Such a Breeze: How to Style a Windbreaker

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Last Updated on August 1, 2021

No, this is not about the flannel shirt or the unexpected comeback of the bucket hat. The protective piece we will be looking at is the windbreaker. An item that in many different ways, is a favorite athleisure blast from the past.

The fashion trend around this colourful and baggy jacket started back in the 80s and continued in the following decade. It’s now making a major return.

Memorable moments featuring the fashionable style of windbreakers include celebs like actress Kate Hudson, and music icons Aaliyah and Gwen Stefani, all sporting it in red, white and blue, with big and visible Tommy Hilfiger logos for a 1996 ad campaign.

The pros about windbreakers are undeniable, they are light, add both a touch of color and a sporty feel to any outfit. The following style guide will enable you to create modern ways of reliving 90s trends, today!

So, this is the right time to pull it out of your closet and get some new ideas to make the best of this vintage piece. Did you have a Marie Kondo-moment and can’t find yours? Search no more, you can shop a retro one online.

Retro Windbreaker Jacket

Street Cool

A great transitional piece that is easy to wear all year round. It matches all your looks, as it goes perfectly well with either white Reebok sneakers or chunky combat boots.

  • For winter, take Kaia Gerber’s advice and be safe in an all-black ensemble. Pair black jeans with a black turtleneck, using the shell coat as the accent, and you’ll stay warm and stylish. 
  • For in-between seasons, opt for the casual 90s classic by combining the infallible white t-shirt or tank top with your denim jean of preference — a recently revisited combo by Malila Obama in New York.
  • For summer outfits show your legs throwing it over lightweight dresses, or wear it as a zipped up shirt with shorts, skirts or pants. If it gets really hot and you love your windbreaker, wear it as a dress and tie a belt around your waist, see how Hailey Baldwin made it work — hats off for the creative and minimal approach.

Bold Way

Surprisingly, this sports garment can also compliment your look when attending fine events. Over the years, different stars have made outerwear-coordinated appearances, as designer and mainstream brands made it available in a multitude of styles, colors, and print variations.

  • All things matching, in 2017. The color block three-piece by Versace. Check how glamorously Lady Gaga looked at the Super Bowl press conference, and stepped up the game, by accessorizing it with black sandals.
  • Silver works, in 2018. Beyoncé kept everything shiny, windbreaker, bodysuit, and thigh-high boots, during her On the Run II tour.
  • Smart and minimal, in 2019. Kim Kardashian wore a Northface windbreaker as a shirt, black leggings as bottoms and high-heeled ankle boots with accordingly neat and sleek hair.

In conclusion, you can elevate your active wear attire and prove its suitability to any circumstance. Apparel trend forecasts for Fall/winter 2020 & 2021 predict a consistent remain of the oversized parkas, meaning: hold on to your windbreaker!

And that’s a wrap, or what I would call, a true delight to streetwear fashionistas.