How to Style Overalls: 17 Ways to Look Effortlessly Wonderful

woman wearing denim blue overalls with a yellow flower in the pocket
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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Overalls are effortlessly cute and easy to wear.

Here’s why we love them:

Overalls are known as a laid-back garment that can replace jeans. They never go out of style and are a must have in every woman’s closet.

They’re wearable in all seasons. Whether on their own or in layers, overalls are chic, adaptable and comfortable.

One pair is all it takes for endless outfit styling options. And yep, we can’t get enough of them.

Types of Overalls

Classic Denim

Classic denim overalls are the original version that immediately pops to mind when thinking of these garments.

You can never go wrong with this statement piece, the way you can never go wrong with a classic pair of blue jeans. They can be worn on their own and accessorized to fit any style aesthetic. You can play around with lighter or darker washes of denim, rips, and patch pockets.

Colored Variations

There are endless different color variations when it comes to overalls. Apart from different hues of blue denim, you can find overalls made from softer and thinner materials such as linen, or thicker sturdier versions made from leather.

Choose according to what fits best with your style aesthetic—but overalls can adapt to all and can be worn by anyone. Their versatility makes them a desirable and iconic garment.

Printed Variations

Many people prefer printed overalls over solid-colored variations—printed overalls have more character and make more of a statement.

While they are more difficult to style, they look very cool when layered with other prints or with similar shades and color tonalities. A tip to keep in mind to make sure you do not overdo it; make sure the print of the overall is smaller than the one layered beneath.

With One Strap

Wearing overalls with only one strap attached is very reminiscent of the 90s nostalgia trend, linked with the hip hop style aesthetic.

These overalls represent a modern revival of the trend. This looks best with light, acid wash overalls that have a distressed appearance. Combine with informal garments such as a graphic tee shirt and sneakers. Elevate your style with stylish personalized t-shirts, giving you a unique flair amidst the retro vibes. Accessorize with layered chain jewelry and a bucket hat for the ultimate 90s effect.

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Slouchy & Oversized Overalls

Overalls come in all shapes and sizes, but slouchy and oversized overalls have always been a cult favorite.

Overalls represent informality at its essence, and wearing a pair that is a few sizes too large and baggy heightens this effect. Best for the fall and winter times, wear them with plenty of layers underneath. A thick, chunky knit sweater is a cool and easy way to style an oversized pair.

Short Overalls

Short overalls are the best way to wear this trend during the summer, during unbearably hot weather. Ideal for a walk in the city or a weekend at the beach, short overalls are fresher than pant alternatives.

These are further proof that overalls can be worn all year around, not just seasonally. Wear with your favorite espadrilles or sandals, and throw on above a lace bralette for a chic look.

Overalls Dress

An overall dress is the ideal layering piece for the fall and winter, but looks great on its own for the spring and summer. There are different variations, but the chicest length is the mid length overall dress.

It allows the garment to fall, creating a flattering silhouette, without the outfit looking childish. Shop for a button-down version and consider leaving a few slots unbuttoned to create a chic slit.

Ways to Wear Overalls

High Fashion

Overalls can also be considered high fashion pieces, when styled like so. The trick to making overalls looking high fashion is to not try too hard; make it seem effortless. Opt for a pair of fitted, figure hugging, dark wash denim overalls.

Wear with a collared blouse underneath, and layer a leather jacket on top. Combine with chunky heeled boots, a leather bag, and walk with a fierce attitude!

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Cute & Chic

The cutest and chicest way to wear overalls is on their own—no top underneath. Choose a pair with a slightly different bib variation, such as a halter neck cut. The thinner the straps, the more feminine the overall effect. Combine with thin, delicate jewelry, sandals or open toed heels, and a strappy handbag. This is a refined version of the classic overall, less rugged, and looks more formal.

Bohemian Edge

To create an overall look with a bohemian aesthetic edge, the type of overall and accessories are key.

Build the outfit from a pair of dark wash denim overalls featuring chunky patch pockets, large button closures, and a boot cut flare on the hems. Pair a rugged mossy toned top beneath, and a cream knit cardigan atop. Accessorize with dangly jewelry and complete the look with a stylish fedora.

Business Casual

It’s difficult to imagine overalls within a business casual setting, but they can be styled as so—just avoid blue denim, which is highly informal. Instead, consider a pair of chino length white denim overalls.

These seem slightly more put together. Wear with a white top underneath, and complete the look with a light weight camel toned trench coat on top. Any brown leather loafers finish off the look.

