90s Women, Now and Then

90s women now and then
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Last Updated on January 5, 2022

Is your style ready for this decade?

Although we’re entering the second decade of the 21st century, there is a fashion consensus about 90s-coolness — early, mid and late periods — that keeps sending us back to that time.

So the answer is, yes, you got this!

Have a rummage in your wardrobe and you will probably be able to recreate some of the hit items in this article.

To make sure you wear the best and coolest version of the nineties comeback (not the old capri pants), let’s look at some of the popular trends.

All casual things 

Blue denim, the timeless casual fabric that in the 90s became available in almost all clothing styles such as blazers, shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, and overalls

Monica wearing mom jeans and white polo shirt
  • High-waisted everything, inc a denim skirt as the main accent by Winona Rider. Winona way goes with all pieces black, top, tights and leather jacket.
  • Oversized dungarees were definitely a thing from hip-hop TLC girls to Dawson’s Creek. Get your groove on, under-layer a sweater and tie a bandana around your head. Shirts, a perfect staple for any day.
Dawson’s Creek
  • Button-ups assume a crop top form, Britney ties them at the front with jeans or skirts. 90s extra detail: show a bit of underwear if you wish.

Dress to impress

 A full-on chic approach, head-to-toe ways that keep you on the festive side of life.

  • Wear an all-leopard outfit, like the one Shania Twain wore on the official 1998 music video “That don’t impress me much”. These are making a massive reappearance on the designers’ runway of Fall-Winter 2019/2020. Hop on leopard print and pose like Beyoncé.
  • The slip dress trend was a big gift for feminine outfits with plenty of room to choose, from different colors and fabrics. Multiple celebrities and brands swore by satin, metallic and velvet, guaranteeing a modern take for party people. See how the supermodels reunited with Versace in 2018.
  • Cover yourself in Matrix sleek leather. Yes, it is that simple, every single piece just needs to be leather looking. Want to double-check you’re on-trend? Celebrity Bella Hadid was spotted in NYC 2019, wearing the iconic outfit, in brown — and she did not forget the sunglasses!

You may accessorize all the above with a fanny pack, bracelet-filled wrist or add a touch of either grunge or goth by walking with Dr. Martens. If you want to show you’re on top of everything, stand on chunky heels like baby spice — and Rita Ora revisited in 2017. Hairstyles can go from scrunchies to iconic Rachel/Jennifer Anistons´cut.

As you may conclude, it doesn’t matter which hemisphere you are, whether it is winter or summer, we are all on the same boat, and the nineties revival is what our wardrobe will recount. Long live the 90s!