90’s Tracksuits – Your Dad Called, He Wants His Outfit Back

Woman wearing 90s tracksuit

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Last Updated on August 1, 2021

Whoever said tracksuits are a fashion crime, may as well hand themselves in.

Because they’re completely wrong.

The 90s was choc-a-bloc full of wicked tracksuits that you can still wear today.

I’m going to go through some of the more popular brands and styles that you can still buy today.

Let’s get started:

Adidas tracksuit

So, this is like, the OG tracksuit, right? Every person I’ve ever seen in a tracksuit was wearing Adidas, so just gonna assume that’s A Thing. I don’t even know if we should address the whole white tracksuit situation. Actually, let’s address it right now: NO. 

I’m so glad we did that.

Anyway, the Adidas tracksuit is a good basic option if you don’t want anything too flashy or outrageously expensive. I see the black ones all the time, and the three stripes on the side are iconic. So I could probably see you rocking this with heels and wouldn’t even be mad at it.

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Fila tracksuit

Rivalling the Adidas tracksuit is the Fila tracksuit…and a few others that we’ll get to in a minute. Listen, this is like men and football teams – you can only support one. So, don’t go around in your Adidas tracksuit with Fila shoes and a Reebok cap, because you might get beaten up.

Okay, not literally. Back to the literal tracksuit. If we’re talking genuine vintage Fila from the 90s…that means those grey ones, and those were butt ugly. Perhaps go for something cuter, like a dark blue one.

Hip hop tracksuit

Like most Hip-Hop Things, the hip hop tracksuit tends to be looser than other garments, which also makes it more comfortable, and instantly cooler. You need to pair it with an equally cool pair of sneakers, and you will look BALLER. 

Of course, not all of us mere mortals can pull this off (I sure as hell can’t), but if you’re the type who can, then you need to do the rest of us a solid and wear this everywhere: to school, to the market, to church, on nights out, on a first date. Then report back with details.

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Kappa tracksuit

Is anyone really ever a Kappa fan? I don’t even know, girl. I like their little logo more than other brands, if that helps. It probably doesn’t. They do tend to add that logo to the sleeves and everything else, so if you prefer something simpler, cleaner, and more streamlined, maybe don’t pick this one.

HOWEVER. If other tracksuits look boring af to you and just kinda basic and similar to every other one, you might actually love the visual interest on this one. 

Neon tracksuit

Not gonna lie, this is…A LOT of look. A tracksuit is already A statement in itself, but making it neon is a baller move that I have no choice but to respect, as much as I need to shield my eyes from the perversion. 

If you don’t want to assault people’s retinas first thing in the morning on their way to work, you might consider wearing this at night, especially in the club. There is zero chance that you will go unnoticed, that’s for sure. 

Parachute tracksuit

You know what? My fave tracksuit is absolutely the parachute, because it’s soooo 80s. LOOK at it – it’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s tacky, it’s unflattering, and it’s excellent! Wear it ironically, or not, I am personally genuinely delighted. 

Of course, time and place are important – can’t really rock this in the dead of summer, but it’s ideal for springtime and even autumn. Especially if you like your morning runs or you love hitting the gym, you will be the coolest, 80s-exercise-tape-trainer-esque person around, and people will be grateful, my friend. 

Puma tracksuit

Another one of the big contenders is Puma, and you recognize their tracksuits and the rest of their merchandise by – you guessed it – the puma on the logo. Creative, I know. But what they lack in creativity they make up for in quality, so if you’re looking for a good piece of sportswear, this can be your bone. 

Rave tracksuit

And speaking of tracksuits to wear to the club, a rave tracksuit may even be more obnoxious than the neon one we talked about earlier. You see, when you’re a raver, your choice of garments is special, and by special, I mean loud, colourful, obnoxious, in-your-face kind of bright

In fact, if it’s possible for your tracksuit to literally glow in the dark, that’s actually perfect, and you will be an absolute legend among your mates. A word of caution: do not wear this out in public during daylight hours, because someone’s bound to be blinded. 

Reebok tracksuit

Adidas’ main competitor, when it comes to tracksuits-as-fashion might be Reebok, so Adidas, you in danger, girl! Do all of these tracksuits look the same to you? Because they sort of look the same to me. They’re also super 80s in design, what is up with that? 

Same goes as for the other ones – black and white if you’re boring, pink and red and blue if you’re looking for a good time. 

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Shell suits

Listen, you KNOW shell suits are right up my alley, because they are vaguely reminiscent of Work-out Barbie, and anything Barbie would wear is the height of fashion, if you ask me. Like, can you name a more iconic 90s fashion inspiration? Kate Moss WHO?

You can’t go wrong when you pair so many pretty colours together, or at least in my view. Tacky? Yep, probably, but I like that. 

Tracksuit hoodie

What’s better than a tracksuit? Especially in a place where it rains as much as it does in the UK? A tracksuit with a hood. Thus, the tracksuit hoodie was born. Is it an abomination? Well…maybe. But it can also be mad cute, so don’t knock it till’ you try it!

This is great for when you’re just popping to the shops, hanging out with your friends, or just having a casual day. It’s not a tracksuit, but it’s not NOT a tracksuit, do you feel me?

Umbro tracksuit

You know what? The Umbro tracksuits aren’t even bad, because they have a consistent colour palette that I’m not mad at. The design is mainly the same, but you get to pick your best colour and look stylish at the gym. 

You get extra points if you’ve got a genuine, vintage one that your mom may have worn in her glory days and that you can now steal borrow to bask in the shadow of her former glory. 

Velour tracksuit

Ah Juicy Couture tacky velour tracksuits, I knew we’d meet again, I just wasn’t sure when, but apparently, it’s right now.

If you’ve been living under a rock and/or have never seen Mean Girls (no, really, where have you been?), the classic velour tracksuit is what Regina George’s mom wears – you know, she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom? That tacky pink monstrosity is the velour tracksuit.

And listen, if you like that sh*t, more power to you, and I bet you look bangin’ in it. However, I do not, nor do I wish to put in the amount of effort required at the gym to obtain a booty that will look good in that thing. HARD PASS.

Where do you wear tracksuits? Are they part of your daily wardrobe? Write a comment below!