Fila Outfit Ideas: What to Wear with Fila Sneakers

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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

Fila Sneakers are back with a vengeance. If you haven’t noticed this sneaker trend, where have you been? From street style to celeb style, Fila is making a comeback.

If you’re interested in embracing this style but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a 90s retro look or a more modern take on the sneakers, we have an outfit idea for every look.

Here are the top Fila outfit ideas you can wear today…

Fila Disruptors

One of the most popular models by this brand is the Fila Disruptor shoe. This sneaker takes athleisure fashion to a new level with a large platform sole. If you like chunky shoes and more dramatic silhouettes, this is the perfect shoe for you.

Fila Classic Og

Another popular Fila shoe is the Classic Og style. This is a more contemporary style for those that want a more low-key look than the dramatic Disruptor style. These come in a range of colors, including white, black and, baby pink. Perfect for anyone that loves understated style.

Fila Interation 2

While the Interation 2 sneakers may seem slightly too avant-garde for the general population, these are another popular sneaker in the street style world. With a chunky sole that features more detail than the Disruptors, these shoes are not your standard trainers.

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By Clothing Type

Ready to start styling your Filas with your outfits? Here are some key garments to pair with the popular shoes.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans offer a slouchy alternative to skinny jeans, great for anyone after a laid-back aesthetic. Fila trainers always work well with denim, especially if you opt for classic blue denim. Their modern shape and the classic material balance each other out for a stylish everyday look.

Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants come in a variety of shapes and colors, but there are some key styles to pair with Fila shoes. If you want to pull off a put-together look opt for wide-leg pants that have a classic tailored finish around the waist and subtle color. These will contrast the modern sneakers for a modern workwear outfit.

Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are always a good outfit option. These versatile garments also give off a 90s vibe, especially when in check or tartan patterns. Add some long socks or statement tights for some extra outfit detail.

Tennis Skirt

The tennis skirt is another chic option to pair with Fila trainers. This skirt works well when you match its colors to your Fila trainers, for example, white Disruptors and a white tennis skirt compliment each other well. Add a 90s style scrunchie and a cute up-do for extra style points.

Mini Dress

If you’re off to a party or an evening out, Fila sneakers and a mini dress allow you to be comfortable all night whilst still looking dressy. Mini dresses with square necklines or halter necks are great nods to the 90s for a vintage look.

Denim Shirt

Denim is such a versatile fabric, so make the most of it by wearing it as a shirt too! For an alternative denim look, opt for an oversized or boxy shirt and belt it in. Add Fila sneakers to make the outfit street-style ready.


Why wear jeans or tailored pants when you can be more comfortable in leggings? Leggings are great for running errands or casual style and Filas work well with them as both are sports-focused pieces.


Want to add some stylish accessories to your outfit? Try these options!

Pink Handbag

Ultra-feminine styles are in at the moment, so pink accessories are a must! These work especially well with baby pink Fila sneakers for a monochrome outfit. You can also add other pastels like baby blue or pale yellow too for a full pastel color palette.


Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s always good to have sunglasses ready. Smaller sunglasses with cat eyes are particularly popular with Fila outfits. Other popular styles include bright red shades, skinny shades, and clear resin frames too. It’s all about looking modern with a retro twist this year!


When choosing the right cap to pair with your Fila sneakers, why don’t you go for a matching Fila cap? The brand offers a range of accessories with their logo on them, allowing you to coordinate your outfits with their signature style

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These trainers work every season! Here are some outfit ideas for each.


Fila Spring Outfit: Black sweater, black bag, black capri pants and white fila sneakers

When spring rolls around after a cool winter, it’s always a relief to wear lighter jackets again. In particular, chunky Fila trainers work well with outerwear like blue denim jackets, oversized shirt jackets, and baggy sweatshirts too.


Summer Fila Outfi: Blue bra top, ripped short shorts and blue tracksuit hoodie with white fila sneakers

In summer Fila’s pair great with mom shorts. These are baggy denim shorts that are belted in to accentuate the wearer’s waist. Pair these with a stylish crop-top or an off-the-shoulder top and platform Fila’s for a dressed-up summer style. You can add a choker or a statement gemstone necklace for extra details.


Fall is always a popular fashion season as dramatic coats and jackets come back in. We think Fila’s pair well with oversized boxy blazers and flared pants. Fila’s add a sportswear touch to this structured outfit, blending two aesthetics and making you look fashion-forward. If you have long hair, slick it back or add a chunky headband too.


While we have to wrap up warm in winter, it doesn’t mean we can’t embrace fashion! Fila’s are a popular sneaker in the winter months as they’re warm, comfortable, and waterproof too. A maxi-length puffer coat and a Fila knitted bobble hat work well for a fashion take on standard winter wear. A chunky scarf and cross-body bag work well with this outfit too.


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By Occasion

Struggling to know when you wear your Filas? Here’s some inspiration for different occasions.

Smart Casual

Smart Casual Fila Outfit: White top, pink blazer, checkered black and white pants and white fila sneakers

Smart casual is a dress code that can be confusing to dress for. Fila’s can work in a smart casual dress code, but make sure to add some more formal pieces with them as they are casual sneakers.

For example, some tailored or wide-leg pants with a blouse and boxy blazer work well together. Add Fila’s and slick your hair into a low bun to finish the look. This results in an understated outfit for a smart casual event.

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Going Out

Flower summer dress and black fila sneakers

Want to party in your Fila’s? A mini dress or mini skirt works well with these chunky trainers, as it accentuates your legs and compliments your figure. You can add fishnet tights for an edgy or alternative style too. If you prefer a more classic look, try some long socks or some cute frilly socks.


Casual Fila Outfit: White sweaters, black leather gloves, yoga pants and thick sole Fila sneakers

Filas are also great for casual styles too. They work particularly well with sports leggings and oversized tees, perfect for a comfortable style on a lazy day. Leggings with mesh or sheer panels pair especially well with Filas too as they both have a structural look.

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