Birkenstock Gizeh Review: Classic and Comfortable

Birkenstock Gizeh Review
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Last Updated on May 11, 2022

In all honesty the Birkenstock Gizeh surprised me in pretty much every way and totally out-performed the other flip flops that I have tried over the years by a clear mile. I’ve never been a fan of sandals with the toe posts and to be honest with you they hurt like hell until you’ve broken them in, particularly when walking up stairs or up (or indeed down) a relatively steep incline/decline.

However, I found that perseverance is key and although they do take a couple of weeks to “soften”. After that initial breaking in period the toe post isn’t so excruciatingly painful and the footbed literally cradles your foot like a little cushion of air and melds itself to your foot, offering excellent support and exceptional comfort.

The Gizeh is an exceptionally well-made sandal that, whilst a little on the expensive side, will last for many years if cared for properly.

Birkenstock Gizeh Quick Overview

Model of Shoe: Gizeh – Oiled Leather
Brand Recognition / Shoe Model recognition: Thong style sandal with a toe post
What makes it unique: The footbed that melds itself to your foot

Who is it best for: Gender neutral
Size Range: Womens: 4 -12.5 with half sizes Mens: 6 – 13.5 with half sizes
Price Range: Kids: $59.95 Adults: $99.95 – $220.00
Color Range (Top 3 Colors): Black, Faded Khaki, Habana

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My Birkenstock Gizeh Review


As with all Birkenstock footwear the style is very minimalist offering a classic sandal in the usual practical Birkenstock design. The Gizeh is a heavy looking sandal with a chunky thong style strap going across the width of the sandal and up to the toe post.

The toe post is topped with the Birkenstock button which is the same colour as the sleek buckle on the side of the strap where the eyelet holes are neat and well spaced giving you a good choice for adjustment to ensure that you get the ultimate perfect fit.

The shape is classic Birkenstock, which you can spot a mile off and as such the streamlined Gizeh Sandal is instantly recognizable. Birkenstock tend not to focus on fashion trends, they don’t need to, they have their own classic, chic style and the same can be said of the Gizeh Sandal.

The footbed is made from cork which is covered in suede which, over time, will mold to the shape of your foot, providing optimum heel, ankle and arch support for superior comfort.

The soles of the Gizeh are EVA as with all Birkenstock footwear and offer good traction when walking.

The Fit

Length: 27 cm | 10.625″ (US size 9)

Width: Regular & Narrow

Weight: 383 g | 13.5 oz (US size 9)

Heel Height: 1.5cm

Comfort and Arch Support

The Gizeh boasts a number of unusual and distinctive characteristics that combine to create a very supportive and durable shoe. The deep heel cup in the contoured footbed is designed to keep the heel bone in its most natural position and provide just as much support as if you are wearing a completely covered shoe.

The Gizeh also incorporates arch supports strategically positioned down the sides and center, as well as a toe grip ridge to keep the toes in a naturally spread-out position. Finally, the front edge of the footbed is raised and extra high to protect the toes when walking. Whether these unique elements do exactly what they’re supposed to do for you or not, this is a well-made sandal that stays comfy even after hours on your feet.

The addition of wide, lengthy, adjustable straps is another feature that makes the Gizeh feel so secure. You finish up with a lot of your foot covered in a flip flop sandal. Some individuals may not enjoy this because it can feel restricting and trap extra heat and moisture when it’s hot outside, but the use of natural materials allows your feet to breathe.

Sole Flexibility

To start with the flexibility of the sole and the sandal in general is extremely stiff with no give whatsoever. I wore these around the house for nearly two weeks for 4-5 hour per day before both myself and the sandal started to “relax” a little.


  • Oiled leather – unique characteristics of the leather are highlighted by a rich oil treatment, develops natural patina over time
  • Cork footbed that contours to the shape of your foot over time and features pronounced arch support, a deep heel cup, and roomy toe box; lined with suede
  • Lightweight EVA sole for cushioning and shock absorption


Extremely light and approximately 180g for size 9 (US)


As with all Birkenstock footwear they are durable, they are indeed built to last.

Although the bottom treads aren’t as severe as some of the other sandals and flip flops available, the suede-lined footbed provides excellent grip and comfort. I felt very comfortable and secure navigating all obstacles and terrain, with my only issue coming when heading downhill or uphill on slopes: the rigidity of the toe post is apparent, even after breaking it in.

So, is the Birkenstock Gizeh worth it?

Th Birkenstock Gizeh is a fantastic choice if you want a comfy sandal that is easy to slip your feet into for a long dog walk, beach hangout, or even a modest hike. Even on long distant hikes, the Gizeh won’t hurt your feet or give you blisters once they’ve been broken in. They are really light to wear and you can dress them up or down, making them an excellent travel choice. Even though it takes a long time to dry, the Gizeh can handle all types of terrain, including a certain amount of water.

The Gizeh can handle a wide range of terrains, but they won’t last if you’re continuously walking through water or through very hard, muddy terrain. However, if you’re going to travel and just want to take one pair of flip flops, this is a great choice.

The Birkenstock Gizeh’s features are quite heavy and the aesthetics won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, however, saying that, if you’re looking for a well-made, extremely supportive, and classically elegant sandal that gets better with wear, then you don’t need to look any further. This sandal is admittedly a little bit on the pricey side and they do take longer to break in, but if it meets your needs and suits your lifestyle,

I am of the firm opinion that despite a couple of drawbacks, the Gizeh sandals are definitely worth it.

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