How To Throw A House Party To Remember

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Last Updated on August 26, 2023

An epic 90s house party is the ultimate social gathering. It is the perfect way to bring together all the people you like and dance the night away in the comfort of your home. It gives you the perfect amount of control, from creating an epic playlist to inviting all the best people. 

Stock up on some party favors, decorations and backdrops and if you know some of your guests enjoy vaping, stock up on a small supply of disposable vapes Australia in case they forget theirs at home. It’s a small consideration that will go a long way with your friends. 

The Guest List

Inviting the right people is one of the biggest ways to create a memorable house party. You need to decide how big your event will be and how many people can comfortably fit in your home. 

While smaller gatherings are usually reserved for your closest friends, large parties allow you to be more brave with your guest list, bringing together your friend groups that may not have previously met. Ensure you send out your invites at least a week in advance to allow everyone to clear their schedules for your rager. 

The Perfect Drinks

Hard-to-make sugary cocktails and complicated drinks are best left to the professionals at your local cocktail bar. Instead, supply drink options that are easy to grab and enjoy with little effort. Beers, ciders, wine and two or three standard spirits like gin, vodka and tequila are more than sufficient for your night. 

If you want to go the extra mile and make something unique, premix some discontinued mystic drinks from the 90s that guests can enjoy for something fruity and different from the standard drink options. 

Prepare Your Home

The worst part of any party is the risk of your home and personal belongings being damaged. You may have a problematic landlord to deal with, or you like to keep a clean house, but there are plenty of ways to properly prepare your home before the party begins. 

Hide and cover any items you don’t want to get broken or your guests to have access to, try to plan ahead and choose a night when the weather is on your side, lock doors of rooms you would prefer to stay off-limits and buy enough toilet paper to service a small army. 

When setting up your ultimate sound system, put any devices or additions that are valuable and unnecessary in a safe location. A good sound system doesn’t need to be overly complicated, so stick to the basics that guarantee a clear and solid sound to get your guests up on their feet. 

Music Must-Haves

If you have a friend who wants to DJ and can bring their own equipment, this could be the perfect opportunity to show the world what they can do. If not, a perfectly curated playlist is vital to ensure everyone has a great night.

To avoid songs repeating, skipping or queuing for too long, it is best to create a playlist in advance, with the help of friends, that you stick to on the night. The songs you select to create the perfect mix should follow the same recipe; not too long, refreshing and relaxed, with just the right amount of spice. 

Top tip: If the neighbours are going to complain about the noise play a music trivia card game instead.

Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

The quickest way to ruin your enjoyment is by stressing over every aspect of your party preparation. If you spend the night constantly asking your guests if they are having a good time, stressing over the music selection, or concerned that your one ‘special’ guest has yet to arrive, you will miss out on the fun of the evening. 

Invite two or three of your closest friends over earlier than your guests to enjoy some pre-drinks and go over final preparations to guarantee a fun-filled night. 

Consider Your Neighbours

Unless you are incredibly wealthy and own a sprawling piece of property, there is a strong chance you will have neighbours to consider and navigate when planning your memorable event. How you choose to approach them will largely depend on who they are, but they should never be ignored or disregarded. 

One idea is to bake something sweetly delicious that you can hand deliver with a note informing them of your upcoming get-together. We’ve got some awesome 90s cake ideas ideas on this very blog. If you plan to invite a substantial amount of people, it is worthwhile being as helpful as possible in the week leading up to your big night to buy yourself some favour. 

In addition, extending them an invitation is always a good idea, regardless of who they are. While they are not likely to attend, it is more difficult to get angry over a party you were invited to. 

Dealing With Drunks

One of the biggest reasons people attend parties is to drink with their friends. But more often than not, at least one person will take things way too far. This possibility dramatically increases at house parties. If these guests begin to get loud and inappropriate, offer them a bed to nap and recover somewhat from their drunken state. This will save them from embarrassing themselves and allow the rest of the party to continue. 

Furthermore, it is your house, and you don’t need to be accommodating to those unwanted guests who appear not to know anyone but are behaving in a way that is uncomfortable and potentially unsafe to your other guests. Seek out a trusted friend who can help you rid of those who are not welcome, ensuring your invited friends have a good time. 

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