13 Absolute Best 90s Throwback Gifts That a Friend Might Actually Want

90s throwback gifts your friend might actually want
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Last Updated on August 6, 2023

My best friend and I met during the 90s, and some of our best memories come from the outlandish things we did or copied from TV during that decade.

Sometimes we get nostalgic and look at our printed pictures of that time and we facepalm ourselves and disarm in a fit of giggles over what we wore or what our hair looked like. 

However, no matter how aloof we act, we still cherish our 90s scrunchies and celebrate each time dungarees and bucket hats get back on-trend. If you are like us, browse this list of nostalgic items from the 90s to score the perfect gift for him or her! 


#1. 90s Music Lyric Trivia Game

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Detach yourself from your tech devices for some fun trivia games! 

If you happen to have a friend that looks for entertainment away from the screen, this music lyric trivia game of cards is the best source of unplugged entertainment you could have for a drinking night, a rainy afternoon, or an off weekend. It is also an amazing birthday surprise.

Play over 140 popular music questions across a wide range of genres, with a ton of trivia, and varied game question challenges with your family and friends. There is nothing like reliving your favorite tunes of the decade.

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For the Home

#2. 90s Decade Mug

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I am a brain-dead zombie before my morning coffee. This is an absolute truth that all of my best friends know and respect. If your bestie is like me, this mug might be just for you!

We all remember those iconic moments from the 90s that marked our childhood in one way or another. Dates like when Furbies came out, or the first Black Friday, or Jurassic Park’s release date… They all made a huge impact on our young selves. 

This mug is like a 90s memorabilia time capsule. Reminisce about all your favorite hits of the decade while you sip your morning coffee to start your day with the right mindset. Oh, it is also microwave and dishwasher safe! 

#3. Silicone Disk Coasters

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We all know that there is nothing as nostalgic for all of us, as 90s computer users as floppy disks! They instantly take us back to a time when games came in a pack of several disks due to how “big” they were and you had to upload each of them to your computer before being able to run them. 

When I first saw these silicone coasters, I had to look twice! I thought they were actually recycled floppy disks. They are that well made. 

Make others nostalgic with these floppy disk coasters, they are perfect for that friend reunion you have been planning for over a year! These 6 silicone disks are also ideal for that nerdy friend who is always nostalgic for old techy things from the 90s to add to their home interior decor.

#4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Stationery Set

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We were all big fans of Buffy during the 90s, but there is always that one friend that was a super fan as a teen and binge-watches the whole series every Halloween. 

In my group that would be me! Buffy was one of the strongest heroines of the 90s and certainly the one that had the biggest impact on me as a teenager. She was cute, wore amazing clothes, and kicked ass.

This stationery pack includes a hardcover pocket journal, 20 blank note cards with quotes, 20 envelopes, 20 gold foil stickers, and a keepsake box. Stationery was also huge during the 90s so it’s a double whammy of nostalgia! 

#5. A Bunch of 90s Cartoon Stickers to Decorate the Hell Literally Anything 

Cartoons from the 90s were so much fun! Remember Rugrats, Dexter, or Johnny Bravo? Morning breakfast wouldn’t have been the same without Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, that’s for sure! 

If you have a friend that watched all of those cartoons nonstop, these vinyl waterproof stickers from the 90s are a great option.

This pack comes with 100 unduplicated stickers from a bunch of classic cartoons of the 90s. They are waterproof and sun proof, ideal to decorate any flat surface you want and make it 100% yours.

#6. 90s Flashpack

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who was born in the 1990s, lived through the fun decade, or you want to introduce the classic toys from that era to?

The 90’s Flashpack box of assorted nostalgic hot items could be exactly what you are looking for!

Take a blast back to the 90’s with this fun, nostalgic gift box full of toys from your childhood! This makes a perfect gift, or even just a fun treat for you to enjoy! Each box comes with an assortment of popular items from the 1990’s. From finger skateboards, to Slinkies, to Tamagotchis, it really has it all! Buy The 90s Flashpack on Amazon.


#7. Stab Sweatshirt from the Scream Movie

Are you wishing for a Scream remake? After all, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” is about to be released, so who is to say Scream doesn’t come next…The Scream trilogy and the subsequent movies were one of my absolute favorites as the true slasher original. 

