1992 Fashion Trends: Big Screen, Big Hair, Big Colors

1992 Fashion Trends including Jodie Foster, wayne's world and demi moore
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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Welcome to the year 1992! You’re going to like it here.

The cinemas are screening ‘Wayne’s World’, little do they know it will be one of the most iconic comedy films of all time, while ‘Reservoir Dogs’, ‘The Bodyguard’, ‘Sister Act’, and ‘The Mighty Ducks’ are also on show.

The 1992 red carpets were trampled by glamorous celebrities left, right, and center. A notable moment was when Demi More sauntered about in a now-famous lavender-grey vintage gown at the Academy Awards. The dress celebrated Demi Moore’s body with a fitted lace halter-style bodice, a trumpet hem and full gloves.

Demi brought old-Hollywood back to the red carpet that night, the same night that Geena Davis wore a high-low ruffled concoction (eek? Yes? No?) and Jodie Foster wore a pale-pink sparkling pantsuit (which we love, by the way). 

Here we have our favorite and most interesting fashion moments and styles from 1992. 

Will Smith’s bright, youthful fashion on and off ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

The ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ opened in 1990 and was a 90s fashion cornerstone then and now. On a 1992 ‘Seventeen’ magazine cover emblazoned with “guys we love”, Will Smith wears a backward red cap, orange jacket, and bright 90s-graphic tee. 

This look sums up a huge portion of early 90s (and 80s) style, characterized by clashing colors, baggy fits, and fun prints. TLC (one of the history’s best girl groups) wore this style like no other, see in its glory (while listening to a classic) in their ‘Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg’ video.

When it comes to brands that served this bright and rainbow-bold look, Cross Colors were a firm favorite. 

Try it: 

  • Tuck a bright, printed tee into your high-waisted pale-wash blue jeans with a black leather belt. Work-ify the styling with heeled boots and a sleek blazer 
  • For Summer, find a pair of neon printed long shorts and pair with a cropped tank and a bright or printed cotton blouse worn open over the top 

Big hair, big hoops, and figure-hugging threads in ‘My Cousin Vinny’

Marisa Tomei plays Mona Lisa Vito in the underrated 1992 movie ‘My Cousin Vinny’, and let me tell you, the fashion is something else. Mona Lisa’s Italian-American New York-style includes a big, blow-waved cropped haircut, big hoops or dangle earrings, red lipstick, and clothes that celebrate her body. 

Try it: 

  • Source a long-sleeved floral bodysuit with a low back (an easy request, right?) and pair with black slim-line jeans and a cropped leather jacket 
  • Try your hand at pairing a black A-line leather mini with a white blouse tucked in, and a blazer over the top, preferably with an embellished lapel 
  • Polish off the concoction with volumized hair, red lips, and statement earrings 

Scrunchies, bucket hats, and flower accessories on ‘Blossom’

Oh, ‘Blossom’, what a fantastic and underrated show from the early 90s. This TV treasure starring Mayim Bialik (yes, from ‘The Big Bang Theory’) debuted in 1992 and brought with it a smorgasbord of fashion inspiration. 

The most iconic ‘Blossom’ staples were scrunchies, bucket hats, and big flower accessories, (often pinned to said bucket hats). Other regular garments included waistcoats, baggy trousers and shirts, crochet cardigans, and crop tops. For a major blast from the past, watch the blossom opening credit song.  

Try it: 

  • Find a pair of baggy cotton drill trousers that sit on the hip, and wear with a brown leather belt and off-the-shoulder bodysuit. Add chunky black lace-ups or Doc Martens 
  • Pin a flower brooch to your lapel, hat, or embroidered waistcoat 
  • Try a half-up-half-down look with a bright scrunchie, and keep the look rolling with clip-on pearl earrings and floral tights 


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Bucket Hat Nostalgia Alert (And Some Fashion Tips Too)

Big hair and off-the-shoulder gowns from ‘Death Becomes her’ (costume party idea!)

Look, if you haven’t seen ‘Death Becomes Her’, please, I beg you, watch it. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn pay the ultimate price for everlasting youth, resulting in hilariously over-the-top antics. 

