Stunning 90s Latina Trends You Can Wear Today

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Jennifer Lopez, Selena, Gloria Estefan, and Thalia popularized it.

Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, and other pop and hip-hop artists made it hot, and soon enough everyone was wearing the 90s Latina trends.

The unapologetic attitude coupled with the edgy and sexy aesthetic became hugely popular among the masses, be they of Latino roots or not, making Chicana-style ensembles with giant hoop earrings and dark lipsticks must-haves.

But, what were the key items that made the look work?

Read ahead to find out how you can replicate them and celebrate this rich culture yourself!

Dark lip-liner with lighter lipstick

Celebrity inspiration
Dark lip liner with paler lipstick or gloss was a cornerstone of the 90s Latina beauty look. Hip-hop goddess Missy Elliot often rocked this trend, (and made it hot) complete with big gold earrings and frosty eyeshadow.

Destiny’s Child stunner Kelly Rowland also wore this lip, (often with a crop top to show off those enviable abs). Dark-lined lips have made a comeback in recent years, thanks to the Kardashians and Instagram beauty culture borrowing from classic Latina trends. 

Missy Elliot GIF by Alex Bedder - Find & Share on GIPHY


  • Start with a brown nude liner a couple of shades deeper than your natural lip color. Slightly over-draw the lips and fill them in. Take a paler nude lipstick and dab over the lips, keeping the color in the centre of the lips to preserve the deeper liner. Use a brush or your finger to fuse the two shades in the center of the lip. Add a pale gloss to the center of the bottom lip to make your pout juicier


  • Copy Pamela Anderson and pair a matte plum or brown liner with a frosted pink lipstick 
  • Play around with different extremes in the comfort of home to find your sweet spot. Try a grunge look with black liner, or a Baywatch-babe look with nude lip products and bronzed skin 
  • Make it modern with dewy skin, bushy brows, and subtly-contoured eyes with lots of mascara 

Large gold earrings

Celebrity inspiration
Large gold earrings, especially chunky hoops are a must-have when creating a Latina-inspired look. Becky G shows us how to rock gold hoops in 2020, while Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, and the girls from TLC brought the look throughout the 90s and early 00s. 
Zooted GIF by Becky G - Find & Share on GIPHY


  • Scour thrift stores or costume jewelry stores for chunky gold earrings of different shapes and sizes. (Disinfect them and use an earring coating to protect sensitive ears)
  • Frame the earrings by wearing your hair up, or half-up-half-down with face-framing bangs 
  • Double-up on the gilded glamour by layering gold necklaces and bangles for a Cleopatra-meets-Chicana revival 

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Bandana headbands

Celebrity inspiration
Latina icon J-Lo ‘Jenny from the block’ herself was the queen of the bandana, copied by the likes of Christina Aguilera and even Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff). Who remembers J-lo’s loved-up photos with Puff Daddy, with their matching white outfits?

J-Lo wore an embellished bandana, hoop earrings, white crop, and low-rise white jeans for the ultimate Latina pop star moment.


  • Tie the bandana at the top of your head and wear with your hair bundled into a loose bun, with a red lip and winged eye for a 1940s-meets-Chicana style
  • Thrift stores and second-hand stores are often full of silk scarves and bandanas with unique patterns and colors 
  • Pair with gold hoops, a slip dress, and small reflective sunglasses for a casual summer look. Like any 90s aesthetic, throw on a baggy denim jacket when the sun goes down


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Baggy jeans and crop tops

Celebrity inspiration
When poring over photos of Chicana beauties in the 90s, there’s no doubt that crop tops and boy-style baggy jeans defined the era. Toned, tanned tummies were on show, juxtaposed with the covered-up casualness of baggy denim.
Times Glamour GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Crop tops and baggy jeans styles


  • For weekend nights out, pick slightly more tailored jeans or wide-leg jeans and pair with a long-line cropped tee, heeled boots, and even a chic belly chain for extra 90s love

Voluminous curls and big hair 

Celebrity inspiration
Strong Latina women Gloria Estefan and Selena Quintanilla showed the world how to wear big, voluminous hair with tumbling curls. The Nanny (Fran Drescher) also borrowed this style (paired with plenty of animal print!). Put away the straighteners and embrace those long, thick locks just as they are.

Gloria Estefan Latina GIF by Identity - Find & Share on GIPHY


  • Use a volumizing or curl-enhancing mousse or dry spray to lift your hair at the roots and define your curls
  • Try out a fringe or bangs to frame the face (but be prepared, as bangs and fringes can be high-maintenance)
  • Create extra height by creating a half-up half-down look, securing your locks on the top of your head to cascade down