Regarding this awesome sweatshirt, the fabric is 100% preshrunk cotton and the colors are solid and as shown in the picture. It fits true to size and can be worn by either men or women. 

Any movie nerd out there would absolutely love to get this sweatshirt as a gift. I know because I would definitely love to have this sweatshirt in my closet, as I am a huge 90s movie buff!

#8. A Retro Neon Windbreaker

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Here is a classic 90s retro neon Windbreaker, for that friend who likes bright colors and who you know would enjoy glowing in the dark! 

I mean, the colors are so 90s it’s like The Fresh Prince might wear this if he happened to spot it. It is made of 100% nylon that protects you from the wind has conveniently zippered pockets to fit your keys and cell phone safely. 

It also comes in less-neon colors, but where is the fun in that?

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#9. Nickelodeon Men’s Tie Dye Tshirt

A bright tie-dye t-shirt in rainbow-like colors with a ton of nostalgic cartoons from Nickelodeon right at its center. Any 90s kid would love it! 

There is literally no excuse not to buy this amazing 100% cotton t-shirt featuring Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold and Real monsters come to real life. If your friend is too serious to wear it on a daily basis, they can use it as a pajama.

Oh! It is actually a Nickelodeon licensed apparel, super high-quality and it comes in a wide array of sizes (Small to XXX-Large).

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#10. Butterfly Hair Clips Mega Package

They are actually one of the best things from the 90s and instantly recognizable, plus we all had that one friend who was always wearing mini clips on her hair. Christina did it, the Olsen twins did it, and we all wanted to copy them!

As all trends eventually do, this hair styling trend has come back! Do not miss your chance to relive it, or at least, use them on your children. 

This pack of 50 butterfly hair mini cute clips in matte colors is great for recreating the iconic 90s style of butterfly pinned hair.  

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#11. Choker Tattoo Necklace Pack

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Speaking of throwback gifts, chokers are back! If you don’t believe me, just look at how Bella and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing very retro-looking stretch tattoo chokers or how Lily-Rose Depp is styling hers.

These types of accessories never fail to make me really nostalgic for high school times. This choker set of 12 pieces might be the perfect gift to split with your friends so that each one of you adds one to their regular accessories.

There are plenty of colors, beads, and flowers to choose from. Fun time guaranteed!

#12. Levi’s Bandana Pack

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Bandanas were so comfortable and so chic when we were in high school.

I wore them all the time, either as a headband or as a top. They also saved you on a bad hair day or provided a definite dose of hotness for a night out. Speaking of which, bandana tops are also back, so it’s the perfect moment to gift these amongst your friends. No matter if you are into hip hop or grunge, you wear them anyways and bring back all of those childhood memories.

Share this set of three Levi’s bandanas with your high school best friends. You can go out for drinks all matchy-matchy for a good laugh or keep them handy for any hair emergencies. They will surely appreciate the nostalgia, and worst-case scenario, they can use them for cleaning or painting day.

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#13. Metallic Snap Hair Clips Pack

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Styling your hair with a bunch of retro hair clips was a huge must during the 90s. We all had that friend that spent the whole morning prepping to go out and arrived 3 hours late for everything… The truth of the matter is they were always late because they spent a big deal of time creating all sorts of crazy styles with hair clips!

So, for that friend who is always looking for hair accessories and always wants her hair to look its best… Here are some nostalgia-packed hair clips so that she has fun.

The metallic colors are very grown-up and super easy to combine so that they don’t look too childish and can be worn by absolutely anyone.

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#14. The Ultimate LipGloss Pack from Lip Smacker

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What would this list be without the ultimate 90s beauty product? Lip gloss was as much an essential as wide-leg pants. No self-respecting teen would go anywhere without a properly glossy pout!

The original Lip smacker pack comes with 8 lip glosses in their original flavors. Split them up among your friends or gift them to that beauty products aficionado friend that is always trying this or that cream. 

I can guarantee that she will absolutely adore them and add one to each of her purses to have them always on hand!

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Do you have any cool 90s gift ideas for adults? Let me know in the comments!