The two glamazombies were the epitome of Hollywood high glamour in the early 90s, with big, wavy hair, black velvet, sweetheart necklines, off-the-shoulder sleeves, sequins, and bold red gowns. 

If you’ve got a 90s party to attend, (or Halloween party, for that matter), partner-up and go as Madeline and Helen (Streep and Hawn). It’s the perfect way to get ultra-glam and gorgeous while sticking to the theme.

Try it: 

  • Look for black gowns with long sleeves that sit off the shoulder, preferably in satin or velvet, or with sheer paneling
  • Or, go for the pant-and-jacket combo with a white satin wrap jacket, slim black trousers (like Meryl), or black capri pants and a red long-sleeved top (like Goldie) 
  • Accessorize with shovels and a fake hole through Goldie’s stomach (watch the movie, you’ll see what I mean!)

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Draped black layers at Comme des Garcon Fall Ready-to-Wear 1992

Now for our high fashion vintage runway portion of the showing…we present Comme des Garcon Fall ready-to-wear 1992. Comme des Garcon are consummate envelope pushers, with grunge-punk stylings ruffling feathers throughout the 80s and 90s.

This particular all-black-and-white show is delightfully unkempt and rough, like waking up after a particularly raucous weekend and having to walk city streets straight to work. 

There are high-waisted, baggy pants with sheer tanks and jackets falling off the shoulder. There are satin maxi dresses deliberately creased and with buttons missing. There are oversized dresses draped over the body loosely, with raw hems and sleeves hanging over the hands. Instead of me raving for hours, check it out here

These looks influenced stars such as Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Fairuza Balk, Angelina Jolie, and Rose McGowan. The Olsen twins have also worn the draped, baggy, mismatched look post-90s, but with a bohemian spin. 

Try it: 

  • Find a pair of high-waisted trousers that are softly draped and hang widely over the leg. Pair with a tucked-in tank or bodysuit and drape an oversized shawl, scarf, or cardigan over the shoulders
  • Layer a black satin midi-dress over black tights and add a longline blazer or duster coat 
  • Experiment at the thrift store by trying on pleated menswear suit trousers a few sizes too big, and belting at the waist for a paper-bag effect. Sure, it may be disastrous, but fashion is all about experimenting to see what you can create unexpectedly 

Cyndi Crawford’s 1992 Super Bowl Pepsi Ad 

Cyndi Crawford’s mesmerizing beauty and incredible body graced the entire 90s, but she really made her mark in the 1992 Super Bowl Pepsi advertisement. Cyndi wore a simple pair of denim cut-off shorts, a white tank, and white gold hoop earrings.

The look was effortless and simple, highlighting Cyndi’s luscious hair, dark full lips, and dark eyes. It was a celebration of beauty, sex appeal, and the “all-American girl” simple style. 

Try it: 

  • Try high-waisted or mid-rise cropped jeans over a scoop-neck white long-sleeved bodysuit for cooler seasons 
  • Get the luscious supermodel look by using large round barrel curlers to get that “big hair” aesthetic, fill in the brows, use a dark brown kohl eyeliner to smoke the eyes, and dab on a pink-nude lipstick or balm 

Marky Mark Style

Though we tend to giggle at the name Marky Mark now, back in 1992 Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch were big stars! This is a unique style and not everyone will want to embrace it, but it was a product of the era and makes a great costume for 90s parties too!


  • To embrace your inner Marky Mark you’ll need to ditch your shirt. Sorry! But it’s the only way to get this star’s signature look! Maybe this is more of a summer outfit!
  • Marky Mark also wore white Calvin Klein boxers. Mark Whalberg was known for that one advert with Kate Moss, so make sure you’re always wearing this brand.

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The Popularity Of JNCO

If you lived through the 1990s, you’ll already know about JNCO. This brand used a talented team of illustrators, designers, cartoonists, and graffiti artists to curate collections of unique jeans. Whether the jeans were dramatically wide-legged or featured cool patches when you wore JNCO you were on-trend.


