9 Retro Party Favors that Will Woo Your Guests

90s Party Favors such as Matrix sunglasses and scrunchies
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Last Updated on August 6, 2023

You know what takes a party from good to great? Even RAD?

Some sick party favors that are bang on theme. It may not be the easiest thing in the world – you know, with it NOT being the 90s anymore and all – but if you put in a bit of effort, you can source them from some super authentic time capsule.

JK, you can get all this shizzle on Amazon with minimal effort. Which is what makes it great!!!

Here’s my favorite (basically useless) junk from the 90s that I would personally LOVE to find in a goody bag from a party, so you have to love it, too. Or else.

#1. 90s Music Trivia Game

Wow your guests with a 90s lyric trivia card game such as 90s Lyric Challenge:

Let your guests detach themselves from their tech devices for some fun trivia games! 

If you happen to have a friend that looks for entertainment away from the screen, this music lyric trivia game of cards is the best source of unplugged entertainment you could have as a party favor. It is also an amazing birthday surprise.

Play over 140 popular music questions across a wide range of music genres, with loads of trivia, and varied game question challenges with your family and friends. When your friends open the bag they’ll be happily surprised as there’s nothing like reliving your favorite tunes of the decade.

Buy on Amazon

#2. Slap bracelets

We all know that the MOST fun things you can offer someone are slap bracelets. They’re cheap, cheerful, fun, noisy, and they hurt like a you know what. I would know. Slap bracelets make ideal party favors because your guests can enjoy them during the party, as well as afterwards. In fact, they can slap their wrists the whole way home.

I like these ones because they’re super colorful, there’s tons of them in a pack, so you can share them liberally, and there’s plenty to choose from. Patterns, shapes, colors for everyone who likes them! And for some people who don’t, I guess. Everyone gets a party favor.

100 Pcs Slap Bracelets Party Favors


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#3. Glow sticks

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I never have parties without glow sticks anymore. I always have them in my house and I take them everywhere with me. Would you have ever thought that they’d end up being versatile? I use them for any party I have, 90s-themed or not, for children’s birthday parties, for New Year’s bashes, when I go out dancing, for Bonfire Night, etc.

It’s super easy to pad a party bag with these; just grab a fistful of these guys and throw them in and I guarantee you that everyone will have a great time. Plus, they can be used as they are or they can be made into bracelets or chokers.

Just don’t break them, because I can tell you from experience they will leak mysterious, radioactive-looking glow-in-the-dark liquid all over you and you will spend the rest of the day wondering when you will eventually turn into Spiderman.

400 Glow Sticks


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#4. Teddy bear backpacks

Okay, so maybe this is a tiiiiiny bit extra, so maybe only do this for small groups of friends, but when I think about the 90s, I think about these ridiculous backpacks we all used to wear. Remember these? They’re just like regular backpacks, but they’re tiny stuffed bears!


And yeah, I know we’re not teenagers anymore, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy cute fun stuff like that anymore, right? Stuffed animals are for everyone, especially if they’re wearable.

Plus, you can use them as the actual goody bags and stuff everything else inside the bear. I love a 2 in 1, babes.

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#5. Butterfly clips

You can’t have a 90s party without butterfly clips, I won’t allow it. There is nothing more 90s than those colorful, sparkly, glittery clips that used to flap their wings with every movement we made. Or those teeny tiny colorful ones that we used to cover our scalp in (WHY?).

Yeah, sure they got stuck in our hair and hurt like hell when we pulled them out – they looked adorable while they lasted.

So maybe not everyone is going to actually wear these once they get home – partially because some of them are lads – but they will, secretly, especially at sleepovers and stuff. You’ll see.

150 pieces of hair scrunchies, snaps and butterfly clips

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#6. Matrix sunglasses

You can never have too many sunglasses lying around, especially if they’re super cool Matrix-style sunglasses from the 90s. Check these oval sunglasses out. Like, I want you to imagine going to a party and getting a goody bag with these super sick, Neo-type black sunglasses.

Wouldn’t you be super chuffed? I know I would. Which is why I think they make the perfect party favor, especially for a 90s themed party, a Matrix party, or a Keanu Reeves party lol. I mean, who here hasn’t thrown a Keanu Reeves party, right?

Alongside other themed items, these will be a blast and a real crowd pleaser. Imagine the potential for group pics or photo booth pics with everyone wearing the glasses that are so beloved by some Hadid sister (Bella or Gigi, I’m not interested enough to tell them apart).

Slick oval sunglasses

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#7. Chokers

You can’t mention the 90s without making reference to chokers, because they’re such a staple. If you’re not careful, I may slip one in your bag. And in your coat pocket. And under your pillow. And in your soup. Look, you just really really need one, ok?

The thing about these black, tattoo-like chokers is that they’re super cheap, really small, and back in fashion, so they’re easy to procure, and even easier to make room for in any favor bag you may be putting together.

The look of recognition from the gals and the look of confusion from the lads when they take it out of the bag mean these babies practically pay for themselves. It would be murder to not include them.

52 Piece Choker Set

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#8. Face & body glitter

Is it even a freaking party without breaking out the body glitter? You know me, I don’t need an excuse. For me it’s All Glitter All Day Time all day, every day. And what occasion more appropriate than a party? And a 90s themed party, at that?

My method may be unorthodox, because I totally dole out the party favors BEFORE the party, instead of after, if I think the items in question can be used at the party with maximum laughs. And in the case of this stuff, I practically douse my guests (and my house, and yes, it’s a pain to clean) in eco friendly glitter. And yes, we all look like Spice Girls rejects, which was exactly my plan.

Eco Glitter Aloe Vera Gel

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#9. Scrunchies

Ha ha! The scrunchies are BACK! I KNEW IT. That’s why I kept mine from back in the 90s. But if you’re not quite as prepared as this hoarder is, then I’ve got a solution for you – you can get them online in packs of like, 30. So there is no need to panic, the Great Scrunchie Crisis Of 2020 has been averted.

Especially if there’s a viewing of Heathers involved, red scrunchies cannot be overlooked. If you can get a jumbo pack of red velvet scrunchies, that’s your guy, but in absence of that, colorful scrunchies are good enough.

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So, perhaps you think that party favors are a little bit…extra, but in reality, it’s not that big of an effort, or financial commitment. It’s just a matter of rounding up some 90s faves for a hit of nostalgia. And hey, I’ve made the list for you, so you don’t even need to do that.

All that’s really left for you to do is click Add To Cart. How hard is THAT? Anyway, this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, or a definitive one. You can mix and match, take stuff out, or add anything else that you feel is missing and your guests would love.

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Do you have any ideas for 90s party favors? Share below.