Fit (length, width, ankle support, heel height etc.)

Length: 27 cm | 10.625″ (US size 9)

Width: Regular & Narrow

Weight: 383 g | 13.5 oz (US size 9)

Heel Height: 1.5cm

Two width options available with this style for optimum comfort and fit. The ankle support is superior with the London because there is a back to the sandal as opposed to just a strap.

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Comfort and Arch Support

The London has the original Birkenstock footbed – Featuring pronounced arch support, deep heel cup, and roomy toe box. Footbed molds and shapes to your foot once broken in.

Sole Flexibility

The sole is quite stiff and rigid to start with as is customary with the Birkenstock range although is extremely durable and shock absorbing.


Upper material: Options of Suede Leather, Oiled Leather or Shearling – Thick yet supple leathers without additional dyes to keep the leather breathable, durable and comfortable.

Footbed: The original Birkenstock footbed made from Cork. Footbed molds and shapes to your foot.

Sole material: EVA – Flexible, lightweight, durable and shock absorbing


Extremely durable and cmfortable as you would expect from any pair of Birkenstocks.

When all is Said and done, the Closed Toe London’s win my heart

Once you get your head round the fact these are a sandal and not a shoe then there will be no stopping you. As with all Birkenstocks they do take a while to break in which I guess is the only downfall with the London but once you’ve gone through the initial pain these are one of the most comfortable Birkenstock sandals I have worn.

Personally I think they look great with Jeans and Linen Trousers although in my opinion they do look a little odd when teamed up with a pair of shorts or a skirt but that’s down to you and your personal style choice of course.

The London sandals aren’t cheap but they are an investment. They are extremely durable and I am expecting mind to last for a good few years to come, as long as my dog doesn’t decide to eat them!. Great for long walks across different terrains (the grip is pretty outstanding), messing around in the park or even sightseeing.

If you’re looking for a good all round sandal for the Summer then I would recommend the London.

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