Hip Hop Inspired

The hip-hop inspirational fashion aesthetic is derived from the 90s trends that formed this forever iconic subculture. The 90s were famously casual and laidback years in fashion—where the baggier the garment, the better.

An easy way to recreate the look is choosing a pair of overalls that have rips and tears. Wear with any tee shirt of your preference, and black combat boots. Throw on a backpack to accessorize.

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How to Layer Overalls

How to Layer Pants

When it comes to layering classic overalls with pants, the options are limitless. You can layer them with whatever garments you wish, just follow these tips to avoid looking childish or too informal.

Make sure your color tones match; for example, the tee shirt underneath should in some way or other match the shade of the overall’s material. When in doubt, stick to neutral colors such as black and white.

How to Layer Dress

Overalls dresses are fun and easy to layer, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Layer with black tights and a thick sweatshirt for extra warmth. Combine with polished black boots and accessories with a black handbag.

Overalls can be intimidating to wear due to their connotations to children’s apparel—but by choosing black, beige, and other neutral shades, they become a beauty for adults to wear.

What to Wear With Overalls


There are no rights or wrongs in terms of which shoes can be worn with overalls. Just like with blue jeans, all shoes will look good. We recommend trying variations such as white sneakers, slip-on mules, leather sandals, leather boots, or polished pointed toe heels.


Play around with different styles of jackets and prints in accordance to your personal aesthetic. However, the jacket that goes best with overalls is a classic, black leather jacket.

They add an effortless sense of chicness that instantly transforms the look and gives it an edge. Alternate between shades of leather jackets—you can opt for classic shades, but should consider adding a pop of color with a statement jacket.


In terms of which shirts look best underneath overalls, there are limitless possibilities. All tee shirts are a go. Long sleeves are great for layering in the winter, including turtlenecks, especially among printed varieties.

Choose shirts with statement sleeves like balloon sleeves or broad shoulder sleeves for a cool take on the classic look, and a silhouette that is highly flattering.

A thin strapped sleeveless top also looks very chic.

Crop Tops

Crop tops as an easy way to make overalls instantly appear sexier. Ideal for the spring and summertime, crop tops allow you to wear these garments without having to layer anything too heavy and enjoy the hot weather.

Opt for a unicolored crop top since the cutout is enough of a statement on its own. Try choosing a crop top that is fitted rather than loose.


Belts are an easy way to create a flattering silhouette and simultaneously accessorize it. While wearing belts with overalls is done rarely, it can look very stylish and can make your outfit look very put together. For a comfortable look, pair your favorite overalls with a pair of oversized boots, and a thick black leather belt.

Your waist will seem tiny, and the black leather complements the denim very well.

By Season


For a chic spring look that you can wear on repeat, choose a pair of baggy, oversized dark wash denim overalls. Opt for a version with thick straps, and roll up the hems to create an unbothered and effortless effect.

Pair with chunky sneakers of your preference, and style with a sports bra underneath. For that extra touch, wear with oversized gold hoop earrings and your favorite sunglasses.


For a summer overalls outfit idea, look towards New Yorkers for inspiration. On the streets of this city, you will find endless inspiration for overalls looks. Among our favorites are the acid wash, ‘just crawled out of bed’ look.

Begin with a pair of fitted overalls that seem like they have seen better days. Light washed and tears on the denim are all acceptable. Wear with a lace camisole and white sneakers. Let your hair loose for that extra effect.


For a fall overall look that will be forever remembered, begin by choosing an overalls dress made from a standout material such as black leather. Since the weather will be very cold, make sure the dress reaches your knees or ankles.

Beneath, pair with a chunky, oversized knitted sweater that will keep you warm and cozy. With black leather, choose a shade of cream knit. Work the look with furry shoes of any kind.


For a casual yet cool winter overalls look, choose a pair of overalls in a brown or beige shade and made from a thicker material than denim. Make sure they are clean and pressed. Pair with a gray hoodie, and black sneakers.

This outfit idea is simple, but can be paired with a thick puffer jacket or coat atop for an extra layer of warmth. A pair of black sunglasses are the perfect accessory.

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By Height

If You’re Short

If you’re on the shorter side, do not worry; you can still wear the overalls trend and look as chic as anyone else. Just make sure to get a style that is more fitted and leaning towards skinny rather than oversized and baggy.

If You’re Tall

If you’re on the taller side, there are no limits as to which overalls will look best on you. You can rock every style, and play around with both skinner and baggier versions of the garment; it all depends on your personal style and preference.

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