  • You can find replica denim or real JNCO jeans online today. To complete this 1992 trend, make sure you opt for a pair that are low-waisted with an ultra-wide leg style.
  • Pair our jeans with a cropped slogan tee and space buns for a full 90s look. Don’t be scared to bare your midriff – this is essential to the trend!

Madonna’s 1992 Style

1992 was a great year for Madonna fans! This year saw the release of her Erotica album and her infamous Sex book too. This era was very experimental for Madonna, instead of her 80s style, she embraced kinky trends and wasn’t so subtle about her sexuality. Though some didn’t approve of it, this style was one of the best in her career and it’s celebrated by many fans even now.


  • To get Madonna’s 1992 style, opt for a black and white color palette. Don’t wear any loud colors or any colors at all for that matter!
  • See through fabrics like mesh or lace are perfect for this style. Don’t be scared to look sexy.
  • Shirts and tailored pants are also essential to this era. Pair some figure-hugging cigarette trousers with a sheer blouse for a sultry Madonna-inspired outfit.

TLC’s fashion

TLC is another household name that we love to listen to! This girl band made some great music, but they also gave us some great outfits too. With a mix of feminine and hip-hop-influenced styles, this group gave us some on-trend and flirty looks over the decade. TLC always coordinated their outfits together, so if you need to go to a 90s party this is a great costume to try with friends.


  • Dungarees are a must-wear if you’re replicating TLC’s style. These fashionistas like to play with alternative materials, so if you see dungarees in synthetic or plastic fabrics go for it! Don’t always stick to denim.
  • The girls also loved to pair cropped tops with low-rise jeans or pants. Choose baggy pant styles like loose straight-fit jeans and wear an ultra-crop top to bare your midriff.


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What were key hair trends in 1992? Here’s what we’ve found!

Glamorous Blonde Hair

With the release of Death Becomes Her in 1992, fans flocked to the salon to recreate Meryl Streep’s effortless blonde locks. Meryl is seen in the film flouncing her beautiful long hair with a deep side part and soft waves. Viewers loved this classic style and it stuck!

The 90s Blow Out

When looking at 1990s hairstyles, you can’t ignore this style. The Buffy, the Vampire Slayer movie came out in 1992 and though this didn’t feature Sarah Michel Gellar, it did kick off love for Buffy’s hair. Similar to “the Rachel” haircut, this style stuck around for years.

1992 saw an increase in laidback and grungy styles, marking a definitive change from styles of the 1980s. But, what brands helped this style become so popular?


Birkenstocks are still worn and loved now, but these shoes got an increase in popularity in 1992. As the style was becoming more and more laidback, it’s no surprise that these sandals were the new it-shoe. Worn with jeans, mini skirts, and pants, these shoes added a casual element to any 1990s outfit.

Doc Martens

Another footwear brand that saw an increase in sales in 1992 was iconic bootmakers Doc Marten. Doc Martens weren’t a new brand in the 1990s, however, with the rise of grunge subcultures they started to make more sales as a fashion shoe instead of a workwear piece.

These boots were often bought in black, burgundy, or dark green, and teens paired them with jeans, maxi skirts, and miniskirts to get the laid-back 90s look. You could even buy platform versions, to add some extra edge to your style too.

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1992 Avant-Garde Fashion Highlights

Interested in high fashion? Here are the unmissable shows from 1992.

Chanel Spring 1992

With Karl Lagerfeld at the helm of the iconic fashion house, you can always expect 1990s Chanel collections to be a sheer delight. The 1992 show was inspired by an enchanted forest and fairytales, however, high fashion silhouettes were mixed into this wonderland.

Models wore signature Chanel suits in white, blue, and red. Form-fitting skirts and long necklaces embraced the runway, proving that fashion can be sexy and elegant at the same time.

Prada Spring 1992

Prada is known for its use of sculptural shapes and classy colors and in 1992 the fashion house delivered well. This collection mimicked female icons like Jackie O and Brigitte Bardot, giving an elevated sense of feminine fantasy rather than utilitarian shapes. This ladylike show gave us a girly surprise and we loved it!

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