Why Slap Bracelets Took the 90s By Storm (Plus Our Favorites You Can Buy Today)

Slap Bracelet Nostalgia
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Last Updated on July 13, 2022

Slap bracelets were a 1990s staple. These unique accessories combined fun and style, creating a new way of fastening jewelry too.

These were a staple of our childhoods, just the mention of one brings back the nostalgia.

But, what was so special about these accessories? And can you still buy them today? Keep on reading to explore why slap bracelets were everywhere in the 90s.

What Are Slap Bracelets?

Slap bracelets are chunky bands that “snap” when they meet your wrist. These bracelets were often an inch wide and feature a variety of different colors and patterns. It’s common for slap bracelets to be vivid and colorful, embracing the loud 90s aesthetic.

How Do They Work And What Are They Made Of?

Unlike standard bracelets, these “snap” to your wrist. But, how do they do this?

These unique bracelets contain a flexible stainless steel band within their silicone or plastic cover. Some slap bracelets even had synthetic textile coverings, but these weren’t as common.

The flexible steel inside the bracelet can sit straight or it can curl into a bracelet shape. With a slap, you can bend it around your wrist like a stylish bracelet.

Slap bracelets were actually created in 1983, not in the 1990s. Initially, the bracelets were sold as “Slap Wraps”, but the name changed over time.

These accessories came into the mainstream in the 1990s and were most popular with pre-teens who were on the cusp of childhood and adulthood. The slap bracelets were a half fashion accessory and half toy, perfect for anyone still growing up.

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Can Slap Bracelets Cause Injuries?

Unfortunately, it became clear that slap bracelets can accidentally cause injury. Though the stainless steel inside piece is covered by an outer material, if a bracelet is worn down the steel is at risk of protruding.

There have been a few cases when worn-out slap bracelets have accidentally cut children when applying the bracelets. Some schools also found that kids were modifying the bracelets to make them dangerous too.

Did Slap Bracelets Get Banned?

Slap bracelets didn’t receive a complete ban, however, it’s reported that some schools in the U.S. did have to ban them because of injuries or incidents. Not only that, but because these accessories were still half-toy, teachers also found that kids concentrated less in lessons as they were playing with their slap bracelets.


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Here are some of the popular snap bracelet designs from the 1990s!

Pop Culture Snap Bracelets

1990s slap bracelets featured a variety of quirky designs and patterns, but some of the most popular features pop culture icons too. Whether it was your favorite pop star or film, you could find a bracelet with any cultural character on it – great for any superfans!

Funky Patterns

There was no shortage of pattern and color in the 1990s, especially when it came to slap bracelets too. Popular designs featured animal print, neon colors, tie-dye designs, and pastel colors too.

Alternative Styles

Though slap bracelets might seem all rainbows and sunshine, you can find alternative styles too. Many slap bracelets feature black and white designs with goth or punk patterns instead of fun prints. Who says you have to wear a pink snap bracelet?

Modern Slap Bracelets

Feeling nostalgic? Don’t worry, you can still buy slap bracelets today! Here are some of our top picks. Bring some fun style into your life with one of these toys.

Cosmic Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets come in all designs and colors, but these space-themed slap bands are cooler than most. With a mix of retro rocket patterns and aesthetic galaxy prints, these bands combine style and fun. They also come in a 24 piece party pack, great for sharing with like-minded friends.

Super Hero Bands

It’s no secret that superhero movies are cool right now, so why don’t you embrace your favorite character with a 90s twist? This pack offers snap bracelets with the top superhero logos on them. A perfect addition for any superfan.

Glitter And Sequin Slap Bracelets

There’s no denying that sometimes a bit of sparkle can light up an outfit. If you love all things glitzy, a glitter or sequin snap bracelet might be the one for you. These come in a range of colors and are sure to catch people’s attention.

Create Your Own

Unsure which design you want? Why don’t you create your own! These days you can even buy blank snap bracelets that allow you to get creative. These are great for kids’ parties or getting creative with your buddies. Snap bracelets have no age limit, so enjoy that nostalgia today!

Are you ready to snap?

Accessories don’t have to get more basic as you get older. Indulge your fun side with a bright snap bracelet today. These are essential for any 90s kids and they should absolutely make a comeback for the younger generation too.

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Did you own a snap bracelet? Let us know what you think of these quirky accessories in the comments!