22 Best 90’s Women’s Halloween Costumes… You Can’t Do Without

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Last Updated on December 1, 2022

Halloween is around the corner, would you believe it? It’s time to start mulling over your costumes, and we think the 90s is a perfect place to begin. 90s pop culture is packed full of incredible characters that live vividly in our collective memories. 

Without further ado, here are the best women’s halloween party costumes, 90s edition! 

1. Clueless – Cher

The 90s fashion princess! Everyone recognizes the iconic black and yellow plaid get-up, with white thigh-high socks and Mary-Janes. Flip your hair and say, “Oh my god, I’m totally buggin’!”, or “ugh! As if!”. Want to really go all out? Get yourself a Paul Rudd look-alike.

2. Baywatch

Pay homage to one of the most history-making shows ever, ‘Baywatch’. If a skimpy red one-piece is not quite your jam, go for mini shorts and a yellow tee. Run into the party with a red floaty under your arm, and sing the theme song “I’m always here”. You’ll instantly be the hit of the party. 

3. Britney Spears

Every 90s Halloween costume party needs a “Baby one more time” era Britney Spears. Take the chance to don a teeny, tiny mini skirt and white shirt, tie, and fitted cardigan. If you’re game, get your child-like singing voice warmed up and practice the “baby one more time” choreo. 

4. Spice Girl

Show up as the best Spice Girl (subjectively), Ginger Spice! When else can you rock a teeny, sparkly mini dress with a union jack? Get your peace-sign fingers ready, and practice “Girl power!” in your best British accent. Gather your girls and convince them to be your Posh, Scary, Sporty, and Baby. 

5. Pretty Woman 

Channel Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ and wear that iconic two-in-one dress with a tight mini, white tank, and exposed tummy. Find some over-the-knee boots and either a blonde bob or curly red wig. practice your slinkiest strut and repeat this: “you people work on commission, right? Big mistake. BIG.”

6. Space Jam

‘Space Jam’ is one of the best 90s kid’s movies ever. Basketball? Check. Michael Jordan? Check. Cartoon characters?! Check. Wear a tank-style basketball singlet, mini basketball shorts, and your best trainers, just like Lola Bunny. Dribble a basketball into the party and say in your sultriest voice, “don’t ever call me bunny”. 

7. Belle of the ball

Be a princess for the night and dress in the iconic yellow gown Belle wears as she waltzes with that buff beast. Rope a partner or friend into the gag by getting them to dress as Gaston, and practice your most romantic “dip and kiss” dancefloor performance.

8. Blue Belle

Prefer the more “down home girl” version of Belle? Go for the flared blue dress and white apron everyone will recognize. Pouf your glossy hair at the roots, carry an old, leather-bound book, and belt out “tale as old as time” when the karaoke portion of the night begins. 

9. Jasmine

Everyone wants to spend an Arabian night as one of the coolest Disney princesses ever, Jasmine. Win “best dressed” with satin harem pants, a cropped bustier and organza sleeves, and top it off with a chic head-piece. Burst into the party with a hearty, “it’s all so magical!”. 

10. Jessie Toy Story Cowgirl

Throwback to the best animated movies of our collective childhood memories with Jessie from ‘Toy Story!’. Find yourself a pair of brown cowboy boots, tie your hair in twin braids, and practice your best “yee-haw!”. Get your bestie to don a Woody costume and go as a cowboy-cute pair. 

11. Catwoman 

Get slinky with a head-to-toe Catwoman bodysuit, complete with a pair of sky-high black heeled boots. Pick your favourite Catwoman (mine is Michelle Pfeiffer, just like any 90s kid!) and get the walk just right. practice the “hiss” and the cringiest quotes, like “I am Catwoman. Hear me roar”. 

12. Morticia Addams

Every Halloween party needs a Morticia Addams, especially based on the classic 1991 film with Anjelica Huston as the most alluring Morticia ever. Make sure to include the blood-red lip and charcoal-silver eyeshadow with thin, dark brows. Time for dinner? Throw out a few, “salt, pepper, or cyanide?” lines into the mix. 

13. Peggy Married With Children

Tied with Fran from ‘The Nanny’, Peggy from ‘Married with Children’ is one of the best over-the-top glamour gals of 80s-90s TV. 

Be Peggy for a night with a tight black and leopard-print outfit (capris and a tee? Turtleneck and a mini?). However, the most crucial feature is that big, bouffant, red wig. Rope your friend or partner into going as Al Bundy and pick some classic Banter such as, “Hi honey, did you miss me?”, “with every bullet so far”. 

14. Hocus Pocus

Relive the magic that is one of the best 90s movies ever, ‘Hocus Pocus’. Dress as Bette Midler’s Winifred, complete with the bunchy red wig and green gown. Take your pick of the plethora of quotes like, “it’s a full moon…the weirdos are out”. Or, get your girls to play Sarah and Mary and sing “I put a spell on you”. 


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15. Mixtape

Oh, the mixed tape, please come back, a Spotify playlist just isn’t the same. Pay homage to the best token of friendship, love, or a crush and go dressed as a mixed tape, literally. If you’re extra dedicated, carry a speaker playing classic 90s mixed-tape tunes like “There she goes” by Sixpence None the Richer, or “Freestyler” by Bomfunk MC’s. 

16. Matrix

Be a Halloween hero and show up as Trinity from ‘The Matrix’, with a long black coat, sunglasses, and short black wig. Throw on some leather pants or pleather leggings underneath, and use the event as an excuse to get some new knee-high boots. Get your stage fighting up to scratch and seek out Mr. Smith. 

17. Sabrina Teenage Witch

‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ means something different to kids these days than it means to us 1980s babies. However, both are just as fabulous! You could even go as a hybrid of 90s Sabs (Melissa Joan Hart) and 10’s Sabs (Kiernan Shipka). Find a toy black cat to be your Salem, and for ultra flashback effect, play the 90s theme song as you skip from house to house trick-or-treating (or room to room at the party). 

18. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Pay homage to one of the most wicked ladies in pop culture history, Buffy. Finally get your chance to wear those red leather pants, black tank, and black jacket. Add black boots and a yellow-blond wig for that Sarah Micelle Gellar appeal. practice your high kick and utter “strong is fighting” as you roundhouse the guy hogging the party snacks. 

19. Pink Ranger Sassy Bodysuit

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I was desperate to be the pink Power Ranger! Now’s your chance, take it. Pour yourself into that pink and silver suit, add some silver gloves and get limber, those fighting moves aren’t easy. Hopefully, there will be other Rangers there so you can band up. 

20. Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit, arguably the sexiest cartoon character in history (no, she’s not a rabbit, just married to one). Turn heads with a slinky red sequin dress, purple gloves, black heels, and cascading red wig. Paint red lippie onto your pout and blend out a cut-crease with a lilac lid. Wiggle around the party saying “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way!”. 

21. Miss Scissorhands

Hey, just because you identify as a female it doesn’t mean you can’t go as Edward Scissorhands! Don a curly wig, strappy leather top and skirt or trousers, and most importantly, the scissor gloves. Get creative with 90s makeup and latex to create the pale, scarred face and dark lips, and utter sweetly “I am not complete”. 

22. Angelica

Angelica was a rebellious girl who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to get it! Come to think of it, her outfit was pretty awesome: a purple a-line dress, spotted leggings, striped long-sleeved top, and purple bows. Find a ‘Cynthia’ doll (or use any doll) to be your buddy for the night, and exclaim “you dumb babies!” whenever you see a party-goer misbehaving. 

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