9 Splendid Ways To Style Your Heels With Jeans

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Last Updated on March 8, 2024

In the world of jeans, women are no exception, and if you have a few pairs of jeans, you are all set. Though many styles easily go with jeans, heels are a brilliant option to pull off your quirky looks.

Heels come in different shapes, sizes, toe types, materials, and patterns. Some of the heels will uplift your style in an instant whereas some heels might pull down your look a little. Therefore, be cautious while pairing, and if you know the style rules, you can rule the world with your magnetic style. If you haven’t explored several ways to pair your heels with jeans, read below to know more.

1. Mom Jeans With Platform Heels

For a flattering style, you can pair any dark platform heels with dark blue mom jeans and a cherry red crew neck top. While pairing the mom jeans, pay attention to the inseam and ensure the hemline ends just before your platform heels. Wear the mom jeans for all of your casual occasions and achieve a cool look.

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2. Cropped Jeans With Wedge Heels

If you haven’t tried wearing cropped jeans with wedge heels, it’s time to explore and have fun. Matching the wedge heels with cropped jeans helps you accentuate your style by showing some skin in between. For a chic look, pair the white cropped jeans with a floral one-shoulder pink top and red wedges and get the desired attention.

3. Wide-leg Jeans With Block Heels

What could be the best summer look other than pairing loose-fit wide-leg jeans with block heels? From casual parties to late-night dinners, you can pull off this fantastic style by wearing nude block heels with black jeans and a shirt top. Since the jeans are on the baggy side, make sure the top is in the right size to achieve a modest look.

4. Slim-Fit Jeans With Mules

If you are a fan of slim-fit jeans, don’t worry since we got you covered. Choose the straight-leg jeans in a slim fit with beige mules for a flawless look. Choosing the beige mules helps you match any denim jeans, and pairing them with light-colored button-down shorts can help you achieve a haute style.

5. Tapered Jeans With Kitten Heels

If you want to slip into cozy heels, kitten heels are there for you. And it is effortless to pair the tapered jeans with black kitten heels for an elegant appeal. From spring to fall, you can pull off the creative look by matching the shimmery blouse top with washed jeans and cute black kitten heels.

6. Boot-cut Jeans With Pumps

Boot-cut jeans can be effortlessly paired with a black cami top and chic blazer for a winning look. From formal to casual events, you can simply wear the tunic top or shirt over your bootcut jeans and complete the outfit by wearing nude pumps.

7. Ankle Jeans With Sandals

If you already own a pair of ankle jeans, it is effortless to pair them with heeled sandals for a snappy style. Ankle jeans end right near the ankle, and wearing the strappy sandals will highlight your legs and help you give a sleek look. Go for dark ankle jeans with beige or pink strappy sandals and appear like a fashion model.

8. Boyfriend Jeans With Slingback Heels

In every woman’s must-have jeans list, boyfriend jeans have a special place, and it helps you achieve a relaxed look without being baggy. Since the jeans look is already loose fit, wearing the slingback heels can help balance the overall appeal. Get the black slingback heels and pair them with light-shaded boyfriend jeans, a white tank top, and a cardigan for a la mode look.

9. Skinny Jeans With Chunky Knee-high Boots

If you love to pair your chunky knee-high boots with jeans go with skinny ones since that helps you achieve the versatile style in no time. Choose dark chunky knee-high boots with striped skinny jeans and a nice crop top to appear nothing but sassy. Invest in durable chunky knee-high boots to pair with skinny jeans that suit your everyday dressing needs.

Quick Tips On Matching The Right Jeans With Heels

Matching heels with jeans can be effortless but a little overwhelming if you want to adhere to styling ideas. To make it simple, we have listed out the general thumb rule when it comes to pairing jeans with heels.

  • Skinny jeans can be worn with any type of heels, from block heels to stilettos, and all you just have to do is cuff your jeans based on heel types.
  • If you are going for relaxed fit jeans such as boyfriend or mom or wide cut jeans, stick with strappy heels or wedges to emphasize your look.
  • If you plan to wear boot-cut or straight-cut jeans, pairing ankle or platform boots can uplift your appearance.
  • While wearing the tapered or cropped jeans, pair the heels which help portray your sexy feet to achieve a sassy look.